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  • Khan, Taliban and the Crackpot Science by Anas Abbas

    With Thanks : Dawn If nothing else we Pakistani agree on one thing. Whatever little hope there appears is the last hope. A recent example of this was the invention of water as fuel for cars, which soon came crashing down. When we are too desperate for hope that is what happens. We believe it even if […]

  • Blame Benazir and Malala, not the takfiris who attacked them: Hizb ut-Tahrir and Imran Khan’s logic

    The cowardly attack by the Taliban on world-renowned education activist Malala has fuelled conspiracy theories in Pakistan.  Some right-wing Islamist organizations are calling her a foreign agent, some even consider her shooting was a well choreographed drama and no bullet pierced her head at all. Hizb ut Tahrir came with another story of their own, according to their version Malala was […]

  • A sincere poem for PTI leaders and supporters – by Jahil Ibn-e-Aalim

    Blog Cross Post : Tuhfa E BeParwah   Mainay Daikha – A sincere poem for PTI leaders and trolls. میں نے دیکھا، تیری آنکھوں میں، تیری آنکھوں میں، میں نے دیکھا، اداسی ہے، اداسی ہے، نہ جانے کیوں، نہ جانے کیوں، تھوڑی بغاوت بھی، نہ جانے کیوں؟ تو باغی لگے، تو باغی لگے، تیری آنکھوں میں […]

  • Jahil Ibn E Aalim امید کی کتاب کہ نفرت کی گولی؟

    Blog Cross Post : Tuhfa E BeParwah    ان کی گولی آج ہار گئی جن کے ہاتھ میں صرف گولی کا ہونا ہی ان کی نفرت کی نشانی ہے تیری کتاب آج جیت گئی تیرے ہاتھ میں صرف کتاب کا ہونا ہی تیری امید کی نشانی ہے فیصلہ بہت سادہ سا اب تونے اور میں نے […]

  • Supreme Court is setting wrong precedence

    Concluding remarks by National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza in the matter of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani under Clause 2 of the Article 63 of the constitution .  I am of the view that the charges against Yousaf Raza Gilani are not relatable to the grounds mentioned in paragraph (g) or (h) of clause (1) […]

  • Wanjo Kanwaliyo Wanjo: Dedicated to Salman Taseer and Rimsha – Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

    Wanjo Kanwaliyo Wanjo O Koels! Go tell my loved ones, I am still living and fighting. Obstacles are high in front, Even the higher walls confront. j I stand on four limbs and fight, I fight, fight and fight. Disintegrating like petals in storm, I keep fighting on. j Facing assaults and attacks, I look […]

  • Imran Khan’s insensitive meeting with SSP-ASWJ

    Imran khan recently visited Giligt Baltistan to condemn Shia killings. He Khan went to condole shia ulama, but to my surprise, he also visited SSP-ASWJ, the Takfiri killers of Shias and other communities in Pakistan. In a joint press conference with SSP-ASWJ leaders, Khan criticized the government for their repeated failure to maintain law and order […]

  • Takht Lahore and Saraiki Waseb – by Zulfiqar Ali

    The Commission about formation of new provinces within Punjab reinvigorated the debate. Just few months ago PML (N) initiated and Punjab assembly unanimously passed the resolution asking for creation of south Punjab and rehabilitation of Bahawalpur as province. PML (N) may have thought it had outwitted Asif Ali Zardari and PPP considering that PPP would […]

  • Marvi Memon’s insensitive discourse on ‘sectarian killings’

    Marvi Memon condemns killings of ‘Sunnis’ in Gilgit. Accompanied by PML-N Gilgit-Baltistan Coordinator Siddiqul Farooq and Central Media Coordinator Asim Khan, she said that the Punjab chief minister had announced an education package for the children of victim families. “This is not the first time the PML-N president has demonstrated solidarity with terror victims and […]

  • How low can we go?

    Ramzan is a time for introspection. Unfortunately it seems the citadel of Islam missed the opportunity for self introspection in this holy month.  From Hindu boy’s conversion to Islam stunt in Maya Khan show on national television to the poisoning of tea served to Christian nurses in Karachi, we have showed we are no longer willing to learn. I came across this […]

  • Sheikh Rashid’s speech must not go unnoticed by judiciary – by Syed Adeel Abbas

    Pakistan is at war! There are several interrelated armed conflicts underway in Pakistan. According to conservative estimates about 35,600 Pakistanis have been killed after 9/11 and more than 40,000 have been injured during that period by the various parties to the conflict. Several thousand more are being killed every year. This has been the result […]

  • Independence Day Poem نذر فیض – by Zulifqar Ali

    نذر فیض نہ داغ داغ اجالہ، نہ شب گزیدہ سحر نہ دل پسند مگر، اب تو وہ سحر بھی نھیں شب گزیدہ سھی، بھت سا نور تھا اس میں تھی داغ داغ مگر، تھی تو اک سحر پھر بھی آس باندھ کہ ، یاروں کے قافلے جو چلے تم جانتے ھو ، دامن پہ کتنے […]

