Deobandi Taliban activist Orya Maqbool Jan promotes hatred of Jews in Norway Mosque sometimes hatred looks a lot like envy – by Shireen Qudosi



Deobandi cleric Orya Maqbool Jan inspires a call to action for noble pursuits but it’s fueled by a profound hatred for (and maybe even envy of) the Jews. Listeners are so caught up in the history, the positive message inspiring activism, and overall recognition of division among Muslims today – that they don’t see what else is being said. The pattern with these types of imams and speakers is this: sandwich veiled hate between layers of historical references. Abu Taubah and Siraj Wahhaj use the same playbook. In a mosque setting, these are ideologically motivated speeches. How is this religion? These are political sermons with heavy manipulative incitement.

The speaker here, Pakistani Orya Maqbool Jan paints a history of the Jews to show their persecution, to even gain sympathy for them, before shifting the narrative. He is saying that Jews (as Muslim conspiracy theories dictate) “control the world’s wealth and media.” He makes the connection that Jews are Gog and Magog.

Gog and Magog (called Yajuj and Majuj) are tribes of apocalyptic chaos and destruction. They are said to one day fall upon the world. In other words, “the Joos” are chaotic destruction.

The audience is conditioned to accept outlandish and unfounded conclusions because they’ve already found themselves agreeing wholeheartedly with other points. And the listener also finds an easy alignment with the general sentiment of the speech. The sentiment is this: a lament that Muslims are divided and selfish with no understanding of how to work together to achieve a goal, and that this is a problem for our down-trodden Muslim community.

Orya also heavily references Muhammad Iqbal. Iqbal is a highly respected Pakistani national treasure, fascinating because he pairs an arguably fundamentalist attitude with a call for adapting to the modern world – which is still fundamentalism 2.0.

The tones of victimization Orya takes are very similar to post WWI Germany, which produced a population ripe for attaching itself to anything that will help give it an insulated identity. That attachment and division was a necessary precursor to what happens next: hatred, exclusion and extermination.

There’s just no way to take what is being said for face value, especially if reading the translation alone. Urdu is a very poetic and emotive language that a translation alone cannot fully deliver. These emotions carry the listener from empathy for the Jews, to grievances of how Muslims were robbed by events of the 20th century, to contempt for current world leaders, to finally a climate where the world is stacked against Muslims and the only inevitable path for true believers is to fight. The supremacist undertones that are ripe throughout don’t come from nationalism, but from religious dedication to the infallibility of the Quran, which Orya (without saying directly) beliefs should replace any constitution.

Religious scholars like Orya Maqbool Jan rely on the West’s ignorance in understanding Islamic ideology. They also trust that sermons like this won’t be spread with a facilitated understanding of how problematic and hateful they are. Yet there are Pakistanis like myself and LUBPAK editor Ali Abbas Taj (who shared this video) who are pulling back the curtain. So while Pakistan continues its grievances against America and exploits visits with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an opportunity to ‘tell the world,’ behind the curtain there is a very dark picture of a rising threat that is ready to go to war against the world.

The threat isn’t limited to Pakistan where Orya is given enough of a platform to stand side by side with Hillary Clinton during a State Department visit. He’s also given a green light to travel to the West and fill mosques with sermons designed to activate Muslims living abroad. As crafted in his speech, he uses history and religious verses to shame Muslims who possess national and foreign identities, who have built lives overseas. And without directly saying so, he tells them to give up that identity and embrace a ‘purist’ interpretation of Islam in preparation for the coming war that will rage against the world and its Jews.

Key Points From Speech

The Jews gave up everything, abandoned their property and comfort to go to the middle of nowhere and build Palestine from nothing. They came together and fought back. Calls on Muslims to do the same: abandon your property and comfort for the struggle that will unify Muslims.

The Jews took over the world by creating a paper money system and now they control everything. Jews are Gog and Magog, chaotic destruction unleashed into the world.

Wealth should be redistributed to eliminate poverty.

Allah commands that Muslims cannot be friends with Christians and Jews if Christians and Jews are friends with each other.

Nationalities and identities outside of “Muslim” are fictitious creations. So are man-made constitutions.

