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Yemen at war – Whose legitimacy is the right legitimacy? – by Catherine Shakdam: Earlier this September UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths reaffirmed what he sees as his foremost mandate:  “to begin the difficult and uncertain journey away from war.” But how does one go about formulating a way out of war
Crisis in Pakistan Engineered by PML N government to Deflect Attention from its graft and Failures: Since the last few weeks, PML N has used a dubious hate cleric to divert attention away from its increasingly exposed governance failures. It has held the entire country hostage to the whims of the billionaire Nawaz Sharif dynasty
BBC Urdu: Dishonesty, Lies and Petrodollars:   BBC Urdu has been caught red handed mistranslating and lying about Iranian FM’s claims on Iraqi paramilitary groups fighting ISIS. The BBC has long been known as a mouthpiece and propaganda for the British government’s neocolonial agenda in
بی بی سی اردو تکفیری لائن کیوں لے رہا ہے؟ – علی عباس تاج: ایرانی وزیر خارجہ جواد ظریف نے امریکی سیکرٹری برائے خارجہ ٹیلررسن کی جانب سے سعودی عرب میں ایران کے عراق سمیت خطے میں داعش کے خلاف کردار کو فرقہ واریت کی گندگی میں لپیٹنے کی کوشش پہ تنقید کرتے
Parachinar Blast: Shia Genocide Continues by Banned Deobandi outfits allied with PMLN Government: The connivance of State organs with Deobandi hate mongers: Shia Muslims in Pakistan are facing continual genocidal violence by banned Deobandi terrorist groups. These banned Deobandi groups like ASWJ/LEJ allied both with ISIS with the Nawaz Sharif government of Pakistan.
Who is abducting Social media Activists?: Political workers, students, intellectuals, writers and the oppressed minorities are facing forced abductions in Pakistan. We must raise our voices on this issue. In the past three days four Social Media Activists have been abducted from Central Punjab and
Some truth About Syria: The liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian government forces has united two seemingly disparate groups who are essentially using the same sectarian incitements. On the one hand, there are Pakistan’s banned outfits. On the other hand are established and
Pakistan First: The liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian government forces has united two seemingly disparate groups who are essentially using the same sectarian incitements. On the one hand, there are Pakistan’s banned outfits. On the other hand are established and
Tulsi is the the most suitable pick for Secretary of State makes for a team of Rivals: Tulsi Gabbard will always stand on principle. She is not like other politicians who run after money and sell out to Saudis. She will have the interest of the oppressed Sunni Sufi Shia Hindu Christian Yazidi and others at
Faisal Raza Abidi’s arrest on the orders of ISIS terrorist Aurangzeb Farooqi a seminal event in the history of Shia Genocide: Faisal Raza Abidi’s arrest on the orders of ISIS terrorist Aurangzeb Farooqi a seminal event in the history of Shia Genocide Hours ago, prominent senator Faisal Raza Abidi was arrested in Karachi for simply carrying licensed weapons for protection.
