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#TrumpMustGo: Trump Regime loses legitimacy in the light of Madonna’s Revolution: Question: Should another country therefore have the right to intervene in the U.S.? Considering the history of US foreign policy when it comes to intervening in foreign countries to overthrow governments, we need to ask ourselves this question: do
Bomb Blast in Parachinar market by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists kills 25 Shias, wounds 45 others:   As Shia Pashtuns of Parachinar suffer yet another tragedy, Pakistan’s mainstream media continues to obfuscate, while its neoliberal elites continue to ignore the ongoing Shia Genocide. Here are some views from alternate social media that highlight both the
The Atlantic’s Petty Mudslinging against Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: By publishing “The GOP’s Favourite Democrat Goes to Syria”, The Atlantic does both itself and the cause of liberal progressiveness, a major disservice. The article is rife with petty digs, crucial omissions and weak analogies. In its desperation to
Rejoinder to those making False Moral Equivalence between Lahore Blasts on Easter Sunday vs Islamabad protests: We are disappointed but not surprised to see some typical false moral comparisons following our explicit, unequivocal and clear condemnation of the horrific Lahore blasts on Easter Sunday. Some people were taking the typical populist positions of equating the
Lahore Attack: Pakistan Cannot Ignore Interconnected Deobandi Terror Nexus Who Continue To Murder Our Children: Today’s tragic attacks by the Deobandi terrorist group, TTP/Jamaat ul Ahrar once again highlight the core issues regarding terrorism in Pakistan. In 2011, this article about a University of Pennsylvania study highlighted that more than 90% of terrorism in
What made Shahbaz Taseer’s release possible: Shahbaz Taseer’s release was made possible due to payment of a hefty sum of Rs2 billion to radical Deobandi outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, an affiliate of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The mediatory role was played by Javed Ibrahim Paracha, a local
Tahir Ashrafi opposes vital clauses in the Women’s Protection Bill: Tahir Ashrafi, the Deobandi “scholar”, is the gift that keeps on giving. Often used by lifestyle liberals for their selective causes, Tahir Ashrafi does not take long to expose the hypocrisy of selective activism. Just a day after supposedly
Double standards in the reaction to the hanging of Malik Mumtaz Hussain, the cowardly murderer of Salman Taseer: Lets get one thing clear. Mumtaz Hussain aka Mumtaz Qadri, the PML N- Punjab government appointed security guard, who cowardly murdered the unarmed brave Governor Taseer, deserved to be hanged. There can be no ifs and buts about this.
PIA labour leaders were killed by none else than the pro-Taliban Saudi Stooge PM Nawaz Sharif: While labour union activists belonging to PIA were protesting against the shady privatisation deal of the country’s air line company, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was misusing the Rangers and security agencies to murder them. Since the success of the
Why is the PML N government abandoning civil society against notorious Lal Masjid terrorists: While some civil society activists have taken a brave and clear stance against the notorious, ISIS-affiliated Lal Masjid mullahs, where is the PML N government? Why is the PML N government allowing Pro Taliban ministers such as Chaudhry Nisar
Saudi sponsored Deobandi terrorists massacre Pakistani university students in Charsadda:   Saudi sponsored, Deobandi terrorists from the Taliban slaughter dozens of Pakistani university students while “liberal” “intelligentsia” still regurgitating the dishonest Iran = Saudi binary. In January 2016, Saudi-financed and ISIS-affiliated Takfiri Deobandi Taliban terrorists have already conducted bomb
Deobandi militants of Jaish-e-Mohammad involved in terrorist attack on Indian Airforce Base: In a developing story, Deobandi terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammad are involved in a terrorist attack on an Indian airforce base. This act of terrorism by the takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Jaish highlight the dangers of a terrorist nexus of connected
Balanced report on Pakistan’s war against Takfiri Deobandi militants: Sameer Lalwani’s recent report on Pakistan’s slow (and as yet incomplete) turn away from radical Deobandi militancy for Foreign Policy  (FP) is reasonably balanced.  However, much more needs to be done.  It seems that the PML N government opposes some