Have a dissolution of constitutions based on how Israel doesn’t have a constitution and instead follows the Torah. (Yet Israel does have an informal constitution that outlines modern secular laws)

No law or belief – not even universal human rights – is higher than the principles of our Holy Book. The only constitution Muslims should have is the Quran.

Promotes the death penalty for disrespecting the Quran as the highest show of respect for the Quran. Reject Western assimilation. Muslims have conditioned their life to others in the West, and that is not the road to salvation.

The only reason Jews returned to the Promised Land was to fight with Muslims and usher in their messiah so they could conquer the world.


Opening: Recitation from Surah Al-Anbiya (Chapter 21)


The age that we’re alive in today, about this age there are two verses in the Quran that we have to read with priority along with a Hadith.

God has said there is a Sunnah [practice of the prophet], that in the Quran people are constantly warned of consequences of your actions. We give you small disasters so you can be aware of bigger disaster. [Incomprehensible Arabic verse]

You ask, when will that time come when the truth will be revealed. If you are true, then tell us. Only God knows this. Prophet Muhammad is saying that I’m just here to openly scare you so that you can become aware.

Throughout the entire Quran, there is one part where God has changed this Sunnah [in Surah Anbiya]. In this shift, He’s given us a timeline of specifically when certain things will happen. In Surah Anbiya’s recitation, there’s mention of a village that we’ve (God) destroyed. And for those villagers living there, we’ve made it unlawful for them to live there. And now they’re not going to come back. God said only when Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog) arrive, will be allowed to come.

Then the people asked, who are these people. God said they will come from greater heights and fall upon you. This village is the Jerusalem of the Jews. Around 700 century (Islamic calendar) the Roman Empire had kicked them out. Before that there were a lot of disasters that fell on the Jews. They were kicked out of the land. But the Jews as a tribe stayed together. And all in this time frame, a lot of prophets and saints, but there was a lot of killing as well of the Jews. There was always some disaster, including the problem of involved catching fish.

God has said that he’s divided the Jews into three different groups: (1) One who stopped others from doing bad; (2) The other group said God’s disaster are going to come because of what they’re doing. If they’re acting wicked, why should we police the? They’re going to do what they’re going to do; (3) The third group were acting in defiance. They caught fish on the day they were not supposed to.

But God only protected and helped those who listened to him, spread kindness, God’s words and who stopped the other one’s from straying.

Then God said you can’t stay here. And He spread them all over. He spread Bani Isra’il all over the world. Some went to India, some went to Africa, to Nigeria, some went up to Europe. Some went to settle in Spain. In this way, they spread.

After this 7th century, around 600 century around the time of Caliph Umar, the person standing at the head of Jerusalem entered a negotiation with Caliph Umar. There was a signed international agreement between the Muslims and the Christians of Jerusalem. The Christians said to the Muslims, “We surrender this land to you. You conquered it. We will give this to you on one condition, that Jews cannot settle here as residents. They can come as tourists but they cannot stay as residents.”

In between 1920/1921, the first Jew crossed the Sea of Galilee and entered Jerusalem. It is mentioned in the Quran the various types of signs signifying the Day of Judgment, but none stronger than this in Surah Kahf– the sign of Yajuj and Majuj and how they will come and take control.

If the Quran is a true revelation and our faith, and my faith is true, that means if Jew has crossed over (to Jerusalem), then Yajuj and Majuj have been released.

God has talked about ‘zikr’ (a good deed) and we think it means carry a rosary around, and this is necessary, very necessary, there are blessings for this. But God is talking about greater zikrs. But we’re talking about his creations, all the time no matter where or when. And this is important to talk about Him. And when man wonders about His creations he is in awe and says “Oh God, I don’t see any wrong in your ways.”

And God answers, “Do you see any loops or folds in my creations?” Look again, and again your gaze will return to you empty and unfruitful.

Now we have to see when God has declared that no timeline has been given. No tribe has been given one, the tribe of Luth, the tribe of Shoaib.

Nowhere in the 1400 years a timeline was created. No tribe of Luth, Shoaib or many others, they were so lost in their ways that there was no correcting them. And God is warning them again and again to lead a decent life, but they were destroyed.