  • Kindness of Supreme Court – by Realistic Voice

    On 25th of July, the Supreme Court of Pakistan gave a whooping relaxation of fifteen days to suggest an equitable proposal on Swiss Letter Case. Against its four years of previous record, the honorable Supreme Court not only gave Government 15 days but used a relatively softer tone while passing out comments. They said, we are […]

  • Shaukat Khanum report’s reliability – by Zulfiqar Ali

      Related Article: Imran Khan’s Real (ty) “Investments” – Zulfiqar Ali First of all the financial reports provided by SKMT on web cannot be called actual audit reports. They do not carry any signatures, as actual reports should have. Here we will see two pages from SKMT report and two pages from actual audit report of […]

  • Imran Khan’s Real (ty) “Investments” – Zulfiqar Ali

    Editor’s Note: LUBP highlighted these financial irregularities over a year ago Imran Khan’s financial credibility? – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi (10th May, 2011) followed by Some questions about Imran Khan’s PTI NA-USA LLC – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi (13th May, 2011).  “The purpose of both the articles was not to taint Imran Khan and his PTI with sweeping statements […]

  • The consequences of Inertia – Zainab binte Ali

      Of all the horrid, hideous notes of woe,  Sadder than owl-songs or the midnight blast,  Is that portentous phrase, “I told you so.” Don Juan (1819-1824). Let’s see an example of such well-heeled Fabian counselor and scholar whom Hazrat Ali (a.s) Identifies in Nehj Ul Balagha as one who ‘manages shabby argument about it of his […]

  • Dual nationals right to contest election

    During the hearing of a writ petition filed by a US national of Pakistani origin in 2002 , Umar Ahmad Ghumman, for permission to contest the election  a question arose  about eligibility of former PM Moeen Qureshi . Moeen Qureshi  through his attorney  told  Lahore high court ,  he  only holds a green card, which enables him to carry on […]

  • LHC must not stop young doctors from exercising their fundamental rights

    Related : Doctors’ Strike and Moral Justification – by Awais Aftab Its a  fundamental right of all employees to demand service structure , career protection and decent wages. Unfortunately , LHC  accepted a petition seeking revoking license of all protesting young doctor . Unlike Pakistan , Recently Supreme court of India refused to order doctors to […]

  • Flaws hovering over Pakistan’s education system – by Tasbeeh Fayaz Ali

    As characterized by a wise man, “Education is the third eye of a man”. This ‘third eye’ has been accentuated upon by the article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan , which obligates the government to ensure quality and free education for in the following words: “The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the […]

  • Pitafi steals the PPP’s thunder: Party loyalist hits out at discriminatory practices

    LUBP applauds Express tribune for covering Sardar Ahmed Ali Khan  Pitfai’s excellent  speech in Sindh assembly  . With Thanks : The  Express Tribune  KARACHI: The Sindh government’s tall claims of development and progress were shattered on Tuesday when a senior member and loyalist of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Sardar Ahmed Ali Khan Pitafi, laid into the government […]

  • Why this Kolaveri Di? – by Ziyad Faisal

    Having seen this being shared all over the internet, for the past few days, on my home-page feed, fine, lets talk about this. CHU CHU CHU, hear that? Its the truth-train coming to town… To every semi-religious urban Punjabi middle-classiya boy who thinks this is a good comparison between a European country and Pakistan, here’s […]

  • LUBP condemns attack on Saleem Khursheed Khokar’s house

    Related : Minority MPA asks for equal rights and separate curricula Angry MPA: If you block ‘Jesus Christ’ how will we text over Christmas? Bilawal Zardari takes notice of threats to Sindh minorities MPAs We strongly condemn attack on Saleem Khurshid Khokar house as it is clearly an  attempt to silence him .  His only crime is […]

  • Judges and Anonymous versus PPP

    Related : Memogate: the odds are even now —Dr Mohammad Taqi 1. Anonymous source are claiming that PPP-led government intends to cut judiciary down to size by revoking the March 16, 2009 executive order on restoration of judges . It lead to emergent called late night judges meetup and deliberations . Result: Anonymous WON! 2. Anonymous memo resulted in […]

  • The martyrs of Gilgit-Baltistan – by Amina Khan

    Amina Khan, from Massachusetts USA, writes about the brutal killings of innocent passengers in Kohistan. The sons of Gilgit Baltistan The unlucky buses  With the sons of Gilgit Baltistan  They were coming home  Unknown to their fate Many with dreams  To meet their families They might have wanted to share  Their spiritually journey to Tehran […]

  • Will Gilgit-Baltistan Fall to Taliban? – Jamil Khakwani

    We are amnesic and we forget the issues to be addressed with utmost importance, we hue and cry when the events like Bangladesh and Baluchistan occur and then we mourn afterwards. We as Pakistani nation are actually very slow in their thought process or maybe we are driven by the extreme emotions of religion and […]

