Two plus Two

While as many documents of Wikileaks keep pouring in, each document sparking many debates, opinions, arguments and such around the whole world. Same is also true for Pakistan. However, in Pakistan, generally speaking, the leaks have also so far revealed two consistent patterns.

First of this is that of the media’s self fulfilling prophesies. The way the documents work is that these are embassy reports sent back to United States Government. Now if media runs a news President Zardari is about to be toppled. US consular, hearing the ‘news’ broaches the subject in next meeting with President Zardari. President, who has also heard the news states that he does have some contingency plan. Which is obvious in almost every case, even Obama would have one or any person, who shows some responsibility, would have one. This plan now revealed becomes ‘evidence’ of veracity of the original ‘news’. Or so the media has us believe. Instance of such self fulfilling prophesies are many. But for those who still don’t see the big picture. This is such a vindication of their rumor-mill journalism that they will shout till it becomes accepted as truth. Not much different from business as usual here then.

Second revelation is more worrying but not nascent. Leaks show many pieces of puzzle, solution of which is already known. That is; power to Islamabad lies in Washington. This has been typically true since advent of a certain Gen. Zia. There are many instances of politician and generals trying to get NOCs, sanctions & such before acting in affairs that are of national stature. Since media has once again failed to fully grasp this revelation, they have consequently failed to observe the original cause.

One would do well to go back at this juncture to read Eqbal Ahmed’s analysis on this, made almost more than a decade and half ago.* He terms this phenomenon as neo-colonialism.% At risk of simplifying it to libel. The theory states that specifically the British had ruled India with help of a clique of higher-up native bureaucrats and army officer loyal to empire. With Partition, forming of the republic and consequent demise of British empire and rise of American hegemony, balance shifted. To the extent that now we have rank heirs to that clique now are loyal to the new imperialists i.e. Americans. Who conveniently needn’t even physically occupy to exercise power and pursue their interest.

In Pakistan with removal of democratic government in late 70s & with increased interaction of 80s has led to a chain of command where the higher Army officers look towards Washington for their order. This notion is only reinforced by Wikileaks. Be that Zardari’s thanking us for restraining Musharaff, return of Shaheed Benezir, during General Elections and his own removal, or Kiyani’s admittance to Paterson of his future plans or more so his handing of letter to Obama.#

All this is a proof that power remains in US and not because of politician but the Army. More over, it then dictates politicians to do their and master’s bidding. Failure to follow is made example that is clearly evident in History. Thus,politicians do what every three year does when he is plucked by a bully, they tell on them. Thus politicians go to the US to complain of their own army,supposedly under their control. But Army wouldn’t listen to them, this is very clear, even without wikileaks.

What is ironic that, though they seem to have maintained pomp, show and evidently even the mission objective (remain loyal to frangi-master) acquired from British. The officer’s discipline of following higher command, remaining faithful to one’s oath and showing courage and honour in duty is sorely missing. These of course are the mark of great armies in world.

But of course the PR machine of later is much more potent and this too would be fault of Zardari and his cronies.

This would be evident to all but the silent majority that votes for Zardari. Being illiterate as it is, it has been spared from the propaganda that educated lot go though. As such they can see clearly where myopia and propaganda blind us, and who is pawn of whom.

Another greater example of case against effects of bad education than this!

More surely is in store as the documents are revealed everyday but I personally doubt we’d find anything contrary to these two trends

% Term can different meanings for the political scientist. Eqbal Ahmed defines it neatly for purposes of Pakistan.



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