A letter from Garhi Khuda Bux -by D. Asghar

Dear Asif,

A week or so back, when your PK 01 touched the Mauripur Air Base, many hearts sank. The detractors, opponents, adversaries, and some so called friends, were shell shocked. The Pundits and Analysts on TV screens, who had written you off, were cursing their words. Each time they made the prediction, that you are finished, you have emerged and proved them absolutely wrong. Yes, they felt the same about me.

But this has never been new to you. They paint you as this villain, who has no conscience or morals. You are loathed, chastised and humiliated with all kinds of abuse and slurs. Amazingly, all of this would be enough for any other person, to call it quits. But they fail to understand, you are made up of a different mettle. When you came to the folds of my Bhutto family, you knew that you married a cause.

This pathetic condemnation and verbal slander was awarded to your father in law as well. He was ridiculed as “Ghansi Raam” and falsely accused for the break up of Pakistan. I went through the same stigma. They never let him or me complete our respective terms in the office. Constantly marred with one accusation or the other, both of us, succumbed to the same forces.

When you took the baton from me, the same people were red in rage. According to them. Liaquat Bagh was going to be the end of the Bhutto chapter. Boy were they in for a big surprise. Instead, you told them loud and clear, “Pakistan Khappy and may it always be that way.”

Almost 10 years in Landhi Jail, incarcerated and incapacitated, you patiently persevered the charges of corruption. They even named you “Mr 10 Percent.” But no one was able to explain, how were you not able to “buy your way out.” According to their allegations, with your notoriety, it would have been a child’s play. A supposedly “evil and villainous” person who truly was a “Prisoner of Conscience” served, while others got the “get out of the jail free card. “. They were taken to the Holy Lands, even though they were charged with far more heinous crimes.

When you took the office of the President, with full faith and confidence of the Senate, that was a thorn in many eyes. Not a month went by, where the rumor mills and wagging tongues did not come up with a new allegation of a clash between you and the institutions. Some take credit for the restoration of deposed judges. They claim it was all because of their initiative. They criticize your slow pace for signing the Executive Order. There are people who can make perfect sense of your reservations back then.

Ours is a strange land, where people who do good are always stabbed in the back. Both your father in law and I went through such predicaments. There were rumors with the NRO verdict that your government was going to be packed. The boots were ready to march and snatch your Presidency. In response, you gave your detractors the assurance of 18th Amendment, to put the nation back on strong democratic footing.

On May 2nd of this year, when the world’s most wanted terrorist was killed on our soil, the same people went on a frenzy of denials. They used the aged old conspiracy mantra and denied any such incident. Let alone the presence of any such character. When the infamous terrorist organization, confirmed the demise of its fallen leader, then these characters turned their guns on you. Once again sovereignty was drummed up and you were given all kinds of evil names.

No one ever questioned that when you were languishing in the cell of Landhi Jail , who was erecting a mansion in the Garrison city for some one and how? Undoubtedly, we are a strange group of people. We love to side with the wrong side of history. Almost six months after that incident, this “memogate” erupted like wild fire. Once again the evening circus of opinion makers juggled with the word “sovereignty”, ad nauseum.

They brought their crystal balls out and concocted the Khakhi invasion tales. They thought you and your Ambassador sold the soul of this country to the usual villains. Your Ambassador gave up his job to provide every one an opportunity to carry a crystal clear investigation. They called him a scapegoat. They called you an opportunist, who ditched his friend to save his own skin. The final straw was your departure to Dubai for medical reasons.

Your opponents went on screen, Xraying you and calling your illness, an act. They did the usual chest thumping exercise telling the nation loud and clear. You had left for good and you will never return. You have left our twenty one year old son behind. Leaving the poor lad behind as a sheep for the hyenas. Yet they sang the allegiance to those hyenas, all day long.

With this comeback, you have proven that you will not run away. You will stay steadfast and foil all the evil plots. Courage is your middle name and your resolve is to succeed. You intend to unearth the real truth, in front of this world. Welcome to Garhi Khuda Bux. Ask your opponents, are they up for you.

With love and respects,

Benazir Bhutto

Source: Pak Tea House



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