Crappy Analysis: Ansar Abbasi and diapers

Ansar Abbasi is a very senior journalist for The News/Jang Group. While may not I agree with his views, from afar I used to assume he might be providing some intellectual strength to the right. I now think I assumed wrong.

Mr Abbasi  has begun to write series of articles relating to NATO soldiers, Pakistan’s blockage of supply-lines and diaper scarcity. He candidly confesses that he got information from a Google search, blogs etc that US Army a. Wears Diapers and b. that they are facing shortage due to recent supplies blockage.Now a similar Google research by myself (yes I too have such journalistic skills) did lead to some diaper and soldier related material, but mostly relating to Israeli solders

Here is the video

this video of course is trying to demoralise Israelis, based on information fact or otherwise – but anyway. . there is more videos on Israeli soldiers and diapers with a cleric claiming same

and a bizarre propaganda by a British Newspaper that Chinese solders wore diapers at Olympics.

Then I realised, I am not a very senior journalist, I can other internet resources apart from blogs and tweets, like find out what kits soldiers really wear. So here is a site that extensively numerates the Soldier’s uniform –

Problem is I didn’t find any diapers, and I looked as much as I could – the cunning Americans must have hidden this vital information after blockage.

Why would they hide such a trivial information, I hear you ask? Well as analysed by Mr. Abbasi, this diaper shortage is so disastrous that Americans are now losing the war (and their bowels) Pakistan has thus with one act made Americans come to the negotiation table – You are welcome Taliban!

Subsequent to his article being a rave all over the internet – search “diaper, NATO” on google and first result you would get is Mr. Abbasi’s piece, such is the affect of this one article (there is another weak attempt, ‘US Soldiers running out of pampers’  but it lacks the ‘Ansar punch’)

Mr Abbasi has now wrote another report, after finally his unending sms and calls to American Embassy and ISAF has been responded, and he has been told by the Embassy that Soldiers “Don’t wear diapers”. But we know Americans lie through their teeth, even as their stomach churns as a give away. Mr Abbasi also quotes that Ms. Sherin Mazari of PTI is offering humanitarian aid to Americans in shape of these diapers. This may appear to be a tongue in cheek jab, but I am not sure, as she does also state that her suggestion would help the Pakistani economy. This is the first concrete suggestion by PTI on this issue. They are finally becoming mature and offering real alternative suggestions now as an opposition party should. So I am not sure if Ms. Mazari was being ironic or is this something to do with Khan’s sahib’s reconciliation policy with all those he has so far maligned to get popular.

The two articles by Mr. Abbasi are linked here…

“Nato troops get ‘nappy rash’Face the pain of blocked diapers”

“US embassy denies troops using diapers”



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