Remembering Shaheed Benazir Bhutto

Contributed by: Ahsan Abbas Shah

اُداس رات کے سینے سے ایک چیخ اُٹھی
زمین کانپ گئی آسمان لرز گیا

عجیب رات تھی زُلفی ، کہ جِس کی پہلی کِرن
تمام شہر کے سینے میں درد گھول گئی

چمن میں پھُول پہ شبنم بھی خُون روتی تھی
عجیب کَرب تھا – ہر آنکھ اَشکبار مِلی

کُچھ ایسا رنگ تھا جیسے عزاء کے موسم میں
ہر ایک دست بہ سینہ ہر ایک نوحہ بَلب
تمام مُلک کی صورت ہی سوگوار ملی۔

تُو باپ بڑی کی بیٹی تھی سو کام بڑا ہی کرنا تھا
یہ موت نصیب سے ملتی ہے ویسے بھی اِک دِن مرنا تھا

گر بھٹو زندہ ہے اِب تک ، تُو بھی تو زندہ باد ہوئی
بابا کی پنکی ، پنکھ لگا، جنت میں جا آباد ہوئی

رنگ لائے گا یہ خونِ زینبّ ، ظُلمت کا رنگ اُترنا تھا
یہ موت نصیب سے ملتی ہے ویسے بھی اِک دِن مرنا تھا

6 responses to “Remembering Shaheed Benazir Bhutto”

  1. Like her illustrious father she was a true Hussaini. Therefore she lives on just like her beloved Imam (AS).

  2. Like her illustrious father she was a true Hussaini. Therefore she lives on just like her beloved Imam (AS).
    An amazing and brave women in the den of bloodthirsty generals and their civilian poodles.

  3. dartay hai banduku walay aik nihati larki sai
    phelay hai himat kai ujala aik nihati larki sai

    daray huwa hai maray huwa hai larzida larzida hai
    mullah,tajir,general,jiayala ,ik nihati larki sai

    azadi ki baat na kar logo sai na mil ,yeah kehtay hai
    bi hiss ,zalim dil kai kalay aik nihati larkay sai

    dekh kar is surat ko jalib,sari duniya hasti hai
    balwano kay paray hai paray ek nihati larki sai

  4. I Feel very Emotional Coming Back to My Country. I’ ve Dream Of This Day For So Many Months & Years, I Counted THe Hours, The Minutes & The Seconds Just To See this Land, To See The Grass, To See The Sky.

    Shaheed Banazir Bhutto (18 October 2007 on Arrival at Karachi Airport)

    I Put my life in dANGER & cAME Here B’coz i Feel This Country is In Danger.

    Shaheed Benazir Bhutto

    Mohtramma WE MISS U.

    You Will Be Always Remain in Our Heart.


  5. Benazir Bhutto and Karbala
    I remember a poem by a famous Pakistani poet on dismissal of first PPP govt by Ghulam Ishaq khan.
    A maid of Karbala is
    surrounded by conspirators,
    Oh god, Oh messenger
    Benazir is not guilty.
    Benazir herself linked her tragedies with the ultimate tragedy of Karbala. She found comfort in the fact she shared a bond with sacred sorrowers.her books, her speeches,
    her interviews are full of these references. She was proud of this fact that she stood up
    against the tyrant like house of prophet (peace be upon him).
    The judicial murder of her father made her an embodiment of Sakina.the killings of her brothers
    bestowed upon her the courage of Zainab.The path of Karbala is strewn with flowers of sorrow and suffering. She followed that path, she suffered. She defied tyrants, she was imprisoned, tortured, exiled and murdered. She sacrificed in every possible human way.
    She, like Hussein, fought against usurpers, terrorist and powerful tyrants bravely.
    Hussein was labeled rebel by tyrants.Benezir was projected as security risk. Hussein was
    accused of fighting for personal ambitions, not for truth. So was Benazir.
    Hassan negotiated with a tyrant for peace.Benezir negotiated with a tyrant for peaceful
    transition to democracy. She was portrayed as a demon of corruption. But at the end, democracy won. Her critics should be thankful that their voice is consequence of her
    diplomatic skills and personal sacrifice. These critics are using this freedom to malign her
    achievements but this is how democracy works. People have this right of expressing their view, no matter, how absurd and abominal.
    Benazir had the shortcoming of a consensus builder. She was ready to negotiate with anybody. Some people think that it was a mistake. I think she was right, because well
    entrenched vested interests leave their grip on power gradually but they do. Her enemies
    knew what she had done to them. They killed her in frustration. She has set a process of
    peaceful democracy. She is gone. This process will not go.
    This gradual withdrawal of army and its beneficiaries is very necessary. It will save country from breaking. It will prevent genocide. It will condemn terrorists to inglorious defeats.
    Because it has exposed them to public for what they are. Their grand ambitions of transforming this region into a Sharia state have faltered. It is our misfortune that whenever
    a seasoned politician turns into an international statesperson, they killed him/her. Rajiv, Benazir, Massoud and Bhutto are contemporary examples.
    However, battle for democracy is not lost. Afghanistan is struggling for democracy, Pakistan is struggling for a stable democracy and India has done better than both.
    They will never assassinate Nawaz Sharif until he sees the light. Seeing light is not
    good for personal safety because it leads you to Karbala, gallows and Liaqat Bagh.
    But it is good for community life. One wise person creates so many lighthouses.Benezir
    lived an optimistic life, she passed her optimism to masses. This optimism will restructure
    our society. I do not know who would do it but names are not important. The spirit
    Of Benazir would watch over us whenever we managed to run a democratic Pakistan, a
    proud Pakistan and a mother – like Pakistan.