Leftist (taraqqi pasand) parties unite on one platform – Utho meri dunia ke gharibon ko jaga do

Leftist parties unite on one platform

* Progressive parties criticise US policies on Pakistan, condemn right-wing elements

By Hussain Kashif

LAHORE: As many as 14 progressive political parties and groups got together on Friday to present their stances and to unite on one platform at a conference held at Mehfil Auditorium.

Around 1,000 representatives of various progressive parties from all the provinces attended the daylong conference and passed two resolutions to unite all progressive parties on a single platform and to recognise Pakistan as a secular, federal democratic state.

The conference was hosted by the Awami Jamhoori Forum while parties attending were the Communist Party of Pakistan, Socialist Movement Pakistan, Awami Party, Awami Tehreek, Communist Muzdoor Kissan Party, Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Labour Party Pakistan, Labour Qaumi Movement, Mazdoor Kissan Party, Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaz, National Party, Pakistan Workers’ Party and People’s Rights Movement.

The programme was chaired by Jameel Umar, Azizuddin Ahmad, Dr Farzana Bari, Abdul Hai Baloch, Hameed Akhter and Jafar Ahmad.

All parties and groups decided to hold a meeting of the coordination committee today (Saturday) at the Awami Jamhoori Forum to consider establishing a single party of all the left-wing political parties, determine its organisational structure, policy and agenda and also discuss the recent district governments system.

Criticism: The participants criticised US policies on Pakistan and condemned fundamental right-wing elements, the Taliban and approaches of other religious parties.

After their merger, the Communist Muzdoor Kissan Party, led by Khaliq Baloch, and the National Workers’ Party, led by Abid Hassan Minto, participated in the conference under their new name, the Pakistan Workers’ Party, represented by Javed Akhtar. However, member of the Communist Muzdoor Kissan Party’s central executive committee, Taimur Rehman, said he opposed the merger and would continue to lead his party, along with some fellow members, under its previous name and ideology.


AJF seeks to ‘unite all leftist parties’

LAHORE: The Awami Jamhoori Forum, a Lahore-based organisation of progressive political parties and various factions of leftist parties in Pakistan, will hold a one-day moot called Conference of Taraqqi Pasand (Progressive) Parties at the Mehfil Cinema on December 25 in a bid to unite all leftist parties on one platform.

The AJF has invited all progressive and pro-progressive nationalist parties, which have separate agendas and interpretations of communism and socialism, and are following Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism and the social democratic system.

The parties invited to the conference include the Communist Party of Pakistan, the Communist Mazdoor Kisan Party, the Marxist Voice, the Socialist Movement Pakistan, the National Party, the National Workers’ Party, the Mazdoor Kisan Party, the International Socialist Pakistan, the Awami Party Pakistan, the Jeay Sindh Mahaz, the Labour Party Pakistan, the Muttahida Mazdoor Mahaz, the Tabqati Jiddojohad, the Labour Qaumi Movement and the Awami Tehreek.

The forum has also invited progressive intellectuals including Hameed Akhtar, Khawaja Masood, Jaffar Ahmad, Azizuddin Ahmad, IA Rehman, Dr Mubashar Hassan, Iqbal Haider, Latif Afridi, Dr Farzana Bari, Dr Shah Muhammad Mari and Zahida Sheikh.

Nasir Iqbal, the organiser, told Daily Times the conference had been divided into three sessions, encompassing different aspects of issues and challenges faced by the country. Regarding the main theme of the conference, he said the AJF wanted Pakistan to become a people-friendly secular state, adding this purpose could not be fulfilled without a united struggle by all progressive parties in the country. hussain kashif


Here is an article by Asghar Nadeem Syed:

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