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فیض میلہ:صرف پی ٹی آئی منسٹر کی شرکت پہ غصہ کیوں؟ – ریاض ملک: ہم لوگ صرف پی ٹی آئی کے وزیر فیاض الحسن چوہان کی موجودگی سے ہی کیوں خود کو زخم خوردہ محسوس کرتے ہیں؟ کیا کسی کو حامد میر کا تعصب اور طالبان کے ساتھ یاریاں یاد ہیں؟ کیا ہم
Response to Jibran Nasir by comrade Minerwa Tahir:     Jibran Nasir needs to stop telling us what to do! Jibran Nasir recently felt the urge to tell us what we should do, be it arranging protests for Faisal Raza Abidi’s release or affecting the operation in
Questions Mona Kazim Shah should ask of False Sunni Shia binary peddler and White Helmet Jibran Nasir?: Editor’s note: These questions were raised by sincere supporters of Shaheed Khurrum Zaki and should not be taken lightly. 1. We’ve heard that you ditched Khurram Zaki in the time of need, tried to insult him and even pressured
Commercial activist Jibran Nasir called out for his insensitive omission of Khurram Zaki from his list of martyrs:   We at LUBP have long been pointing out the inconsistencies , obfuscations and lies being peddled by opportunists like Jibran Nasir. This is the same Jibran Nasir who will include in his list of grievances, the execution of
After attacking Quetta Hospital, Takfir Deobandi terrorist and affiliates of ISIS are planning more attacks:     Hazara Shias of Quetta are faced with another massive threat by LEJ/ASWJ. The community has faced genocidal violence for the past 16 years, leading to over 1500 killings and thousands of injuries — some permanent. Not to
Too many false binaries:     As we, The Shia Citizens Action Forum, stand in solidarity with the families of nearly a hundred of our lawyers, doctors, nurses, journalists and citizens who perished in this blast, we feel it would be a disservice
False binaries provide justification for murders and terrorism: Jibran Nasir is not Hero:   A few of statements of Jibran Nasir were not simply incorrect – they were outright lies starting with his canard about Mazhar Ali who was actually quite anti-Shia. His false moral binary of equating Sipah Sahaba with Sipah
Sufyani liberal tribe only abuses victim communities and obfuscates their genocide:   While the Quetta hospital blasts by Deobandi terrorist group(s) have taken the lives of over 40 Pakistanis and wounded dozens more, it is also time to call out those Sufyani liberals of Pakistan whose dishonest mission is to
Syria’s Grand Sunni Mufti exposes False Binaries of those seeking to sow sectarian discord:   The Grand Mufti of Syria has consistently stood up to to the Takfiri Fascism of the Foreign Salafi Army (FSA) that is constituted from Al Qaeda and Ikhwan. He is at the forefront in supporting the Worlds most
اداریہ تعمیر پاکستان : کابل میں شیعہ ھزارہ نسل کشی: شیعہ کمیونٹی اپنی ایڈوکیسی مہم خود چلائے: کابل میں ایک سو سے زیادہ شیعہ ھزارہ تکفیری دیوبندی دہشت گردوں کے خودکش بم دھماکوں کے نتیجے میں اس وقت شھید ہوگئے جب وہ بامیان صوبے کو بجلی کے ایک بڑے منصوبے سے باہر کرنے کے خلاف احتجاج
Over 100 Shia Hazara killed in Kabul blasts by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists:   At this point in time, let us be clear about some things. The victims in this case are the Shia Hazara Afghans. The perpetrators are Takfiri Deobandi terrorists. They are not the only culpable group. The Pakistani establishment
LUBP urges the Sindh and federal governments to urgently provide security to Jibran Nasir and arrest Abdul Aziz, Aurangzeb Farooqi:   Notwithstanding a few minor differences with Jibran Nasir, we value his stance and voice against Takfiri terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba aka ASWJ and Lal Masjid, led by Aurangzeb Farooqi and Mujrim Abdul Aziz. After murdering Khurram Zaki, the same
Saudi-Swedish proxy war against polio workers and police in Pakistan:   So yesterday, the Saudi-sponsored banned Takfiri Deobandi terrorist group Sipah Sahaba (aka ASWJ-LeJ) killed 6 policemen guarding polio workers. Renowned Deobandi atheist Fayaz Bad-Nami called it a Saudi-Swedish proxy war because Sweden was trying to impose Ikea furniture