The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad and he can only state true facts about it. Once the wife of Prophet Muhammad, Hazrat Zainab, had a dream about the destruction of Arabs, but not the Muslims.

If any Norwegians says I don’t understand poetry in Norwegian, or a Punjabi says I don’t understand the poetry of Bulleh Shah or a Pathan of Rahman Baba, there is no forgiveness for them. But if an Arab says that I don’t understand Arabic, there is no forgiveness because that is his language. You can read any book in the world but in the end you’ll say that until you’ve read Bullleh Shah in Punjabi, you can’t enjoy what you’re reading. You can translate it to English but you won’t understand it. The Quran is the same way.

People questioned Prophet Muhammad as to what was happening and he replied that the troublemakers Yajuj and Majuj are closing in. This also was explained that the wall that was made to keep the mongers away by King Zulqarnain has now a hole in it.

People questioned as to who were these people. He replied it is that tribe from amongst you created, that there will be 90 of them and 10 of you.

The next question asked was what will they do if they are let loose. To which the answers was that they will create mass unfairness in the world, disturbance in the economic system of the world.

People questioned as to who were these people? He replied it is that tribe created that there will be 90 of them and 10 of you.

The next question asked as what will they do if they are let loose – to which the answer was that they will create mass unfairness in the world. They will destroy the economic system of the world. People said that could over rule this tribe to which the answer was, no you cannot win over them. Only when God commands you to fight with them.

Nowhere in the Quran is it written that you go to war against adultery, alcohol, robbery, no backbiting – but only against pre-marital/extramarital sex, and especially incest.

There are two points. The first point: In history, there are two points when Prophet Muhammad states that there has been a hole made in the wall. Now this area was above the Caspian Sea, which includes all of Russia and Europe there were floods that destroyed the wall made by Zulqarnain towards the East/West and where the sun rises out of the clouds. The wall was destroyed.

The second historical point: The problem is that we are entangled in “Fiqh” and we don’t think about “Fiqh.” Jewish people never ever allowed anybody to become Jews as they called them the exalted ones of Bani Isra’il. They were so strong in their belief that if the father was a Jew and the mom was not, they did not accept them as Jews. These Ashkenazi Jews were a remarkable sect of Jews who joined Bani Isra’il, who took a beating from everywhere for 2000 years.

Later the King of Spain converted them all to Christianity. At that time in Spain, there were [unclear] Jews living in Spain. Thousands ran away and the rest converted to Christianity. And the next morning they were told that you’d have pork for breakfast and do business on Saturdays.

There were many proofs in Europe specifically in Venice where these people lived like animals without water, food and any sewage system. There were no amenities and they were told to wear clothes of yellow with a tag stating that these were Jews. They were taken out of Tuscany and Milan and so many other cities, and together Ashkenazi Jews with Bani Isra’il suffered terribly for 2000 years.

Till the year 1896, these people took a beating until a man by the name of Hazzan (spelling) was born in Vienna. He called for a huge gathering where he wrote protocols. And in this it was written that now we will not life like this anymore; we will fight.

And what was promised to us that our Messiah will come and make an establishment for us, and we will make a universal government for the whole world, we want to work toward that. So for the first time after 1894, the Jews made a pact with Christians. And God said [to us] that if they become friends with each you don’t become friend with them.

On November 2, 1917, the Balfour Declaration said that “Every Jew living in any part of the world is considered one nation and have all the rights to live in Palestine, the Promised Land.”

1920 saw the birth of the modern secular Western civilization. Worse, in 1920 was also the first of paper money and the exchange of trade that we call artificial credit system.

Prophet Muhammad had said that if you want to trade, do so in silver, gold, dates, sheep, barley, wheat, salt. But they built up the paper money system so that they would take it further take that system anywhere they want.

Today, the goat is one dinar (currency value). The rest is the world is Obama’s, and Tony Blair’s, and Zardari’s paper (money). All this leads to inflation building up. Everyone bought shares of thousands, millions and together this was converted to paper money and to buy what – oil, which belongs to the Muslims. Today if they announce that oil will be sold for a rupee, the rate would be 1 Rupee = $100 U.S. Dollars

They built the basis in 1694. They Jews has full control and they had made promissory notes. By 1694 they had total control of the world through these promissory notes. One big you have to read is Muhammad Iqbal’s book on “nisab” (wealth)

They had the world running economically on promissory notes. There are 45,000 corporations in the world, and 500 core corporations are controlled by about 20 banks. And what do these banks do? They don’t give you a loan. They give you hope (they’re loaning you a trust in them).

