Those last moments…… – by Saria Benazir

Blazes of fire,
And high peaks,
Oh my Lord!!! Deep seas,
And heavy showers of rain,
Dark black clouds,
And still red drops of blood,
Visible on the green land……!!!

The princess of fortune,
Dressed in her favorite colors,
Loaded with white & red flowers,
Looking as elegant as ever,
The universe had witnessed,
My Lord! This scene never……

The world all looked too strange,
The reason_ that was out of my domain,
I searched all about for that,
Despite huge crowds,
Great chanting sounds,
Shadowed a unique silence,
Damaging my innersole,
Gossiping with others,
That seemed something,
Rather too impossible………

Gosh! Was I or the world?
Too helpless, but too hopeless,
The waves stood still,
O!!! What’s all this??
The heaven seemed too near,
Much near the earth,
My Lord!!! What’s all, I’m seeing,
Are my eyes open,
Or still, that’s just my nightmare…….

This afternoon, I’m seeing,
A bloody…My God!!!
A strange color in the sky,
Seeming that the desolation,
Was all that seemed inevitable?
I thereby see Karbala,
And then look at the Liaqat Bagh,
There , I see Ali’s family,
And here, I see Bhutto’s generation,
There , the universe witnessed Zainab’s courage,
And here, the heavens glared at Benazeer’s chivalry,
For she fought too gallantly,
Too frantically for democracy!!!!

Ah!!! Benazir…….
Benazir !! the daughter of Indus,
The daughter of destiny…..
Ah! She’s Bhutto’s daughter,
Whom the world calls,
The emblem of democracy……
That afternoon….of December , 2007,
That day was also near Muharram,
My Lord !! I really can’t get……
The tremendous sea of Bibi’s supporters,
Who was absolutely ‘ Benazeer’,
In her enigmatic personality,
In her zealous courage,
It was this Benazir,
Whom in Karbala, I see speaking valiantly,
Her voice striking every heart,
For those trenches of dictators,
Even started to tremble hard,
I see Benazir there,
Waving her beloved ones,
As if that was the last moment , together,
O NO! O NO!! NO!! NO!!!!
Was she moving too far apart,
Then I see her amidst her supporters,
I see that hue on her face,
As if she’d completed her mission,
She’d decided to give up her life…
For completing & continuing her vision,
A few seconds later,
The voice of bullets took away my heart,
O !! I can’t believe,
SARIA!!! Never even think of that,
Still, I see the gigantic support,
For Bibi , who was now Bibi Shaheed,
My eyes started glistening with tears,
Fair enough,…….I hear back,
At the same spot,
The universe witnessed the deep,
The deep meaning in her words,
For she knew this day,
She herself was ready for that,
Because this barren land was in great need of that,
“Yai baazi Khoon ki baazi hay,
Yai baazi tum hi haro gay,
Har gar say Bhutto niklay gaa,
Tum kitnay Bhutto maro gay.”

Two years have gone,
But still my eyes,
Hit back the same Thursday,
Same afternoon of December 27, 2007,
The same Karbala in Liaqat Bagh,
The same flower bedded grave,
In the soil of Garhi Khuda Bux,
Still, my heart refuses to accept,
That Bibi isn’t with us….

NIX…….She is always with us,
Always guiding us.,
And leading us,
For that’s true that,
“Martyrs never die”.
& Bibi Shaheed still rules the world,
From her grave.
“Zinda Hai Bibi , Zinda Hai”.
Dedicated to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s second death anniversary
By:- Saria.