Rejoinder to those making False Moral Equivalence between Lahore Blasts on Easter Sunday vs Islamabad protests: We are disappointed but not surprised to see some typical false moral comparisons following our explicit, unequivocal and clear condemnation of the horrific Lahore blasts on Easter Sunday. Some people were taking the typical populist positions of equating the
جبران ناصر کا گمراہ کن تجزیہ : کیا متحدہ سنی محاز اور تکفیری دیوبندی دہشت گردی ایک جیسے ہیں ؟: جبران ناصرجو کہ سول سوسائٹی ایکٹوسٹ ہیں کا تجزیہ جانبدارانہ ، تجزیہ کاری کے لیے درکار معروضیت اور دیانت داری سے عاری ہے ہے کیونکہ اس میں اہلسنت بریلوی اور دیوبند کو برابر کرنے کی کوشش کی گئی ہے
Jibran Nasir defends police action against peaceful protestors outside Lal Masjid:   Today i am shocked to learn from Mohammad Jibran Nasir that civil society campaign in Islamabad was on the plans given by ‘police’ and he was in complete coordination. The movement that i considered indigenous was a planned
The “lack of evidence” dilemma facilitating unrepentant mass murderers:   “A blast triggered by a suicide bomber has killed 15 people at a mosque inside a special forces headquarters in Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen. An interior ministry spokesman said on Thursday that the “terrorist” attack
تکفیری دھشت گرد ، جعلی لبرل اشرافیہ اور یوٹوپیائی انصاف کا انتظار: یمن کی سرحد کے قریب سعودی عرب کے جنوبی صوبہ عسیر کے شہر ابہا میں واقع سعودی سپیشل فورسز کے ہیڈ کوارٹر میں بنی مسجد ( جو کہ سلفی مسجد ہے ) میں ایک خودکش بمبار کے پھٹ جانے
Jibran Nasir: playing with semantics and avoiding tough questions on his insensitive reaction to Malik Ishaq’s death – by Ali Rizvi: I think your arguments are typically playing on semantics. You had stated: “Would have been happier if Malik Ishaq had been convicted by a judiciary. For those who follow him the encounter will turn him into a martyr” both
Jibran Nasir and Saleem Safi’s questionable stance on ASWJ-LeJ’s terrorist Malik Ishaq’s death: A few days ago, Raza Rumi’s Pak Tea House blog published a video interview of US-based consultant Arif Jamal who actually condemned Pakistani State on the “extra-judicial killing” of Malik Ishaq and also tried to obfuscate and belittle the
Pakistan’s commercial (Ashrafi) liberals condole over the death of globally designated terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi: Pakistan’s commercial, elitist or Ashrafi liberals condole over the death of globally designated terrorist Malik Ishaq Deobandi. They might have felt better if US Navy seals had done the job like they did with Osama bin Laden. Many of
ویمن ایکشن فورم کی محترمہ انیس ہارون سے خصوصی انٹرویو: ویمن ایکشن فورم کی انیس ہارون کالعدم تکفیری دہشتگرد گروہ اہل سنت والجماعت (سابقہ کالعدم انجمن سپاہ صحابہ) اور اس کے دہشتگرد سرغنہ فاروقی کو بے نقاب کرتی ہیں اور عوام سے اپیل کرتی ہیں کہ 16 مارچ کو
تکفیری دہشت گردی کے خلاف سول سوسائٹی کی جدوجہد: جبران ناصر سے خصوصی انٹرویو: سول سوسائٹی ایکٹوسٹ اور سماجی کارکن جبران ناصر سے ملک میں جاری مذہبی دہشتگردی، جنونیت اور کالعدم دہشتگرد گروہوں بشمول کالعدم اہل سنت والجماعت (سابقہ کالعدم انجمن سپاہ صحابہ) کے کردار پر ایک مختصر اور غیر رسمی بات چیت
Nusrat Javed vs Jibran Nasir and the Sunni-Shia binary: Some of the senior Pakistani journalists who have been routinely silent or vague on the genocide of Shia and Sunni Sufi Muslims at the hands of Takfiri Deobandi terrorists (ASWJ, TTP etc) are currently upset with the new generation
The protest against the ASWJ, Sipah-e-Sahaba, created a lot of awareness about banned takfiri outfits and the state’s patronage towards them – Jibran Nasir:   Social activist, politician and lawyer, Mohammad Jibran Nasir first entered the political arena when he contested the 2013 elections as an independent candidate for NA-250 in Karachi. However, it is his recent standoff against the controversial Lal Masjid
Are Jibran Nasir and his friends game changers in today’s Pakistan?: One cold Karachi night On the night of February 1st, Jibran Nasir – Pakistan’s leading activist – and a handful of peaceful protesters sat on a road in Karachi near the Sindh chief minister’s house for more than 24 hours, demanding