Ms. Khan the Sunni girl that called out the Deobandi Biggots:   The World Shia Forum Team appreciates the courageous, honest and dignified response of Ms. Khan in responding to the murder of her father-in-law, Mr. Nayyer Zaidi. Ms. Khan’s stirring and clear response to “The Independent” is not only
Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of LEJ brand mass murder police in Quetta: LUBP has been advocating the dismantling of Takfiri madrassas like Jamia Binoria, Lal Masjid and others for more than a decade. We have lost bloggers like Khurram Zaki and Irfan Khudi Ali, many of our pens have been silenced
Tafkiri Deobandi Terrorists attacked the Kart-e-Sakhi Shrine in Western Kabul – by Aba Reja: Tafkiri Deobandi Terrorists attacked the Kart-e-Sakhi Shrine in Western Kabul on the eve of Ashura. They entered the shrine disguised as police officers and then attacked the Shia mourners indiscriminately who were commemorating religious ceremonies in honor of Imam
The Real Story of Jibran Nasir’s Anti-Red Mosque Activism and Khurram Zaki’s Martyrdom: There are barely any organisations that are completely monolithic. Lobbies, groups, hierarchies and layers exist in all organisations. And like any other organisation, there are such lobbies within Pakistan’s ISI as well. Within ISI there are small and weak
Questions Mona Kazim Shah should ask of False Sunni Shia binary peddler and White Helmet Jibran Nasir?: Editor’s note: These questions were raised by sincere supporters of Shaheed Khurrum Zaki and should not be taken lightly. 1. We’ve heard that you ditched Khurram Zaki in the time of need, tried to insult him and even pressured
Deobandi Taliban activist Orya Maqbool Jan promotes hatred of Jews in Norway Mosque sometimes hatred looks a lot like envy – by Shireen Qudosi:   Deobandi cleric Orya Maqbool Jan inspires a call to action for noble pursuits but it’s fueled by a profound hatred for (and maybe even envy of) the Jews. Listeners are so caught up in the history, the positive
The Wahhabi (Deobandi & Salafi) of the Gulf have a lot to answer for – Robert Fisk: THE US-Iranian photo op that followed the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran last year and the footage just released — by the Russian defence ministry, no less — showing Moscow’s Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers flying out of the
Orlando and the spectre of Wahhabi menace in America – by Alexander Athos: Terrorism strikes the US again with the fanaticism of the Wahhabi Salafi hate and intolerance. Shooter Omar Mir Seddique Mateen  went on his religious purification in the early hours of June 12, 2016 as he shot down over 100
Barbarians inside the gates- by Alexander Athos: We in the West are so gentrified that we think that others in the world share our values and its no harm to our body politic to allow preachers of hate and intolerance to enter into our society and
Jeddah suicide bomber was Pakistani: Saudi interior ministry:   RIYADH: Monday’s first bombing, near the US consulate in Jeddah, was carried out by a Pakistani resident, Saudi Arabia interior ministry reported. The suspect was later identified by the interior ministry as Abdullah Qalzar Khan, a 35-year-old private driver who
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s clear condemnation of the hateful Deobandi ideology that killed the Sufi giant Amjad Sabri: All lovers of Ahlul Bayt (the family of Prophet Mohammed Pubhp) welcome Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s statement on Amjad Sabri’s brutal murder by Deobandi Wahhabi terrorists, to be a lover of Ahlul Bayt there is no required religion, sect, culture
Religious fanaticism in Pakistani society – By Muhammad Faisal Younus: An incident happened few days ago during a TV program when a radical mullah has lost control and used very abusive language towards a female participant. The mullah was Hafiz Hamdullah a senator of a radical extremist political group
LUBP’s Statement on Khurram Zaki’s Martyrdom: We offer our condolences to Pakistani nation on the martyrdom of LUBP blog’s editor and leading human rights activist Khurram Zaki. After Shaheed Irfan Khudi Ali of Quetta, Shaheed Khurram Zaki is the second LUBP editorial team member who
Brussels Burns after Paris: Who are the “terrorists” ? – by Ali Taj: Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Nusra, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Taliban and Saudi family are different names for the same exclusionist and hateful ideology that drives Global Takfiri Terrorism. Different wrapper but same candy. The first Takfiri Terrorists were Saudi
2400/2400: Pakistani American Marium Raza’s perfect score on the SAT: Marium’s perfect score on the SAT (2400/2400) is indeed a matter of great pride for all Pakistanis. Out of approximately 2 million students who take the SAT around the world, only a handful (less than 0.01%) achieve a perfect
