Elections in Quetta and Baltistan, Some Questions for the LHC – by Humza Ikram

In last 48 hours two general elections were held, First one took place in Gilgit -Balistan and the other one took place in Quetta. Although official election resulta are not announced yet, unconfirmed reports suggest that in both places PPP candidates have won.

The significance of these results is far greater than who won the election (despite the anti-PPP campaign by Geo TV), the important thing to note is that, unlike Punjab, at both places provincial governments did not plant obstacles in front of the election commission’s decision to hold election on the dates which  commission decided.  Even though election commission decided to hold election  during month of Muharam .  Both the cities have a history of ethnic / sectarian violence and along with Jhang (Punjab), they are considered to be the most sensitive places during muharam.

In contrast, the provincial government of Punjab decided to take provincial election commission announcement of holding election in November head on, the ugly dispute reached  the LHC, where the court sided with Punjab government and announced to delay the elction until indefinite time period. Thus, the court gave the power to the provincial government to decide when the time is right to conduct the election, it in effect undermines the role of the election commission.

Today’s successful and peaceful elections in Quetta and Gilgit are  an eye opener for  judiciary.  I hope in future,  judiciary will not   pass judgments  on subjects which they don’t have any  expertise like judging the security situation in Lahore and Rawalpindi .Today’s   election has  left many painful questions for the LHC . If a relatively under-resourced civilian administration of Quetta and Skardu  can conduct peaceful elections in the most vulnerable conditions and specially during Muharam, why is the   Punjab administration helpless in  conducting  election on places just 5 km away from the GHQ at Rawalpindi and Lahore.



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