Please join the “Save democracy, stop conspiracy” rally in Lahore

The ongoing media campaign to malign President Asif Ali Zardari is an unwelcome and indeed dangerous blow to Pakistan’s democracy. One does not have to be a PPP or Asif Zardari supporter to realize the folly in this onslaught.

Of course we want accountability, and condemn corruption. What we should be asking for is more democracy and transparency within the party.

Anti-Zardari propaganda in the media seems to serve no purpose other than mud-slinging at a democratically-elected government. What is the alternative they are offering? A military dictatorship?

Give democracy a chance. Let Zardari finish his innings. Have faith in the Pakistani people to elect a better, more credible President the next time around. Pakistan is faced with multiple crises and what we need in these troubled times is some semblance of normalcy.

The only way we can achieve that is by working along democratic lines. It was a long and hard struggle to get rid of the last dictatorship. Let’s make sure that no General ever again takes the reigns of this country in his hands. We must continue to raise our voice against corruption and injustice, but remember that democracy is the only way forward.

Please join us in a peaceful rally

Save democracy stop conspiracy
On 30th December, Wednesday
2pm at GPO Chowk, The Mall

Please spread this message.

Thank you

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Best Regards,
Ale Natiq



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