  • Karachi conflict and misleading facts

    There has been big talk over the issue of local bodies in Sindh and in Karachi in particular over the past few months. As the security situation in the business hub of the country worsens each day, Television and print media commentators , Najam Sethi-Naseem Zehra-Mubasher Lucman, to name a few, squarely blame the Pakistan […]

  • Rinkle Kumari and Islamists sudden support for love marriage

    Dr Omar Ali comment on Rinkle Kumari :  Notice that all the Islamists are saying “it was a love marriage, she left on her own accord to marry Naveed”. This must be the first time they have approved of girls running away from their family to get married. Usually they are on the side of […]

  • India, Pakistan to exchange parliamentary delegations

    We at LUBP support liberal visa regime between India and Pakistan . We support Speaker of the House, Dr. Fehmida Mirza, PPP, on her progressive pro-peace statements : “Pakistan and India not only shared boundaries but were intertwined in bonds of culture, history and heritage.” Fehmida Mirza  With Thanks : South Asian Media  India, Pakistan […]

  • Open Letter to Leaders of All Political Parties of Pakistan

    The Plight of Sindh University Teachers: Let us live, Let us teach Yesterday, it was 47th day of closure of University of Sindh, after the coldblooded murder of a teacher on the very first day of the academic year January 2nd, 2012. Prof. Bashir Ahmed Channar was murdered few hundred meters from the Vice Chancellors […]

  • Dr Shakil Afridi — by Farhat Taj

    We support the following petition for release of the doctor and request our readers to sign it. Related :Dr. Shakeel Afridi is a benefactor, not a traitor  Dr Shakil Afridi —Farhat Taj A native of Khyber Agency in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Dr Shakil Afridi has been arrested by the military authorities […]

  • Pakistan nationals will be able to roam freely in India soon

    Related : Most favourite nation? S Akbar Zaidi With Thanks : First Post India In a bid to ensure more people to people contact, India is contemplating easing visa regulation for Pakistan nationals. With the cabinet note on the issue set to be tabled in a few days, it might be a couple of weeks […]

  • Imran Khan at Davos

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former, said Albert Einstein. Have a doubt ? You can look up Imran Khan’s latest interview in Davos to understand. ‘There are human beings and then there are Pathans ‘ this was our great revolutionary has to say to […]

  • Voices from FATA and the panic (5 parts) – by Farhat Taj

    Related: Merge FATA into KP : ANP jirga Editor’s note: We are cross-posting a five-series article titled “Voices from FATA and the panic” recently published in Daily Times. In this series Farhat Taj present a Pashtun nationalist perspective on issues of ethnic and provincial identity and the war on terror. In particular, she highlights the […]

  • Mass conversions: For Matli’s poor Hindus, ‘lakshmi’ lies in another religion

    With Thanks : Express Tribune  By Saba Imtiaz / Sameer Mandhro MATLI/TM KHAN: Money, jobs and a debt-free life: It sounds like a sweet deal for many of the Hindu labourers in Matli, but it comes with strings attached — convert to Islam. Hundreds of Hindus in the area have converted to Islam in the past few years, courtesy seminaries, […]

  • Merge FATA into KP : ANP jirga

    Editor Note : President Asif Ali Zardari, while speaking to the people at Garhi Khuda Bux,  informed the nation that 80 percent of his party’s manifesto had been implemented. It is important to mention here PPP 2008 election manifesto was formed in the light of Charter of Democracy . In COD  PPP and PML N made […]

  • From Marvi of Malir and Shah Latif – Benazir Bhutto’s poem

    Poem of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto When the world was still to be born When Adam was still to receive his form Then my relationship began When I heard the Lord’s voice A voice sweet and clear I said “yes” with all my heart And formed a bond with the land I love When all of […]

  • Civil-military relations in Pakistan — by Farhat Taj

    Related article:  Imran Khan’s PTI joins banned terrorist groups in pro-army rally in Lahore Militant outfits known for close ties with the military establishment of Pakistan held the Difa-i-Pakistan Conference (Defence of Pakistan Conference) on December 18, 2011. They declared jihad as an obligation for Muslims and threatened the US, NATO forces and India with […]

  • Politics of Rape: Rahila Tiwana 15 December 1990

    The CIA (Crime Investigation Agency ) treated me like notorious criminal. Repeatedly they pulled my hair and slapped me on my ace . The wanted to make a false sexual allegation against Asif Zardari (Benazir Bhutto’s jailed husband ) and wanted to say Benazir had given me (and party’s student wing) weapons to create chaos […]

  • Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s Khudai Khidmatgar Movement Revived in India

    Editor’s note : We present to our readers this excellent documentary by NDTV on revival of Bacha Khan’s  non-violence movement of Khudai Khidmatgar by the youth of Delhi , India . With Thanks : NDTV!

  • Supreme Court accepts Nawaz Sharif’s petition on memo under Article 184(3)

    According to news reports, the Supreme court of Pakistan has accepted former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s petition  on the “memogate”. Mr. Sharif had pleaded that the court should itself constitute a committee on the recent Husain Haqqani-Mansoor Ijaz memo issue and investigate it under the Article 184(3) of the Constitution, as according to him the […]