How low can we go?

Ramzan is a time for introspection. Unfortunately it seems the citadel of Islam missed the opportunity for self introspection in this holy month.  From Hindu boy’s conversion to Islam stunt in Maya Khan show on national television to the poisoning of tea served to Christian nurses in Karachi, we have showed we are no longer willing to learn.

I came across this video  a few days ago of Geo news report  on Iftar party, the holier-than-thou commentary of a newscaster makes me sick:

“log baray fakhriya andaaz mai camera ku dekha dekha kar kha rahay ”

A fellow Blogger Naveed Ali Khan commented:

“They want to disrespect people at all levels, they want to tell us that we are animals, they want to make us believe that we are worthless insects with no sense of civilization. But they dont tell us that it is them who have made us behave like this, it is them who have saved everything, every necessity, every joy, every grain of food for themselves and left us with hunger and plunder, we are just showing you what you have made us, but the real animal resides in you whose hunger is never pacified .”



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