Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s clear condemnation of the hateful Deobandi ideology that killed the Sufi giant Amjad Sabri

All lovers of Ahlul Bayt (the family of Prophet Mohammed Pubhp) welcome Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s statement on Amjad Sabri’s brutal murder by Deobandi Wahhabi terrorists, to be a lover of Ahlul Bayt there is no required religion, sect, culture or sexual orientation.  Today she stands with all lovers of Ahlul bayt regardless of caste creed or color to pay homage to a true giant of love Amjad Sabri.


It is welcoming to see Congresswoman Gabbard incisively analyzing the so far flawed position adopted by President Obama who fears use of a term such as radical Islamic terrorism might end up profiling all Muslims. Congresswoman Gabbard rightly observes that the clear identification of the enemy and its ideology will actually be beneficial to the vast majority of Muslims who do not adhere to the cult-like sub-sect of Islam responsible for all Islamist terrorism in the world.

It is important to know that all Islamist terrorists in the world follow either Salafi-Wahhabi ideology or its sub-continent version Deobandism. These cult-like ideologies believe in declaring all those that disagree with them apostates. They believe in mass murders of the out-groups, looting their property, and even taking up them as slaves and concubines; this is the caliphate they are aspiring to establish across the globe. ISIS is an example of this cult-like sub-sect of Islam.

When it comes to Salafi-Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorism, there are no lone wolves; there is a network of Salafi-Wahhabi and Deobandi Islamic centers, seminaries, scholars and their financiers (primarily Saudi Arabia), and there are foot soldiers who believe in the ideology of establishing this caliphate by using terrorism, or call it Jihad!

Congresswoman Gabbard is absolutely on the mark in presenting an outline of a policy that should clearly identify Salafi-Wahhabi and Deobandi ideology as the ideology of hate and terror, worse than even Nazism, because it is much more violent. It will also ease the pressure on the common Muslims who can publicly disassociate themselves from these cults. The clear identification of terrorist ideology will actually be a blessing for ordinary Muslims who will whole heartedly join government efforts in rooting out this violent and hateful ideology from the country, and hopefully, the world.

The US government should clearly identify Salafi-Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorism and call upon the Muslims to join hands with their administration in identifying the sleeper cells in the so-called Islamic centers where such hate is being propagated. More importantly, it is important to identify the financial resources and funding sources of this network so that they can be effectively dried up.

We hope that Congresswoman Gabbard will take a lead role in informing both the masses and the administration that identification of terrorist ideology is actually beneficial both to Muslims and the administration. As long as the enemy remains nameless and amorphous, the confusion will persist, and ordinary Muslims will unnecessarily feel pressurized for crimes committed by Salafi-Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorists.

We also want to clearly state that any action against Salafi-Wahhabi and Deobandi cults shall not be in contention with the First Amendment either because these groups are actually more of violent cults working as a terrorist network than representing a religion. These groups do not represent the Sunni Islam, and should therefore be treated as the mob or mafia with a violent ideology, trying to take over the whole world. It is high time the world awakened to this ominous threat.