Civil society activists arrested, not leaders of banned terror outfit ASWJ: Sindh Givt exposed – The Nation:   On Tuesday, Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Culture, Sharmila Farooqi, confirmed that Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) is a banned organisation and promised strict action against all proscribed groups. On Thursday, the ASWJ held a public rally
Jibran Nasir and Khurram Zaki’s arrest: PPP Sindh govt reveals its colours – Express Tribune:   The brief detention of the civil society activist Jibran Nasir and 22 of his compatriots is illustrative and instructive. The detentions illustrate just where the forces of law and order stand, as well as the provincial and federal
Shame: PPP Sindh Government arrests peaceful anti-ASWJ protestors: Shame: PPP Sindh Government arrests anti-ASWJ protestors A growing protest by sections of civil society against Deobandi terror organization ASWJ-LeJ has typically been sidelined in Pakistan’s media. Two days ago, the PPP-led Sindh Government representative Sharmila Farooqi had assured
سپاہ صحابہ کے تکفیری دہشت گردوں کے ہاتھوں شیعہ نسل کشی پر جبران ناصر کی اچھی تقریر – عامر حسینی: جبران ناصر نے ایک اچھی تقریر کی اور بہت کھل کر سپاہ صحابہ کا نام لیکر اور اورنگ زیب فاروقی کا نام لیکر سانحہ شکار پور سمیت ملک میں شیعہ نسل کشی کے زمہ داروں کو بے نقاب کیا
LUBP appreciates Jibran Nasir’s clear condemnation of Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ) on Shia genocide in Shikarpur: In the past, LUBP and other Sunni Sufi and Shia bloggers have criticized Jibran Nasir’s, at times, vague and false neutral approach to takfiri Deobandi terrorism when he equated the target killed communities with the perpetrators. However, in his
False neutrality: Jibran Nasir condemns Deobandi and Shia terrorists: In an expression of false neutrality and false impartiality, civil society activist Jibran Nasir equates Deobandi terrorists with “Shia terrorists” and “Salafi terrorists”. Jibran Nasir said: “Sippah e Sahaba or Sippah e Muhammadi, Lashkar e Jhangvi or Lashkar e Tayyeba, whatever
لال مسجد کے سامنے مولوی عبد العزیز کے خلاف احتجاج کرنے والےنرالے لبرل اور ان کے دیوبندی اتحادی – عامر حسینی: خودکش بمبار کے سامنے اس صافی نے دو نام لئے ایک مولانا سرفراز نعیمی کا دوسرا حسن جان کا تو خود کش بمبار کہتا ہے کہ آپ نے جس کا پہلے نام لیا “وہ طالبان کو غلط کہتا ہے
Dawn: Civil society jointly protests with Deobandi Wafaq and Lal Masjid administration against the Peshawar massacre: Dawn’s report (21 Dec 2014) confirms that fake civil society has backstabbed the victims of Peshawar army school massacre, forges alliance with takfiri Deobandi wafaq, ASWJ and Lal Masjid As expected, the Sethi-Beena liberal sponsored fake liberals have undermined
False Sunni-Shia binary and obfuscation of the Deobandi identity of terrorists by Michael Kugelman: We have come across an article based on a speech of Michael Kugelman on Shia killings in Pakistan delivered at an event organized by the Wilson Center and Shia Rights Watch. The speech/article is very poor because it fails
Why do Pakistani Shias distrust Beena Sarwar brand of liberals?: As soon as a senior government or political leader or a media celebrity tweets about Shia Genocide or Deobandi terrorism, some flatterers whole-heartedly retweet his or her status. A case in point is how some people fall over one
Maybe Pakistan did not deserve him at all – by Mohammad Jibran Nasir: Maybe Pakistan did not deserve him at all. “”It is funny how we keep on talking about the potential of Pakistan. How we imagine Pakistan to become a developing country and spearhead the world in terms of research and
Shia genocide in Pakistan: Fact or fiction? – by Jibran Nasir: Since January 2013, the year has changed and so has the government. What remains same is the season and the tragedy. PML-N’s competence has put forward the exact same view for all of us which PPP’s government did; numerous
Why did I decide to part ways with PTI? – by Jibran Nasir: I will not put this video on my Campaign Page (Independent Candidate for NA-250 and PS-113) because I do not want my Page forum to turn into a ground for “politics of hate” as there are thousands of subscribers