Flaws hovering over Pakistan’s education system – by Tasbeeh Fayaz Ali

As characterized by a wise man, “Education is the third eye of a man”. This ‘third eye’ has been accentuated upon by the article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan , which obligates the government to ensure quality and free education for in the following words:

“The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such a manner as may be determined by law”

Not educating any nation promptly and efficiently is a self-inflicted catastrophe for which the loss is worth a high magnitude Earthquake.  Education is something carries greatmomentousness in nation building in ways uncountable. It is an esteemed ‘society enlightening tool’ and an acute requirement for a developing country like Pakistan. For a democracy based society like ours, it’s mandatory that every citizen participates well in amplifying nation’s opulence and this target can only be reached if Pakistan’s education system is revolutionized. An educated society is what we call a cluster of the most well versed Human resource which together with the knowledge of basic nation building problems and their solutions can run the government machinery better than ever.

Pakistan however has en Education system with major flaws hovering over it. According to the Budget 2012_13, the authorities have considered allocating Rs47.8 billion to higher education which amounts to 1.8% of the proposed total budget of Rs2.738 trillion. Under such a diminished share in the total annual budget the Education system is bound to suffer devolution. The deplorable primary completion rate in Pakistan, according to UNESCO, is 33.8% in females and 47.18% in males which is extremely low. The pre requisite for any developed nation is literacy rate overwhelmingly higher than this.

Increasing gender discrimination is another supreme challenge faced by the contemporary education system in Pakistan. Napoleon once said, “Give me the best mothers; I will give you the best nation.”

An educated and a civilized woman make sure her kids are raised to be equally competent and are nurtured at the hands of education well. With an extremely uneven female to male education ratio, our country has high infant mortality rate. A woman being poor and not educated will not be enthusiastic about sending her kids school as she is not aware of the minuses of an uneducated nation.  A society cannot prosper if over half of its population is confined to the household chores and is left back in the dark pit of ignorance. Islam being the most flexible religion is highly underestimated and misinterpreted and women in most of the regions are strictly forbidden to acquire education in either co education system or under a male teacher. The female literacy rate in most areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhua and Baluchistan is pretty much between 3 _ 8 % which accounts for these regions being far behind Sind and Punjab when it comes to prosperity.

The teachers too play most probably the most vital part in paving the road to nation building. This factor too is highly under rated in Pakistan. Not every teacher is trained under the available ‘Pre Service Teacher training degrees’ and hence lacks the right amount of skills which can help them convey the knowledge promptly. A public school teacher earns to a greater extent than any private school teacher does but frequent absence of these teachers from their teaching duties will be a common sight. Most of the school buildings in rural and tribal areas are in a worse_than_dilapidated condition and this endangers the lives of both the students and the teachers in those areas.

The government however still possesses whatever it takes to ensure a better education system in Pakistan by aggrandizing Education sector’s share in the annual budget. This money instead of giving away laptops can be brought into productive use by training the teachers, declaring education compulsory and free of cost, providing essential pre required schooling material like uniforms, books, stationary which will not only de escalate the burden off parents but will most certainly ensure more souped up school atmosphere.



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