Islamic State joins others in training children for jihad in Afghanistan – BY BILL ROGGIO AND CALEB WEISS: The Islamic State’s branch in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, called Wilayat Khorasan or Khorasan “province, is training children to wage jihad. It is unclear where the children’s training center is located, but it is likely situated in Afghanistan’s eastern province
Beena Sarwar condemns #ShiaGenocide: We sincerely appreciate a positive and articulate post by Beena Sarwar that clearly acknowledges #ShiaGenocide. We hope Beena will continue to have clarity in her writings and discourse. Beena should know if we were to poll a million muslims
WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath – By Robert Naiman: In 2010, WikiLeaks became a household name by releasing 251,287 classified State Department cables. Now, a new book collects in-depth analyses of what these cables tell us about the foreign policy of the United States, from authors including Truthout
Moderate Takfiri Al Queda to join with Extreme Takfiri ISIS: Elijah J. Magnier (@EjmAlrai) is one of the most insightful journalists in the Iraq Syria theater. Interesting twitter exchange shows there are no “moderate” Takfiri khawarij. Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslim supporters to band together to
Hypocritic society, Yellow Journalism, Kangaroo courts – by Dr. Muzaffar: Hypocrisy is abundant at all levels within our society and no shortage of hate. We hate the Americans because of their drone attacks in the tribal area. We hate the Israelis for what they do to the Palestinians. We hate
Hameed Gul: Demise of the Boogey man – by Dr. Muzaffar: In their hearts is disease, so Allah has increased their disease; and for them is a painful punishment because they [habitually] used to lie. And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on the earth,” they
Independence Day and Pakistan’s fight against deobandi terrorism:   On 14th August, 2015 Pakistan finally seems to be putting its troubles behind. The forward impetus for the country has come in the sustained army action, Zarb-e-Azab that has been undertaken by COAS Gen. Raheel Sharif. Contrary to
Jibran Nasir: playing with semantics and avoiding tough questions on his insensitive reaction to Malik Ishaq’s death – by Ali Rizvi: I think your arguments are typically playing on semantics. You had stated: “Would have been happier if Malik Ishaq had been convicted by a judiciary. For those who follow him the encounter will turn him into a martyr” both
پاکستان کا رفیق حریری نواز شریف پاکستانی فوج کو کیوں کمزور کرنا چاہتا ہے ؟ – علی عباس تاج:     حالیہ دنوں میں دو نواز لیگی حمایتیوں کی جانب سے پاکستان کے واحد مستحکم ادارے فوج کے بارے میں دیے جانے والے بیانات سے یہ صاف ظاہر ہوتا ہے کہ یہ نوازی لیگی اپنی کمرشل لبرل لابی
Why does Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani Rafik Hariri, want to weaken Pakistan army? – by Ali Abbas Taj: Recent statements about Pakistan army by two of the PMLN-loyalists, namely Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Najam Sethi show the two faces of the same snake that wants to waken Pakistan’s only stable institution, i.e., army, to establish Saudi
Appeal to General Raheel Sharif: Investigate Najam Sethi’s extremely serious charges against Pakistan army and ISI: In his talk show on Jang Group’s Geo News TV (1 Aug 15), journalist Najam Sethi alleged that Pakistan army, ISI in particular, was involved in a conspiracy to dislodge PM Nawaz Sharif and army chief General Raheel Sharif.
اسلام آباد میں کچی آبادی کے خلاف کاروائی، تصویر کے دورخ: آجکل اسلام آباد میں انتظامیہ کی جانب سے افغان آبادیوں یا کچی آبادیوں کے خاتمے کے آپریشن پر کافی بحث چل رہی ہے بعض لوگوں کے نزدیک اسلام آباد انتظامیہ اس ایکشن میں حق بجانب ہے جبکہ بعض کے
Why only LUBP, not other “liberal” bloggers, are being attacked by Tahir Ashrafi and Ludhyanvi? – by Ali Abbas Taj:   Since 2008, the LUBP blog, Pakistan’s top blog in terms of visitor traffic and original content, has been highlighting the issues of human rights and minority rights, and as an alternative media, has also exposed the culture of
Jibran Nasir and Saleem Safi’s questionable stance on ASWJ-LeJ’s terrorist Malik Ishaq’s death: A few days ago, Raza Rumi’s Pak Tea House blog published a video interview of US-based consultant Arif Jamal who actually condemned Pakistani State on the “extra-judicial killing” of Malik Ishaq and also tried to obfuscate and belittle the
طاہر اشرفی اورلدھیانوی کی نفرت کا نشانہ فقط ایل یو بی پی کیوں – علی عباس تاج: دیوبندی علما کونسل کے صدر، دہشت گرد ملک اسحاق کے قریبی دوست اور کالعدم سپاہ صحابہ پاکستان کے سابق رہنما طاہر اشرفی نے تعمیر پاکستان بلاگ کے مدیر علی عباس تاج اور تعمیر پاکستان بلاگ کو ایک مرتبہ پھر