Business is done on promissory notes to each other. For example, instead of simple trades, the bank takes a high currency value of say a $1000,000 dollars and becomes master of $1 million. And this is their system. And this is what God hates.

There are 50 people in this world who have 65% of the world’s wealth is in their control.

There are 425 people in this world that if their wealth was distributed, nobody would be starving or would be deprived of food, shelter and clothing. Nor would there be any towns/villages without water or electricity or schools.

Prophet Mohammad said that first of all your shackles will break. The first shackle to break will be that of the caliphate and then the last prayer.

In 1920, the Ottoman Empire fell apart, passports divided the world, and border security arrived. And the world was made into a zoo. Everybody had a cage to live in. Everyone was given a piece and nations were divided.

In 1920, the world had its first Miss World competition. And women were made to stand out in the bazaar (put on display like an object). It was decided too much time of people’s hands and there was a question of how to keep them entertained. So hence, the woman was made to show her body in a bikini to the world and display herself. They held the competition, they put a crown on her head, and the next year they gathered together again.

The next year they got together again, and they brought women forward and asked her what she did. She said she was at home, married with children. So they made rules that she should be single, unmarried, without children and without a boyfriend. They made rules about her body, that her flesh should look a certain way. An entire fashion industry spread from this.

When people tell me what when a woman wears a hijab it’s a religious thing, it’s more than that. When a woman wears a hijab, a she defies and kicks a billion dollar industry. There’s someone to do your hair. There’s someone else to color your hair. There’s someone else to design your hair. I’m ashamed to say that rom her toenails to her hair, she’s degraded and put on display in public.

For 20 years, she’s been told that if you’re a size 0 you’re beautiful. For 20 years, she’s been told that if you’re in bed you’ll look beautiful. From Aishwarya Rai to Susmita Sen, they all have plastic surgery and botox to alter themselves.

Feminism has become a perversion, telling women to get out of the house. This is a sign of Yajuj and Majuj.

But men and woman are two front wheels of a car. Islam talks about an institution in society, and says the man is the chief executive and the woman is the chief operating officer in the family.

Prophet Muhammad said all of you have a bank and you will be questioned about it. It was that your children are your ban and you are going to be questioned.

Tell me when in an organization or a society that it work that one head is here and the other wheel is somewhere else. They’ve taken them out of the house.

You’ve pulled the woman out of the house, you’ve destroyed an institution and you’ve created 15 others in its place. You’ve made daycare centers, you’ve made foster care centers, marriage and guidance counseling centers are create, fast food restaurants are created. And what have you done with the woman? You’ve made her concerned only with getting ahead and being career-oriented.

In 1920, the first group of people who crossed the Sea of Galilee, we’re told it will have water in it. But how when the second group crosses over, the sea will be dry. If you go look today, it’s the driest bed in the world. There is only ten feet of water left. This is when Yajuj and Majuj are here.

You live here in Norway. You have a very big house. You have a big factory and business. I’ll tell you this, “Dear brother, let’s do this. In Baluchistan there is a place where you won’t find any water. There isn’t even a sewer system. A totally barren land, no water, no electricity, and you have wild animals roaming around everywhere. And on top of that the Baloch is an enemy of yours. Believe me, none of you will want to go there.”

You will call me mad: “You must be crazy. We have a life here, our business, everything. Our generations have lived here and so have we. These people have given us security and nationalities. We have fawned over them on their factories and businesses. We will not go!”

But you will be shocked and will be in disbelief that in 1920 the Jews left everything they had, their homes, wealth, land, whatever they owned they came back not to build factories, or industrial developments, or further technology. They came back to fight with you.

Their belief is so strong, much stronger than anything. They believe that their messiah will come and we will progress and we will rule/control the world.

What did the find in Tel Aviv? Only sand. When they landed there on May 1439 (after being granted permission to travel as long as they abandoned all property), they set camp and later David Ben Gurion made his speech.

