Saudi sponsored Deobandi terrorists massacre Pakistani university students in Charsadda



Saudi sponsored, Deobandi terrorists from the Taliban slaughter dozens of Pakistani university students while “liberal” “intelligentsia” still regurgitating the dishonest Iran = Saudi binary.

In January 2016, Saudi-financed and ISIS-affiliated Takfiri Deobandi Taliban terrorists have already conducted bomb attacks on security forces and polio workers And now university students.

Meanwhile the media continues to hide and obfuscate the specific common denominator – Deobandi – of these terrorist attacks as well as over 90% of all terrorist attacks in Pakistan. In January 2016, the majority of victims of‪#‎DeobandiTerrorism‬ ‪#‎TakfiriViolence‬ are Sunni Muslims which destroys the dishonest and obfuscations of those who perpetuate the dishonest “Sunni vs Shia binary in Pakistan.

The Takfiri Deobandi terrorists who perpetrated the APS school massacre just a year ago have already boasted and taken responsibility for the massacre today at Charsadda.

Pakistan can no longer afford selective activism and needs to:

1. Immediately arrest ISIS-affiliated Deobandi Cleric Abdul Aziz. Just yesterday, PML N government’s Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar was questioned as to why Abdul Aziz is still free inspite of cases and complaints lodged against him. Abdul Aziz justified the APS attacks in December 2014.

2. No more selective operations which continue to ignore urban Deobandi and Taliban-affiliated groups like ASWJ-LeJ as well as Jaish Mohammad.

3. Taliban facilitators like PML N Law Minister Rana Sanaullah must be held accountable for his continued support and soft stance for Taliban’s urban affiliates like ASWJ-LeJ and Jaish e Mohammad.




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