Why this Kolaveri Di? – by Ziyad Faisal

Having seen this being shared all over the internet, for the past few days, on my home-page feed, fine, lets talk about this. CHU CHU CHU, hear that? Its the truth-train coming to town…

To every semi-religious urban Punjabi middle-classiya boy who thinks this is a good comparison between a European country and Pakistan, here’s a fact-check:

a) Nicole Minetti is not, and was never, a minister for anything. She only ever held regional-level posts.

b) Firdous Ashiq Awan is an elected member of the national parliament, which means she won more votes than the number of brain-cells you possess. (think about it)

c) Nicole Minetti, the woman pictured there, is a show-girl who was picked by the perverted hypocritical, corrupt Berlusconi to be an eye-candy politician for the Lombardy region. If your favorite punching-bag Zardari were born 100 times, he could not be as corrupt as Berlusconi.

d) Even if your little fantasy about federal ministers with massive breast-implants were true, what’s the fucking point to this whole graphic? Do you expect your favorite military dictators or dumb-ass retired cricket-players to change the whole country simply by offering cosmetic surgery to existing ministers? Or maybe you have a list of porn-star electoral candidates who you’d rather vote for to replace Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and the others? If the latter is true, we have to call into question your whining about corruption and change and all that for the right-wing conservative shit that it is.

e) On the one hand, conservatives believe in chaader and chaar-deewari. On the other hand, they want to have eye-candy ministers to jerk off to. Why this kolaveri di? Hypocrisy?

A friend’s comment : 

Dr Awan resigned from Musharaf League when the dictator was in power. She went back to the people of pakistan, defeated right-hand man of General Musharaf (Speak of the National Assembly), one of the most imortant persons in his regime. Dr. Awan is a brave person who is a political worker and won an election based on her sheer hardwork and dedication to her constituency.



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