Shameful statement by Balochistan Chief Minister

This Baloch Hal Editorial discusses the shameful statement made by Chief Minister Raisani regarding the missing persons of Balochistan:

Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani, the chief minister, astounded everyone in Khuzdar during a press-talk by saying that most of the missing persons had “deliberately gone underground to malign the country’s intelligence agencies”.

PPP supporters who are concerned about the rights of the missing persons of Balochistan must speak out against this shameful statement made by a PPP leader. This is especially important since President Zardari has made a historic apology to the people of Balochistan for atrocities committed against them by the army. PM Gillani has also announced the verified list of 992 missing persons from the province. Therefore the Chief Minister’s shameful statement is directly contradicting the government’s policy towards Balochistan.



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