PPP and PML-Q: The odd couple — By D. Asghar

This scribe’s opinion about this “deal” is very well known. President Zardari’s move to save his party’s crumbling popularity, by going to bed with his staunchest critics, may be a major gamble. Whether this gamble pays off or not, remains to be seen.

The Q Leaguers have played their cards fairly well and negotiated a fairly good bargain. Criticism of embracing the “Qatil League” aside, one has to give it to Zardari, that he is one heck of a politician. Isn’t this what politics is all about. Sometimes you have to form an alliance with strange partners to survive.

Looking at the present situation, perhaps this was the best scenario. The differences of PPP and PML-N were widening. In Sindh, PPP has to appease MQM and win them back at any cost. However in Punjab, Q Leaguers provide them with a Plan B.

Yes both are ideologically poles apart. The former deserters of PPP, like Faisal Saleh Hayat have been instrumental in bridging the gaps, between the two. According to Hayat, the politics of ideology is a thing of the past. It is more of a “safeguarding of common interests.” Well common interests, come with a hefty price. The price of ministries and a slot of “Deputy PM.”

Some hard line critics of this deal have a totally different take on this. They see the moles of the establishment being inducted into the cadres of the PPP government. May be and may be not. One may speculate that, PML-N will have no other option but to go for the lackeys of the establishment and revive the IJI. If you look from that angle, then it is a win win in both cases for the establishment. In Urdu as we say it, “both chit and putt” will be in their favor.

The usual critics are calling it Zardari’s move to prolong his rule. Well, his term will be up soon, until or unless the Parliament re elects him as a President, he cannot do jack. He cannot prolong anything on his own. Who knows where Mush may end up. Whether he goes for “chit” or “putt”, only time will tell.



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