Why General Raheel Sharif should stay on as COAS: Five Major Reasons by Dr. Talib Rizvi: Editor’s note: We welcome this guest post by Dr. Talib Rizvi. While one can certainly laud the current COAS General Raheel Sharif for his clear discourse against terrorism and his expanding operations against the Taliban, one must also highlight
The Deobandi Pashtuns and the Taliban victory in Kunduz: A view from India – by Rahul Sharma: There are a lot of commentaries on Kunduz, of how Taliban managed to strike in far north east of the country and managed to hold on for two days, until they were evicted and pushed out. The missing element
The Ahmadi mosque fire in London and the role of Pakistan’s Deobandi hate cleric Tahir Ashrafi: The Morden mosque fire highlights the growing radicalization amongst British muslims belonging to Deobandi and Salafi muslim sects. In this regard, notorious Deobandi cleric, Tahir Ashrafi and his brother have a public record for inciting hatred against not just
Pakistan’s social media commentators weigh in on Hussain Haqqani’s oblique opposition to the US-Iran nuclear deal:   LUBP’s complete tag of articles on Husain Haqqani         LUBP’s complete tag of articles on Husain Haqqani      LUBP’s complete tag of articles on Husain Haqqani     As per the Huff post article,
AFP’s pathetic and one-sided “report” on anti-Taliban cleric Tahir ul Qadri: In a recent report, AFP not only (deliberately) omitted the crucial context that formed the background of Allama Tahir ul Qadri’s protests – they also used disgraced and controversial anti-Ahmadi hate mongers like Tahir Ashrafi as their sources. This
The murder of Ghulam Abbas highlights the power of Takfiri terrorists who murdered Sabeen Mahmud: Ghulam Abbas, the main eye witnesses of the brutal and callous murder of Sabeen Mahmud by takfiri terrorist, Saad Aziz Deobandi, was murdered in Karachi yesterday. As the main eye witness and the person who drove the Sabeen and
How the Friday Times blog subtly absolves the anti-Ahmadi hate cleric who enabled Malik Ishaq’s Shia Genocide: In a typically wishy washy report, Sectarian threat looms large in south Punjab (TFT issue: August 21 2015) on the threat posed by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist outfits like ASWJ-LeJ, the Friday Times blog once again displayed poor taste in providing a
How the Pakistani “Left” obfuscates Shia Genocide: Nadeem F. Paracha’s article “Smokers’ Corner: The fateful split” (August 9th, 2015) rehashes the same selective and apologist drivel that sections of the Pakistani “left” misuse to obfuscate Shia Genocide in Pakistan.  These “leftists” use the same discredited discourse
LUBP bids farewell to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show – by Ali Abbas Taj: For over 16 years, world renowned comic, satirist and social commentator, Jon Stewart has entertained, informed and inspired countless numbers of us to challenge the official narrative. Individuals like Jon Stewart and those whom he sponsored like Stephen Colbert
Pakistan’s commercial (Ashrafi) liberals condole over the death of globally designated terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi: Pakistan’s commercial, elitist or Ashrafi liberals condole over the death of globally designated terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi. They might have felt better if US Navy seals had done the job like they did with Osama bin Laden. Many of
PCO Judiciary and Imran Khan’s political immaturity legitimize PML N’s 2013 election rigging: Inspite of overwhelming circumstance to the contrary, Imran Khan and his PTI continued to place their trust in a compromised judiciary. This week’s Judicial Commission report absolving PML N and its media, judicial and Taliban allies of rigging once
Incorrect framing and glaring omissions at core of Bina Shah’s problematic analysis on Sufism: While Bina Shah highlights the Deobandi-dominated roots of religious extremism in Pakistan, her article Sufism won’t solve Pakistan’s problems is both flawed and problematic on several counts. Unlike many others, at least she maintains an intellectual integrity in pointing out the
Saudi Arabia’s draconian punishment of Zaid Hamid being celebrated by some Pakistani “liberals”!: Reports that Zaid Hamid was sentenced by the Saudi authorities  for being critical of their regime should have been met with loud protests in Pakistan – especially by the liberal champions.  After all, Saudi Arabia is probably the most
Evidence of threats and harassment: Ale Natiq and Ali Arqam of Beena-Ashrafi lobby seek ASWJ’s help to eliminate Shia and Sunni Sufi bloggers: It is now evident that the Ashrafi-brand liberals (also known as commercial or fake liberals) are using their wannabe frontmen to seek Takfiri Deobandi militants’ help in tracing and eliminating independent Shia and Sunni Sufi bloggers and their vulnerable
