In the aftermath of Malik Ishaq’s death, Ashrafi liberals reading the same script as ASWJ – Ali Abbas Taj


The Ashrafi-brand of pro-ASWJ “liberals” can be identified by:

1. Doing matam for Malik Ishaq. Many of these Sufyani/Ashrafi/Commercial liberals are sad that Malik Ishaq is no more. They would have preferred that Malik Ishaq roams free to conduct ‪#‎ShiaGenocide‬ with the blessing of their “anti establishment” judges like Iftikhar Chaudhary and Justice Asif Khosa. These Ashrafi liberals would prefer it if Malik Ishaq remained under the control of their other “anti establishment” hero and Saudi stooge, Nawaz Sharif.

When these commercial/Ashrafi liberals like Beena Sarwar and Jibran Nasir use terms like “extra extrajudicial” to subtly express their grief at Malik Ishaq’s death, in effect they are saying that Malik Ishaq should have been left free to continue with #ShiaGenocide.

2. Deflecting the role of the army in eliminating Malik Ishaq by giving false credit to the PML N Government/police – the same PML N government which is the biggest supporter of ASWJ-LeJ.

It is the obvious goal of the Beena-Sethi lobby and their various flunkies to misappropriate the credit for killing Malik Ishaq from General Raheel Sharif to Nawaz Sharif. They have failed in that agenda too.

It is General Raheel Sharif who has a clear discourse against (the mainly Deobandi inspired) terrorism in Pakistan. PM Nawaz Sharif has still not taken proper ownership of Zarb e Azab or encouraged for its expansion to the rest of Pakistan. On the contrary, PML N leader and Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar, in a typical display of sympathy for ASWJ-LeJ, ordered a report against the police who had most probably been directed by the Army to take out Malik Ishaq today.

It is actually General Raheel Sharif; NOT PM Nawaz Sharif that is talking in clear terms against (TakfiriDeobandi) inspired terrorism in Pakistan.

3. Staying silent on their long friendship/association with Tahir Ashrafi- the central player in facilitating Malik Ishaq so far.

These dishonest types are all linked to the Beena-Sethi-Ashrafi-Ilmana Lobby and include an Uncle Tom Shia sellout/collaborator whose blog is also silent on Tahir Ashrafi’s vile and despicable role in supporting Malik Ishaq. Just recently, this backstabbing sellout was coordinating his mudslinging against us with the same Tahir Ashrafi.

Today, we at LUBP are humbled by the constant abuses and threats directed against our team and supporters by Malik Ishaq’s closest supporter and the favourite “progressive” of Pakistan’s Sufyani liberal lobbies, the one and only Tahir Ashrafi.

Yes, you read that correct. Many of Pakistan’s Commercial/Ashrafi “liberal” sellouts promote Tahir Ashrafi as a “progressive”!

Tahir Ashrafi is often used by those same Ashrafi liberals who promote him as a “progressive”. It is this combination of Ashrafi liberals and ASWJ-LeJ and their various rats, snitches, sellouts and flunkies that have often teamed together to attack us.

That Tahir Ashrafi – the benefactor of Malik Ishaq – continues to abuse and threaten us – is actually a compliment to us. These abuses and threats are NOTHING as compared to the 70,000 Pakistani civilians and soldiers who have been killed by Tahir Ashrafi’s Takfiri Deobandi comrades from such interconnected groups like ASWJ-LeJ/Jundullah/Jamaat ul Ahrar/Taliban.

Similarly, why is Tahir Ashrafi not railing against the Beena Sarwars and other members of the commercial/Ashrafi/Sufyani “liberal” tribe?

More importantly, why are none of these Sufyani/Commercial liberals taking this hate monger to task? In response to the death of his comrade Malik Ishaq, Tahir Ashrafi is engaging in his typical hate tactics against Shias and Ahmadis. He is using hate speech against Ahmadi leaders and threatening Shia activists with his ludicrous allegations while his Commercial liberal backers are typically silent.

That question has some very obvious answers.

Today, not only has Malik Ishaq been killed. His collaborators and associates stand exposed and can be identified from the criteria provided here.

Beena Sarwar creating sympathy for Malik Ishaq gets a stinging response from Ahmed Turi Snip20150729_29Snip20150729_30


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