Imran Khan must not understate the threat posed by Taliban — Hamid Akhtar

Some relevant comments (pkpolitics)

bhola said:

The opponents of Swat operation must be deeply disappointed and annoyed with the outcomes. Their predictions of how the locals will see this as an assault on ‘ their own’, and how will ; pakhtoon revenge’ will lead to blood shed of security forces didnt materialize after all. In fact, the pakhtoon revengs is killing the so called ‘ their own’ taliban now. And thats exactly what I said then, that once weakened , talivab will find it hard to hide in their own lands and locals were just waiting for the right moment. Majority of those commentators were non pakhtoon by the way and were not living in NWFP. Even though they were forced to leave ther homes, they were living in those miserable IDP camps, people of Swat have sided with the security forces and the Gov.
Now its Wazirestan and the people are coming up with same arguments again, we are told about the history of Wazirestan and the fear that locals will see this as an assault against their lands and their own yet again. They are forgetting an important aspect again. Talian and Mahsuds/Wazirs and not one and the same thing. Taliban have brought miseries to the people of Waziristan , they have killed their elders and common people in dozens. There are people who will wait for the right moment and will hunt down these beasts like they did in Swat. Its after all the pakhtoon culture of revenge and it works against Taliban as well, like it or not.
Also, the history of conflicts in Wazirstan and their outcomes is not that relevant anymore. People f wazirestan are not confined to thier area anymore, Back in the days of British Raj, they did not have lucrative businesses stretching from D I Kahn to Karachi, their children and youths were not filling the schools, colleges and Universities throughout the country, they did not have posh houses all over the country. Back then they were mocked by others as SHOOTELA ( a local grass) eating tribes, now they have everything. They wont risk it, they wont take arms to protect Taliban beasts, on the other hand to the disappointment of many the may well kill afew of them at the right moment.

Gul said:


You want to understand how these deeply disappointed and annoyed people backtracked when the Pak Army finally started to rout the Talibs? How they crawled under their rocks and started to change their tunes but oh so pathetically, with their piteous lie in wait for another resurgence of the Talibs?

For the answer, please watch the video I posted above. And watch it to the end.

Now they’re beginning to crawl out again, seeing perhaps a last hope to try and split the nation on the Waziristan operation issue.

We all know about the expounders of the ‘valiant pukhtoon racial spirit’, who are so valiant they dare not own up to their own writings on their own blogs, and sometimes even delete their own comments! You see, their claim to fame (rational analysis) is being pukhtoon and knowing a thing or two about what will work. They won’t say what it is – but we can just about guess what it might be:

delete, deny, delete, deny, delete, deny…repeat ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Needless to say, this is not a slur on pukhtoons but on those that use racially coloured drivel to make insane arguments.