Wanjo Kanwaliyo Wanjo: Dedicated to Salman Taseer and Rimsha – Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Wanjo Kanwaliyo Wanjo

O Koels! Go tell my loved ones,

I am still living and fighting.

Obstacles are high in front,

Even the higher walls confront.


I stand on four limbs and fight,

I fight, fight and fight.

Disintegrating like petals in storm,

I keep fighting on.


Facing assaults and attacks,

I look around,

Fitna and bigots abound,

No comrade found.

Fighting whether barren or barn,

I whirl and swirl,

Give bigots, fire of hell.


Keeping alive,

Clamor and the combat,

I fight and attack,

Turn and fight back.


I keep falling, but fight is on,

I may be fallen, but not down yet.


O’ Koels! go and tell my loved ones,

Fight is still on,

Sun is not set,

Time is not over; yet.

They can still join. And,

Die for the Motherland.


Or At least tell,

Where they have “died”?

They are still my love and life.

Shaikh Ayaz


(Not a literal translation)


Dr. Zulfiqar Ali







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