Enclosed in my heart – by Saria Benazir

Enclosed in my heart,
Are a few words?
Not merely words,
Some true,
Not merely true,
But accepted facts,
I try to unwrap that,
But those words,
Do never hold up the thoughts,
As do the words for that,
Exist not at all,
I explore them all around,
I look for that beloved one all about,
In thick woods,
In lofty mountains,
In deep seas,
In far reaching skies,
I glance at a way,

A way in the canopy,
The canopy of heavens,
The way, I saw,
Leading to high doors,
The door of paradise,
I still kept on looking,
My eyes catch sight…………….

Of all, I’d never imagined,
Never ever had thought to see,
Or witness the view of that beloved one,
After a dark Thursday afternoon,
Gosh!!! Was it a marvel…..???

Or was it my reverie,
Being irresolute, I retreated,
But that was all temporary,
O! NO! Heaven wanted me know that,
Ah!!! That was a blessing,
Someone was holding me,
Stopping me from moving further,
Into more anxiety or depression,

For all that wanted,
That wasn’t aggravation,
I turned back,
I heard a voice,
Full of bliss, rather optimism,
Aw!!! Still, I believe,
It’s not that envious,
Is it……???

“Saria….I am alive”.
My legacy is still,
Whatever you have to pursue,
My vision is what,
That has become your mission,
My dreams are what,
Today stand your aims,
Scrutinize the eyes of Aseefa,
Aw!!Contemplate over the words of Bakhtawar,
Have a view over the traits of Bilawal,
Once for a while,

Heaven gave me a great pleasure,
Too pleasurable to ignore,
“In the voice of my countrymen,
I’m still alive”.
“My beloved sons & daughters,
The hope of democracy,
The future of your country,
You’d have to……..,
Carry my bequest
Accomplish my apparition,
And never let my blood,
The blood of a martyr go desecrate….”

Thereby, shouted me,
My beloved leader is still alive…
Aw!!! She is still the ruler of hearts & minds.

dedicated to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto on her second death anniversary.