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An anathema for the system:   In a recently held entry test for the Punjab medical colleges, even a student scoring 93 per cent marks in F.Sc failed to make it to any government-run institution offering instruction in medicine. The situation is alarming to
Fidel Castro Died: One of the greatest benefits of the revolution is that even our prostitutes are college graduates.:   “Here is a conclusion I’ve come to after many years: among all the errors we may have committed, the greatest of them all was that we believed that someone … actually knew how to build socialism… Whenever they
The untold story of Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy:   I know, I know the title is a bit cheesy but that’s all I can think of at the moment [ I probably would change it ] but it still conveys the essence of this post. I came
بلوچستان کی نصابی کتابوں میں تعصب اور امتیاز – عابد میر: پاکستان میں نصاب سازی کبھی بھی مقتدر حلقوں کے ہاں سنجیدہ موضوع نہیں رہی۔ قوموں کی تشکیل میں اہم کردار ادا کرنے والے اس جزو کو حب الوطنی کے تمغے رکھنے والے چند افراد کے حوالے کر کے فیصلہ
یونیورسٹیوں پر جنات کا قبضہ – ڈاکٹر پرویز ہود بھائی:   پچھلے ہفتے کومسیٹ انسٹی ٹیوٹ آف ٹیکنالوجی جو کہ پاکستان کی بڑی یونیورسٹیوں میں سے ایک ہے کہ اسلام آباد کیمپس کے شعبہ ہومینیٹیز کے زیر اہتمام ایک ورکشاپ ’’ جنات اور کالا جادو‘‘ کے نام سے منعقدہوئی۔
جعلی ڈگریاں – از فہمیدہ ریاض: یہ پرانی بات ہے لیکن جب ہم اسکول مین پڑھتے تھے تب سنا کرتے تھے کہ امریکی ڈگریوں کا کوی اعتبار نہیں ۔ وہاں جعلی ڈگریاں بیچی جاتی ہیں ۔اس زمانے کے بہت بعد تک ، اعلی تعلیم کے
The ‘halal’ curriculum – Murtaza Haider:   There is no limit to folly when ideology takes over. Radicalised middle-aged men will again determine the curriculum of primary schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). These men are not informed by training in early childhood education or children
ملالہ یوسف زئی – پاکستان میں فکری جدال – عامر حسینی:   بدھ دسمبر کی دس تاریخ کو اوسلو کے تاریخی ہال میں ملالہ یوسف زئی اور پرکاش ستھیارتھی نے امن کا عالمی ایوارڑ نوبل پرائز اکٹھے اور مشترکہ طور پر وصول کیا اور پاکستان کے لیے یقینی بات ہے
کیا صحیح نظریات کے لئے مغربی تھذیب سے سیکھنا ضروری ہے؟ – مبارک حیدر: میری راۓ میں صحیح نظریات صرف وہ ہیں جو ارتقا اور بقا کو بنیادی مقصد مانتے ہیں – اس سے سوال پیدا ہوگا کہ کس کا ارتقا اور کس کی بقا ؟ جس کا جواب یہ ہے کہ ساری
سندھ کے غیر حاضر اساتذہ اور تعلیم کی تباہی – حسن مجتبیٰ:   Source:
Wahabi/Deobandi ISIS bans philosophy, chemistry in Syria schools:   A terror organization that issues its own passports Editor’s note: The news that ISIL has banned philosophy as a subject at schools should not come as a surprise. Philosophy is also banned in Saudi Arabia under Wahabbism (a branch
Noam Chomsky: General Zia ul Haq and Saudi Arabia destroyed Pakistan’s public education – by Dr. Abbas Zaidi:   Pakistan’s right wing journalists and educated classes proudly claim that it was because of General Zia ul Haq that Pakistan’s top educational institutions like the Lahore Grammar School and Beacon House came into existence. The argument they give
‘Ripeness is all’: Surrender to Duty and Parenthood – by AZ: (Prologue:  Not long ago, my son and I were wandering around, looking for the signs of a spring that has been usurped by an unusually obstinate winter, and I remarked in response to something that all man’s efforts are
جب استاد درندہ بن جائے – از عامر حسینی: دو دن پہلے میرے شہر سے ایک تیرہ سال کا بچہ اس کے اسکول کے پرنسپل کی مدد سے ایک استاد نے اغواء کیا اور مظفر گڑه لے جاکر اسے زیادتی کرنے کے بعد بےدردی سے قتل کرڈالا اور
A humble request: ‘Unmask these men’: I’m writing an interview that I did way back in 2009 of a young girl who suffered terrible injuries from the International Islamic University blast on the 20th of October at 3:09 pm. Her words are pertinent even today.
