PPP Leadership, Workers and the LUBP – Guest post by Naseer Ahmed (Destiny)

Supporters of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) participate in an election campaign in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan on Feb. 16, 2008. (Xinhua Photo)

PPP has a long history of a long lasting beautiful relationship with its workers. Its leadership did not forget, for a moment that its workers and people have primary importance. This is the reason behind slogans “Long Live Bhutto” and “Benazir Shall Rule”.

PPP leadership promoted liberal elements in every dimension of Pakistani cultural life. Poets wrote eulogies for their leaders, singers composed lovely songs for Bhuttos of Pakistan. Liberals, despite all disappointments, thought PPP leadership have got what it takes to combat narrow-mindedness, strategic depth mafia and violence loving mullahs. Majority of public, likewise always thought that PPP leadership has the capability of solving problems of food, shelter, justice and dignity.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had no elitist pretensions of sharing food with a poor desert dweller (Qayyum Nizami). Benazir sent a street hawker to pilgrimage (Nahid Khan). This humanity, this bonding with the downtrodden, this love affair with the deprived is the main reason behind PPP success story.

Bhuttos and other PPP leaders like Aitzaz and Zardari resisted tyranny bravely with the support of public. Zia, Musharref, Nawaz Sharif, mullahs, and ISI could not kill PPP because people knew that PPP leadership suffered for them.

This love affair is under threat these days. Because, leadership has ignored people of Pakistan and party workers.

This excellent blog LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan) is an example. PPP opponent journalists (e.g. Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Irfan Siddiqui etc) are propagating against the bloggers of this website. PPP leaders (e.g. Nabeel Gabol) attempt to distance themselves from this website. No minister, no leader is contributing for this blog apart from a few official messages from Asif Zardari.

Ironically, PPP has no newspaper and TV channel to speak for them. This website provides an opportunity to PPP supporters to present their message. However, we do not get a single message from party leadership to encourage these bloggers. This is callousness; nobody would expect this neglecting from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto.

The cowards like Fauzia Wahhab, Samsam Bukhari and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf have preoccupied them with attempting to build a good personal image. They, no longer, defend PPP with good arguments. This website is doing their job. They do not send their messages to this website.

Lucky for PPP because its workers and supporters derive their courage of defiance from its martyred leaders and workers. Otherwise, these supporters would not bother to defend a party of people.

Problem lies in the fact, if people began to feel that these leaders no longer imbibe the spirit of PPP, these pretenders of Bhutto spirit would find their place where sun does not shine. I think PPP needs a strong injection of modernity when it comes to its media strategy. I shall write about it later on.

I hope this website (LUBP) would start getting some original contributions from party leadership sooner than I expect. PPP leadership were persecuted but they did not break its ties with its workers, supporters and people of Pakistan. Their message of optimism was very loud and clear. That message of better life has found its place in people’s heart. These whispering apologists must start mending their bonds with people or get ready for the dustbin of history.



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