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Challenging Pakistan’s blasphemy laws takes courage — by Nasir Saeed: It is very unfortunate that during his recent visit to the UK Paul Bhatti said Pakistan’s blasphemy laws were not a problem. Bhatti is the brother of the late Shahbaz Bhatti, the heroic Pakistani minorities’ minister who was tragically
Rimsha Masih’s story is just one part of a much larger and more dangerous drama: Until the Canada Day weekend, it was a closely-guarded secret in Ontario’s Pakistani émigré community that Rimsha Masih, the Christian girl whose entrapment in Pakistan’s barbaric blasphemy laws captured headlines around the world last year, was living incognito with
Welcome to Canada, Rimsha Masih!: Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians, Shias, Ahmadis and other religious sectarian minorities. Pakistani Christians are being persecuted for years in Pakistan; their human rights are badly violated in this country. They
Follow-up: A protest rally against Paul Bhatti: “We have become aware that APMA arranged fund raising events in different countries for their rehabilitation, but has failed to deliver any assistance to us. We want the whole world to know!” A report from Shamim Masih in Lahore
Displaced families of Rimsha case demand resignation of Dr. Paul Bhatti: Our suffering community of displaced families are in an extreme sad situation without food and shelter, wandering on Islamabad roads and nearby jungle to save their lives while Dr. Paul Bhatti, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Harmony, is
Wanjo Kanwaliyo Wanjo: Dedicated to Salman Taseer and Rimsha – Dr. Zulfiqar Ali: Wanjo Kanwaliyo Wanjo O Koels! Go tell my loved ones, I am still living and fighting. Obstacles are high in front, Even the higher walls confront. j I stand on four limbs and fight, I fight, fight and fight.
When will Dr. Paul Bhatti use Shahbaz Bhatti Memorial Trust Funds? – by Agnes F Massey: Last week I circulated about Conference of Geneva Convention & Rimshah Masih which is the burning topic of the day for the whole world. It is a good news for our suffering community that Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Chairman Ullma
PPP scholars wing condemns Rimsha’s arrest: The PPP Scholars Wing strongly condemns and denounces the arrest and subsequent prosecution of Rimsha, the 11 years old minor Christian girl believed to have Down’s syndrome (a genetic disability limiting cognitive abilities) as a blasphemy suspect. This was