The White Legend of Pakistan’s Creation – by A Z: PREFACE: So much has been written by much better people about the fallacy and inaccuracy of the history taught in Pakistan’s curricula that I can hardly add any dimension or wisdom to it. But let’s try and address the
Rational Thought And Religion – by A Z:   The religion often distrusts rational thought because of its inability to build the essence of religious or mystical experience into a conceptual framework. However, not only can rational thought accommodate the intuitive knowledge of metaphysical reality manifested by
Naik Parveen Syndrome – by Mariam Shafqat Goraya: Heard it a lot and often that Pakistani society is full off male chauvinists and it’s the women who usually quietly and unhappily bear the brunt of making daal chawal for the rest of their lives. But that’s a
What Perpetautes Low Income Mobility In Pakistan From Childhood? By A Z: Corruption? Nepotism? Lack of meritocracy? Low GDP growth? Yes, all of these and more. But in the final analysis two factors are more responsible for the widening gap between the rich and poor than anything else. These two factors
Education for all: Education is necessary for the children.Every child has right to get education.It is the basic need right and need of every child.Education enriches lives and is an economic necessity for any developing country. We need to modernise our education system
The Malala Issue – by Alizeh Khaleeli: The title I just typed saddens me, it grieves me that a symbol of courage and strength has become an “issue”. What is it with our conspiracy riddled nation that cannot for a moment, be joyous that a little
Failing, Failing, Failed? – by Saroop Ijaz: The writer is a lawyer and partner at Ijaz and Ijaz Co in Lahore “We are a failing state even if we are not a failed state yet” thus spoke Lieutenant General (retd) Ahmad Shuja Pasha while talking to
Why would we need a cause Malala Yusufzai is promoting ? – by Pakistani Meem: We are so advanced, that we are planning to start settling people on the moon before someone else does it. All this has been made possible due to the efforts of the Taliban who have always struggled for the
Next Taliban demands: separate schools for Non Muslims, Wahabis, Sunnis, Shias. – by Shahryar Khan: The writer is a student at Ohio Wesleyan University, currently working as an associate at Green Peak International Sports Management. He tweets @Shahryar92 Recently, a controversial statement was made by MNA Arif Alvi, who also happens to be the
Consequences of giving the Education Ministry to Jamaat-e-Islami in KP—by Shiraz Paracha: The decision by the PTI ‘s provincial government to give education ministry to Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) will have monumental negative effects on education and future generations.The Jamaat-e-Islamai is a non-electable party, yet it controls Pakistan. In fact, today’s Pakistan is
امتحان حال سے براہ راست – از شاہد شاہ: گریجویشن کے امتحانات سے ابھی فارغ ہی ہوا تھا،سوچا چند دن آرام ہی کرلوں،مگر میرے انتہائی قریبی دوست سے میرا چین برداشت نہ ہوا اور آ پہنچا ایک اور امتحان لے کر ،اس بار کا امتحان پہلے سے بہت
The white legend of Pakistan’s creation : teaching fake history to children – by A Z: PREFACE: So much has been written by much better people about the fallacy and inaccuracy of the history taught in Pakistan’s curricula that I can hardly add any dimension or wisdom to it. But let’s try and address the
Sow hate, reap terrorism: an appreciation of Shezad Roy’s courage – by A Z: I found it encouraging to see Pakistan’s famous singer, Shehzad Roy, talking publicly against the hate content in the country’s text books. The uproar against Mr Roy from the Islamist and the right wing lobbies, including political parties, is
Bleeding country – by Amjad Abbaj: Since we were kids ,our school book ,Islamic Studies full of Islamic brother hood teachings and Pakistan studies full of nationalism ,chauvinism and presenting Hindu as cunning creature whose only aim in life is to harm Muslims and he
Chal Parha – Shehzad Roy is going to secularize the education system of Pakistan – by Khurshid Khan: Editor’s note: Opinion is not in line with LUBP editorial board. However we respect the right to free speech and respect dissent. Few years back, when I was a school student and a good listener of music, I was a
Sectarian violence through English language teaching:     Sectarian Violence through English Language Teaching Study conducted in Sindh, Province of Pakistan Syed Waqar Ali Shah Bukhari BS Linguistics, University of Sindh Jamshoro January, 2013   Language, Ideology and Power Language is taken to be an
Manufacturing Zombies – by Waseem Altaf: Writing textbooks for students who are in a formative stage is serious business. Errors and omissions on part of the writers due to lethargy, ignorance, or self-complacency are pardonable and can be corrected. However when textbooks are written with
Congratulations to humanity: Malala rises like a phoenix: ‎”Which country am I in?”, first question Malala asked! Feel like replying “Honey you are in a country where every one has nothing but admiration and love for you! where you don’t get shot for liking Obama or Benazir
Malala Yousafzai: A child soldier in the war for Pakistan – by Sadanand Dhume: Fourteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai stood up for modernity. Few others do. It’s not every day that Barack Obama and Ban Ki-moon agree with the head of the Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami or an America-bashing Pakistani politician. But Tuesday’s Taliban attack on
Flaws hovering over Pakistan’s education system – by Tasbeeh Fayaz Ali: As characterized by a wise man, “Education is the third eye of a man”. This ‘third eye’ has been accentuated upon by the article 25-A of Constitution of Pakistan , which obligates the government to ensure quality and free education for in
Pak Studies for Dummies – by Ali Aftab Saeed: Hoodwinking history by being clever-and-a-half Student of Matric? Intermediate? Bachelors? Fear no more and rejoice, for your Pakistan Studies-related troubles are finally over. The following is for the benefit of people like you, who have gone through severe mental
Madrassa graduates and labour market mismatches -by Murtaza Haider: The proliferation of madrassa education in Pakistan has contributed to labour market mismatches. According to the Pakistan government’s own statistics in 2008 alone twice as many students were enrolled in the 12,500 madrassas than in the 124-odd universities. Given
US, India: Educational collaboration is a driving force in strategic dialogue: While US and India are collaborating and cooperating in every sector of the economy in making sure the human security requirements, on the contrary Pakistani establishment still adheres to its strategic narrative and ‘security state’policy. India and the United
An Islamic Predicament -by Eqbal Ahmed: Any historian of Islam would shudder at what passes in Pakistan for instruction in Islamic history. Some Years ago, I queried an M.A class in this subject at a major Pakistani university. None of the 25 odd students there
Is the youth in elite universities in Pakistan radical? – by Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa: Abstract This is a study of the socio-political attitudes amongst youth in elite universities in the three major cities in Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The primary objective was to see whether better education and access to resources made