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RIP Hamid Akhtar:     LUBP Editors express their profound grief over the demise of Hamid Akhtar, veteran progressive scholar, activist and columnist. In the last few years, we have always supported, valued and published Mr. Akhtar’s bold columns which were originally
Rape of History by Muslims – by Hamid Akhtar: In the following two columns published in daily Express in March 2009, veteran columnist (late) Hamid Akhtar offers some excerpts from Hasan Jafar Zaidi’s article “hamari tarikh fehmi aur humara fikir aur siasi bohran” which was published in the
Asif Zardari’s silent revolution in Pakistan – by Hamid Akhtar: In the following article, veteran writer and columnist Hamid Akthar explains how Asif Zardari and the current government of the PPP are responsible for a silent revolution in Pakistan which is based on tolerance, reconciliation and democracy. While traits
On ‘civil society’ and its engagement with political society – by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla: There has been a lengthy debate on role and formation of civil society in electronic media of Pakistan. Raza Rumi, a very respected and insightful Pakistani scholar and writer, recently stressed on close cooperation and engagement between ‘Civil Society’ and moderate political
Are Indians our enemy? – by Hamid Akhtar:
Jihadi activities in Canada and the USA – by Hamid Akhtar: Express, 1 Nov 2010
Taliban’s massacre of Ahmadis in Lahore – by Hamid Akhtar and Asadullah Ghalib: Here are two excellent, thought provoking articles on the Punjabi Taliban’s attacks on Ahmadi mosques in Lahore by two senior most columnists in Pakistan. The first article is by Hamid Akhtar:
Islamic extremism and its dangerous implications – by Hamid Akhtar: A thought provoking series of columns (in Urdu) by veteran journalist Hamid Akhtar on Islamic extremism and its dangerous implications:
Quran and Peace – by Hamid Akhtar: Here is an excerpt from Hamid Akhtar’s speech in a Seminar titled “Quran and Peace” (held on 1 February 2010).
Teen Jeem – by Hamid Akhtar: تین جیم – جج ، جنرل اور جرنلسٹ While the anti-democracy establishment and their agents in media are all out for the accountability of politicians, Hamid Akhtar wonders who will conduct the accountability of the teen jeem (i.e., three
Leftist (taraqqi pasand) parties unite on one platform – Utho meri dunia ke gharibon ko jaga do: Leftist parties unite on one platform * Progressive parties criticise US policies on Pakistan, condemn right-wing elements By Hussain Kashif LAHORE: As many as 14 progressive political parties and groups got together on Friday to present their stances and
16 December 1971 and 2009: two days of infamy: By Omar Khattab On 16 December 1971, the Pakistan army led by the cruelest and most criminal generals of the time surrendered to the Indian army after a war which the former could not sustain even for two weeks.
GHQ, CIA and Pakistani Media: Hamid Akhtar’s op-ed on Kamal Azfar’s statement in the Supreme Court of Pakistan:
Book Review: Punjabi Taliban: In the following article, Hamid Akhtar offers a review of Mujahid Hussain’s book “Punjabi Taliban”. The book reveals the linkages between the ISI, Sipah-e-Sahaba and certain pro-PML-N politicians and religious leaders in Punjab. The book also reveals how jihadi
Hamid Akhtar’s analysis of the anti-Zardari campaign by the establishment: Senior columnist Hamid Akhtar offers an analysis of the anti-Zardari campaign (on various pretexts, e.g. anti-Kerry Lugar bill, anti-NRO etc) and links it the democratic government’s sincere and committed operation against the Taliban terrorists. Here is an analysis by
Jihadi literature – an analysis by Hamid Akhtar: Hamid Akhtar offers a detailed analysis of the jihadi literature, the role of religio-political parties in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the propagation of this literature and its implications
The temporary U-turn of the minus-one brigade: Source Nawaz says does not believe in ‘Minus One’ Former Prime Minister and chief of his own faction of PML(N), Mian Nawaz Sharif, has said that
A useless meeting between Zardari and Nawaz?:
Is there any evidence of an Islamic State in Islam?: Hamid Akhtar critiques the Khariji perspective on Islamic
Imran Khan must not understate the threat posed by Taliban — Hamid Akhtar:
Hamid Akhtar: ‘Soft Islamic revoluion’ is a better approach to confront Talibanisation.:
Mela Charaghan (Festival of Lights) in Lahore: Life and Poetry of Madhu Lal Hussain: Madhu Lal Hussain said: “Be never engaged at all in arguments so long but ponder over your end so says Hussain Faqir.” Mela Chiraghan or Mela Shalamar (“Festival of Lights”) is a three day annual festival to mark the
Long March: Nawaz Sharif’s banaspati revolution, made in Punjab.: Dangerous options By I.A. Rehman Thursday, 12 Mar, 2009 (Dawn) Much can be said in favour of all the three gladiators in the arena — the lawyers, the government and the PML-N-but much weightier are the arguments against them.
Ansar Abbasi: Nawaz Sharif must refrain from political reconciliation with the PPP.: Ansar Abbasi advises Nawaz Sharif to refrain from reconciliation. He suggests that politics of reconciliation can be devastating for the country. Really? Good bye,
Taliban, their sympathizers in Ulema and Allama Rehmatullah Tariq – by Hamid Akhtar:
Nawaz Sharif, You need to clarify your position on Taliban and jihadis: Dear Nawaz Sharif, We know that once upon a time you wanted to be a constitutional Amir-ul-Momineen. We also know that you were in the past abetted and supported by Osama bin Laden. We also know that terrorists of
Islam or theocracy? Taliban and Al-Qaeda are as evil as American neo-cons – By Hamid Akthar:
Poetry of Imam Din Gujrati – By Hamid Akhtar:
The Taliban terror hits Lahore. Where is Shahbaz Sharif? Psychological implications on everyday life: Hamid Akhtar offers an overview of the psychological implications of the Taliban’s threat on everyday life in Lahore. Is Lahore under siege by Taliban? Where is Shahbaz Sharif and his PML (Nawaz)?