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PM disqualification case: The Supreme Court had another hearing on the long-drawn Prime Minister (PM) disqualification saga.  After having being convicted of contempt of court, for not following up with Court’s order. PM Yousaf Raza Gilani was referred to the speaker of the
The 10 Million Dollar Question:   It is an interrelated world. Here are seemingly four unrelated news that you might have caught. US Army is the World’s largest Employer   Hafiz Saeed bounty increased to $10 Million More than 100 Pakistan Army soldiers feared dead in the
The Argument:   Its not the news that sells, its speculation on the news that does. But its never a good omen, when subjudice legal cases become subject to speculation, its almost as heinous as gambling, perhaps even more. Talk shows and talking
The Slap: When a woman hits another woman, in normal cases it’s an assault. If there are many witnesses, good, the assailant gets punished quickly. Open and Shut case, we move on. But Pakistan doesn’t do normal; even our assaults have deeper meanings
The Swiss Letter: The popular notion about the Swiss case against President Zardari and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto is that this case was suspended by the Swiss authorities after Attorney General, on behalf of the Pakistan Government had requested for it. This letter by
A critical view on Supreme Court’s six options to government: Make so much noise that everything becomes inaudible-then people would hear what we want them to hear. This is how the Pakistani Establishment is controlling the game at the moment – It is very clear who is who, and
Crappy Analysis: Ansar Abbasi and diapers: Ansar Abbasi is a very senior journalist for The News/Jang Group. While may not I agree with his views, from afar I used to assume he might be providing some intellectual strength to the right. I now think I
What in the Lord’s name:   update: There has been alterations and additions made to accommodate few other articles on the same issue The Supreme Court has stated that under the Article 184-3, they have jurisdiction to hear the petition on alleged memo, because fundamental rights
Make mine spicy – by Sindhyar Talpur:   I once went to dine out with this Gentleman, an acquaintance of mine. He advised that due to his health condition, he was only able to dine on soup. I agreed and we went to a place, reputed
Rinse and Repeat – by Sindhyar Talpur: Once a director of popular films was asked in a casual meeting- why his last three films seemed similar to another. His candid reply: if public is willing to pay money to watch same film over and over, who am
Rampant Plagiarism: Here is something from my timeline: “@saeedshah Sana Bucha’s column also lifted the headline and the “sulk” theme from my Economist piece” Its just highlights disappointing and unfortunate standard of our media that a renowned anchor would plagiarise this blatantly in a national
Mirza’s Statement and Karachi Violence: Zulfiqar Mirza made comments that infuriated many Urdu-Speaking people, when he said many Urdu Speakers had come hungry and naked to Pakistan. He was speaking after rumours that MQM wanted a separate province of Urdu Speakers. The trouble started
Karachi, violence and democracy: Karachi has been marked by violence for past three decades, largely due to ethnic tensions. But those have since morphed into political, economic and social enterprises, which are constantly battling for power.  Possibility of violence is omnipresent, and like
Signs of things to come?: A Suo Moto action is a very serious and abrupt notice taken by a higher court where the interests of Justice are affected. One can’t help but feel bit cynical when a suo moto action is taken against an
PNS Mehran incident – what next?: While the Generals have been busy trying to fight proxy wars with highly dangerous ‘pawns’ in their attempt to gain strategic dominance. Karachi once again shows that it comes down to poor, foot soldiers of the Army and para-military
Take a Bow Mr President: Where President Zardari said to Americans he wanted the big fish *. He was right on money. He knows better than anyone else that his Military is more independent than the post war German army in Weimar Republic. He
People v Mukhtaran Mai & Others: This case has highlighted social problem of how poorly we deal with rape victims as well as deficiencies in Legal System to convict rapists. “This has become a money-making concern. A lot of people say that if you want
The defence of a “burger baby revolutionary”: I would always worry about substance of a movement that considers itself ‘anti-intellectual’. There is a difference between being ‘anti-intellectual’ and being counter a certain intellectual movement. Former is an invitation to random action over substance. Latter is an challenge to begin
