The Politics of self righteousness and the Economics of divine sounding hogwash: How Jamaat e Islami has infiltrated deep into the psyche of educated Pakistan

Where does one begin?

Well, Pakistan’s Judiciary is the prime example. They have proven to be handmaidens for various Bonapartist Generals, their stooges (first Nawaz and now Imran), for Takfiri Jihadis and for all sorts of vested interests.

One has to look long and hard before finding any decision that can be held up with honour and that conveys any decency or integrity.

A defining moment for this judiciary was the much hyped but deeply compromised and ISI-driven “lawyer’s movement”. From that point onwards, Pakistan’s judiciary went from being compromised to degenerate.

The lawyer’s movement, supported by life time thugs and crooks like ISI generals Hamid Gul and career backstabbing bureaucrat, Roedad Khan, was actually a project to derail the Transition to Democracy. DC and Riyadh backed this movement of boutique leftists and Sipah e Sahaba. The international establishment did not want their former protege (Musharaf) to be replaced by a potentially strong and stable PPP government under Benazir.

We know the tragic consequences of this pathetic movement and its nauseating self righteous ness. We saw how a PPP prime minister was convicted and dismissed for NOT writing a letter and FOR protecting Pakistan’s Constitution.

We saw how how differently a Saudi stooge like Nawaz Sharif was gently removed via a weak decision that could easily be overruled if he decided to play along – as he did for most of 1981-2017.

If history is any indication, the same Nawaz Sharif or Maryam Nawaz will likely be provided another chance by this same judiciary.

The current flavour is of course the PTI. And the current target of the judiciary is against the disenfranchised stall owners of Sindh. Of course this judiciary lacks the guts or the moral spine to take on elite and vested interests which is why elite encroachments of the Musharaf era remain largely untouched. So do the scores of Takfiri (Deobandi) mosques constructed on illegally occupied public parks. So do the residences of retired judges that have encroached entire lanes of public thoroughfares.

One wonders what security these judges require? It’s not as though they are known for taking a tough decision. Justice Baqar is one of the last decent judges left.

In no other country on the planet does a judiciary conduct itself as a Jamaatiya political party which selectively acts against poor stall owners and scuttles the PPP Sindh government’s initiatives on education and commerce. In no other country does a judiciary act as a fund raising body for projects designed in the 1960s.

Have they ever heard of the more financially and environmentally effective water reservoirs??

Obviously not. Intellectual curiosity is not the hallmark of these Jamaatiya judges. Unfortunately, this psyche of smug self righteousness is embedded deep in the Pakistan urban bourgeoisie.

Where failed actors posing as political commentators gave us their stupid and ill informed views of the 1960s Ayubian dictatorship. This one clip in particular where the typically constipated host has an orgasm about the Ayub dictatorship is particularly sickening.

Please share in the comments section as I am unable to locate the clip. But this clip deserves a thorough comeuppance for the sheer magnitude of its stupidity combined with the host’s dishonesty.



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