Arif Jamal’s deflection tactics to exonerate Takfiri Deobandi terrorists: In his article in Herald magazine (24 June 2015), Arif Jamal has dishonesty and wrongly tried to suggest that Deobandi militancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan is led by Salafis which is a blatant lie and a shameful attempt to
Ale Natiq and the commercial liberal mafiosos: Price of entering mainstream media: Whether it is Ale Natiq or Hamza Baloch (the apologists of Ilmana Fasih Deobandi, the abuser of Imam Ali and Hazrat Fatima), their goal is the same, to please the Commercial Liberal Mafiosos. Nothing gives these apologists of Takfiri
LUBP Editorial: Massive heatwave casualties in Karachi call for a National Emergency: “According to latest hospital and rescue services reports, the number of deaths caused by Karachi’s extreme heatwave have risen to as high as 700. “The number of people who have died in the heatwave has now reached 692,” said
Anatomy of an obfuscation – Faisal Devji’s glaring omissions on Safoora Massacre of Shia Ismailis by Deobandi ASWJ: There are some glaring omissions in Faisal Devji’s The Anatomy of a Massacre ; the most important of which is where the author does not even once mention the common Deobandi identity of ISIS-affiliated, interconnected groups like ASWJ-LeJ/Jundullah/Taliban that
Call for action in the aftermath of the Ismaili massacre in Karachi – by Mohammadaly Virjee (Dar es Salaam): While we migrated from Karachi to Tanzania in 1978, I could never forget the city. The bustle of Karachi’s Bohri Bazaar and Empress Market are a sharp contrast to Darajani Market. Pemba Island while beautiful just does not possess the
Civil society activist Sabeen Mahmud’s cowardly murder in Karachi: Prominent civil society activist, Sabeen Mahmud was murdered on the streets of Karachi. This was on the same day when banned Salafi and Deobandi terrorist groups JuD and ASWJ-LeJ took out pro-Saudi rallies in Karachi. The cowardly targeting of
Biased UN resolution against Houthis is a green signal for Salafi Saudis to conduct the genocide of Sunnis and Shias in Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s aggression against Yemen has taken a heavy humanitarian toll that is being ignored by the global media. In nearly a month of indiscriminate bombing, thousands of innocent lives have been lost including hundreds of women and children. Organisations
Jamaat-e-Islami collaborator executed in Bangladesh: Pakistan is all too familiar with the crimes against humanity by religious extremists. Close to 70,000 Pakistanis have been killed by ISIS-affiliated and inter-connected  Takfiri Deobandi groups like ASWJ-LeJ, Taliban, Jundullah and Jamaat ul Ahrar. Aside from a section
Terror attacks on Shias, Sunni and Christians by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist groups is to pressure Army to stop military operation and halt executions: In an earlier statement, the Taliban-apologist and Pro-Al Qaeda PML N government sounded more like an advocate for ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist groups like ASWJ-LeJ when it stated “The government on Wednesday said the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is involved in the
Ahle Liberal Wal Jamaat echo ASWJ-LeJ in obfuscating Shia Genocide:     In Pakistan, when Shias are killed, Pakistan’s Sufyani Liberals or Ahle Liberal Wal Jamaat curiously echo the line of ISIS affiliated banned Deobandi Group Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and blame the Shias for their fate. In this,
Ibrahim Paracha, #ShiaGenocide and #DeobandiTerrorism in Peshawar: Related Article:  Let’s slam Imran Khan but stay mute on Nawaz Sharif and Gen Kayani’s love affair with Taliban As Shia Genocide continues unabated in Pakistan, the State continues to do nothing.  The latest tragedy in Peshawar reminds us
Shame: PPP Sindh Government arrests peaceful anti-ASWJ protestors: Shame: PPP Sindh Government arrests anti-ASWJ protestors A growing protest by sections of civil society against Deobandi terror organization ASWJ-LeJ has typically been sidelined in Pakistan’s media. Two days ago, the PPP-led Sindh Government representative Sharmila Farooqi had assured
Shia Genocide continues as “Human Rights activist” Asma Jahangir backs Pro Taliban Judiciary: Shia genocide: 23 killed, 50 injured in Shikarpur imambargah blast The continuing massacres of Shias all over Pakistan by Deobandi terrorist group and ISIS affiliate, ASWJ-LeJ highlights the complicity of Pakistan’s pro Taliban judiciary as well as those activists