IJI for 2013: This post is in light of ‘news’ of meeting between Imran and Musharaff  and the following piece by Dawn. Here is an extract: While the Musharraf League is not denying Musharraf-Imran contacts, it says efforts are under way to
Fickle Fans? – by Sindhyar Talpur: When Pakistan lost to India at Mohali, the initial reaction from Pakistan was that of sympathy. It was disappointing loss to arch-rivals, especially after all the hype created. But there was no such ill-will towards the whole team, minus few individuals
A great deal of ruin in a nation: Why Islam took a violent and intolerant turn in Pakistan, and where it might lead “TYPICAL Blackwater operative,” says a senior military officer, gesturing towards a muscular Westerner with a shaven head and tattoos, striding through the lobby of
Raymond Davis Affair: A Sorry Saga: By now we all know where this would led to, Davis is somewhere in US, enjoying his new found freedom. Cue the Ghairat brigade to make some more noises, hyperboles and such. Eventually because it was all done by
Al-Qa’ida glossy (Magazine) advises women to cover up and marry a martyr: Though almost comical news, shows how the extremists are using new media to further their agenda. Not content with launching an English-language magazine that debuted with a feature called “How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your
My awkward moments in Muslim prayer – by Wajahat Ali: This is a a cross post of an article by Wajahat Ali. Thankful to writer for his assent reproduction here. It is a funny and interesting take on how awkward it can be at times to be a practising
Raymond is our booty!: This evil man who is a racist, a point proven by his choosing to serve in Pakistan for many years, is guilty of killing two young men in their prime. Imagine the potential career possibilities the two alleged robbers
Curious case of Raymond Davis – by Sindhyar Talpur: Related articles: In Pakistan, everybody hates Raymond? – by Brandon Wallace Lahore shooting by a US national and “the legal issues to settle”: Some questions for Ejaz Haider Almost everyone following news in Pakistan would be aware of the
O’Brother, Where Art Thou?: Two news bulletins I saw recently perplexed me, because they seemed to indicate two very opposite things. An anti-terrorism court will formally indict Malik Mumtaz Qadri – the self-confessed killer of late Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer – on February 1 after
What Pakistan did right in response to the massive floods in 2010 – by C. Christine Fair: Related article: Pakistani Media: Of floods, facts and fiction!! – by Saad Mansoor The floods in Pakistan in 2010 were massive. The rains affected the length of Pakistan, maximally impacting the provinces of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Punjab, and Sindh as well
Did I just see you hug and kiss a murderer?: I am speechless, yet I am writing this – well I am a Pakistani and contradictions by me are acceptable, just as long as I don’t flaunt them. Yes its hypocrisy but whatever. Frankly as a society, I thought,
MQM decides to quit federal cabinet: Reuters: MQM decides to resign from the Federal ministries. Tonight its party night at houses of people like Kamran Khan, Shahid Masood et al; who were striving for this to happen for long. MQM’s resigning from ministries however is a pressure
“Impose tax on agriculture, not RGST: Altaf”: MQM chief has suggested that government should instead propose an agricultural tax, instead of RGST. MQM, along with some opposition parties, have argued that RGST is a regressive tax, as it affects poor more than rich. As such this
Two plus Two: While as many documents of Wikileaks keep pouring in, each document sparking many debates, opinions, arguments and such around the whole world. Same is also true for Pakistan. However, in Pakistan, generally speaking, the leaks have also so far
Time to let go Mr. Bond – by Sindhyar Talpur: Government of Pakistan is currently trying to introduce a RGST, a reformed General Sales Tax. One can't help but think that as so much of energy is being put into reforming tax system and increase revenue. Government may be
LUBP debate: How do we define liberalism?: A question was poised by Aliarqam Durrani on what liberalism means. This question was poised by him on the LUBP google group – the consequent discussions are given here. It may be noted that responses are put here based
Why Obama bows to the Chinese – by Sindhyar Talpur: foreword: Apologies if this essay seems to be simplistic in nature, however this essay is meant to be basic in its content. It is part of an endeavor by LUBP to highlight economic situation around the world, its effects
Obama’s loss – lessons for progressives: It is arguable, but two factors in Obama's character proved to his downfall. His sense of duty and his aversion to political soundbites and showman ship