16 December 1971 and 2009: two days of infamy

By Omar Khattab

On 16 December 1971, the Pakistan army led by the cruelest and most criminal generals of the time surrendered to the Indian army after a war which the former could not sustain even for two weeks. General Niazi “the Tiger” handed his gun to General Arora by way of surrender. The significance of this surrender was not that a corrupt army top brass let down the entire nation. The significance was that this very corrupt pack of generals only months before had refused to honor the will of the majority of the people of Pakistan, the Bengalis, who had elected Shiekh Mujib’s party to govern Pakistan. Although Pakistan’s heavily ideologized war-mongering Urdu media does not allow any debate on the role of the army in the debacle of 1971, 16 December 1971 will always be remembered as a day of infamy when corrupt, greedy generals allowed Pakistan’s dismemberment rather than give democracy a chance.

And now after all these years, history has repeated itself. Now it is the Supreme Court of Pakistan which hand-in-glove with the generals has tried to destroy Pakistan’s democracy which is only 2 years old in its latest incarnation as the generals ruled the country from 1999 to 2007, a rule which the present Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry held as legal. Out of the 8000 (eight thousand!!!) beneficiaries of the NRO, the chief justice and his fellow sixteen judges have found faults with only President Zardari and the People’s Party’s ministers. If these Supreme Court judges had any respect for fair play and rule of law, they should have summoned the present Chief of the Army Staff General Kiyani to appear before them because it is he, yes he, who negotiated the NRO in the first place on behalf of General Musharraf. Interestingly, the supremely bellicose judges did not say a single, yes single, word by way of General Musharraf’s condemnation. And why not condemn Saudi Arabia and the United States who played a great role in the birth of the NRO? Saudi Arabia is a Taliban promoter in Pakistan and Justice Iftikhar has been giving relief to the Taliban.

Pakistani generals, slavishly backed by the Supreme Court, have always punished People’s Party because they fear it; because it is the only party which the masses vote in power whenever it is allowed to contest elections. They fear that it is only this party which can wrest power from them and give it to the masses. Thus history has repeated itself now. Those generals and politicians who benefited from the NRO are nameless, but People’s Party stands demonized and dehumanized. Like Rambo and Sultan Rahi, the Supreme Court judges are bulldozing one bad guy after another; all of them belong to the People’s Party. The enemies of democracy are celebrating and no one says the dons of this judicial lynching mafia wear no clothes.

Chief Justice intervenes into executive authority of the government

Steel Mills probe team notification cancelled
Updated at: 1530 PST, Thursday, December 17, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has issued contempt of court notice to Interior Minister Rehman Malik and cancelled notification issued form interior ministry team to investigate corruption in Steel Mills.

The court has also ordered immediate restoration of DG FIA Tariq Khosa.

A three-member bench of Supreme Court today starts hearing of Steel Mills corruption case today. The court expressed displeasure on the removal of DG FIA Tariq Khosa. Acting attorney general conveyed message of good wishes of prime minister to the court and said Tariq Khosa would be appointed as secretary interior. Any person referred by the court will be appointed as chief of FIA.

The chief justice expressed displeasure and said Tariq Khosa should be restored today so that he will complete investigations of Steel Mills, Haris Mills and other cases. The court has also cancelled interior ministry notification for the formation investigation team. The court issued contempt of court notice to Interior Minister Rehman Malik and directed to submit reply December 24.
Some comments:

hasankhan said:
mr,ifthkhar u r a justice not a king,stay under ur limmit.when mushrraf kicked u and arrested u it was ppp who released u.if zerdari kicked u now ,no one fr computer addicts will come to rescue u.ur job is to give the justice ,not to rule the country.

gayan said:
this decision will have no value and effect on Govt/zardari……

….even Maja and Gama knew this will be the decision…….

This decsion has further united ppp and support of zardari has increased within his supporters, who strongly belive that it is a clear victimisation…..cuperem ciurt is ignoring the crimes of Musharruff, army, MQM and going after PPP Govt….not right……

Yesterday BOLTA PAKISTAN, please see what Nusrat Javed said about supreme court….i echo that…



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