When I heard that Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated – by Saria Benazir

The 27th afternoon of December 2007 – a catastrophic episode – scarlet was the firmament – crimson was the boulevard – and a Bhutto’s blood……….vanished there the underlying anticipate of an autonomous Pakistan …………a calamity!!! O No!!!!!

The horizon was roofed with red, green and black flags of democracy …… Universe witnessed another Karbala in Pakistan…..war of right , against prejudice , totalitarianism and the tenets adjacent to the edicts of the Initiator.

The daughter of a martyred father, the sister of martyred brothers – Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto amidst her cohorts – thousands of her countrymen in the blood thirsty terrain of Pakistan – elevated her voice for the people of her homeland, .It was in the same land, where laid the blood of her father Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who gave up his life in his struggle to make Pakistan one of the strongest nations of the world and this day , his daughter Benazir Bhutto was standing to prolong with the same resist and shield this soil from falling into the clutches of the dictators_ her lexis , crammed with audacity and optimism – a pledge of an innovative and affluent Pakistan….a crack of dawn after protracted years of melancholy and dusk. The world echoed with the sound of “Jeay Bhutto” – the slogan of democrats.

Benazir Bhutto – who was looking as graceful that day as ever – the hope on her face was as immense as ever – the way, she spoke, as she knew that her land was begging her for blood & she had accepted that willingly – the way she waved all – as she was leaving them forever & stood surrounded by her people for the very last time……The world yearned for her, her supporters were eager to protect her at the cost of their own lives. The destiny was quite diverse………..

As soon as the clock reached 5:52 pm , the sky became as red as was it on the day of Karbala , the mountains were bending , as if they were paying homage to her – the voice of the bullets ….a blast …..

O GOD!!!What’s this???? “MY LORD!!! I BEG YOU!!!MY LEADER!!!MY LEADER!!!MY BENAZIR BHUTTO!!!O NO!!!NO!!!I CAN’T BELIEVE!!!I CAN’T!!!I’D NEVER!!!!!” cried me, as I heard that Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated……..

my world, that laid with her, my every heart beat, that was associated with her had left the world , just in the split of a second! For a while, everything seemed to be wrapped in gloom and anxiety…My leader had left the world, but that was all, I could never accept. Her huge sea of supporters, the people of Pakistan, who had lost their last hope – Benazir Bhutto, thought no other reason to survive. The Daughter of Destiny had added her blood to the huge sea of Bhutto’s blood filled legacy.

That Thursday – those moments …. Too unforgettable!!!!SADA JEAY BHUTTO……..Bibi…who was waving her followers _ for those were her last flashes …last breaths….My eyes start glistening with tears, the instant, she laid down her life for Pakistan, fighting for the underprivileged, redundant, hunger stricken, cloth less and shelter less people of Pakistan….

That day left indelible marks not only in the annals of Pakistan’s history, but in the narrations of the entire world. That night, when Pakistan had gone into night for ever…….and her funeral…that took away all the wishes, but NAY!!!

That wasn’t just mere truth , but one of the greatest fact……She wasn’t buried under the mud , but under flower beds…..She wasn’t dead , but got an immortal life – that life which is never to end…..She has become the undisputed voice of democracy , of the poor , of the down in the dumps – anywhere in the world! Her democratic thrash about has become a role model for the entire world. She is indeed, a dazzling star on the horizon of the world of democracy.

The history of Pakistan Peoples Party and the Bhutto family is a long myth of struggle and sacrifices. Either it is the Rawalpindi Central Jail or the Liaqat Bagh, PPP has always stood first in struggle for a democratic system. Whatever the situations may be, wherever the world may go, the sacrifices of the Bhutto family would always be remembered.

Those murders – that blood may apparently seem to be a triumph for the dictators , but it is the martyrs for the sake of democracy , who are the real victors – The Karbala takes place in every era , in every part of the world , where the high caliber is concealed & the malevolence reaches its climax , where the family of Ali laid down its life ……got their heads cut off as an alternative of bowing them in front of the will of the tyrant , and here in Pakistan , the Bhutto family gave their blood for strengthening their country….Adding their blood to the garden , which requires it to gain back the life of the flowers in it………

The world has not forgotten , nature has not denied the very great monuments of December 27 , 2007 , when Benazir Bhutto Shaheed gave her life , saving democracy. The words of Benazir Bhutto have specified a new gist, added a new manifesto to the Bhutto bequest that “MARTYRDOM IS OUR DESTINATION”.

“Yeh baazi khoon ki baazi hay,
Yai baazi tum hi haro gay,
Har ghar say Bhutto niklay gaa,
Tum kitnay Bhutto maro gay.”