God has told us that one day you will fight these Jews.

David Ben Gurion has said “We are not going to develop a book which has more sanctity than Talmud or Torah.” There is no book that has more honor and respect than the Torah and Talmud.

Remember this! The constitution of Israel is called Torah.

What happens if you go against Pakistan’s constitution? Death, right? Do you get the death penalty for going against the Quran? So which document has more respect in my country?

The constitution of Pakistan is of Altaf Husain, of the People’s Party, Ifthikhar, etc. You all have voted for them. You’ve honored Jamaat-i-Islaami. (You’ve honored and voted for all these things, but not the Quran).

In modern times, a constitution is based on the principles. To this day, Israel has no constitution, and how is it still operating? It is running without a constitution.

The whole system that came in 1920 is called the Modern Secular Democratic System, based on the interest system. $6.8 billion – if Obama didn’t have that not even his father could run for action. (Statement of great disdain saying that Obama would be immobile and unable to act without this high sum).

There is 4 million Euros held by Sarcosi, he could not have done anything. And they say “will of the people speak in Parliament.” (A hypocrisy)

American DGP is in the trillions. And debt of trillions.

And yet, American investors have deposited $31 trillion in Cayman Islands off-shore funds, and Congress doesn’t not raise a voice. Why not? Because the funds keep coming in for them.

Rockefeller’s father said that to Muslims that you are our dogs, bark from our side.

This goes back to release Yajuj and Majuj and the disasters that fall with their arrival. Muhammad Iqbal has written about this, that the doors have opened.

All the world is controlled by the satellite. Where does everything come from? Satellites. All your websites, information systems, news about wars, all from satellites.

You were told the entire world would fall under this thing, all control would be under this one thing. This is how Yajuj and Majuj are described. This opens up the way for the Dajjal.

Prophet Muhammad prayed always, “Oh God, please saved me from the sins of the Dajjal.”

It will enter into cities not in villages. It hides in the big cities like England. All big disasters like drugs, prostitution, mafias, fraud, are given birth to in cities. Destruction emerges from big cities. It was recommended not to let villages grow, but to make a new village. This prevent a lot of ill doings.

Mockery, liars, deceit, fraud – when Muslims in the morning are mingling with the wrong doers while at night praying for salvation, that is hypocrisy.

Dajjal (the Anti-Christ) will emerge only when the mention of Dajjal is stopped in mosques.

Please keep me safe from the Dajjal’s trickery.

They will come to you from all over (satellites).

It is said that this technology will lead us to the control of the world by Dajjal.

Mussolini said that when he met Muhammad Iqbal, he said, “Tell me the quality of your Prophet.” To that Iqbal replied that my prophet said we will not let Medina grow; we will establish a new village. The advice was to limit the size of the population of a city and after that limit instead of allowing them to settle there, create new settlements and cities for them. .As the population of a city increases, its moral values and economic power start waning. Worst, immoral activities start challenging the cultural strength.

Urbanization is the root of all evil. Only that person will survive who is aware of the evil/wrong doings of the world, who has knowledge of this.

The most important aspect of man’s life is to remind oneself of his faith, culture and tradition, your surroundings, your faith, upbringing and language. The most important thing in one’s life is their way of life so they’re not caught or trapped.

There is a family where they knew this. They said why do I need to be copying the way of life that is not mine to follow. Follow your faith and you will be happy. They didn’t even say “Oh my God,” they said “Allah.” His daughter didn’t celebrate birthdays and when I asked her why not, you get gifts – to that her answer was my Father is always giving me gifts, so why do I need a birthday?

There’s a psychology principle. They dressed children up like Elvis Presley, with that clothing and style. Decades later when those children came out of the formation, they call came out like Elvis Presley. This is called conditioning. (Goes further into lingual comparisons showing how shedding American conditioning and embracing your own culture is a superior path).

Last point, when 9/11 happened, Tony Blair and George W. Bush had one worry: “They want our lifestyle destroyed.” They’re saying Muslims want to destroy our entire life. Now you all are here and think what does it mean to live a Muslim life. And the day you figure it out you will one on the road to salvation.


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Shireen Qudosi

Shireen Qudosi is a Muslim writer based in California.