Why did I decide to part ways with PTI? – by Jibran Nasir


I will not put this video on my Campaign Page (Independent Candidate for NA-250 and PS-113) because I do not want my Page forum to turn into a ground for “politics of hate” as there are thousands of subscribers on it and I cannot account for all of them. A lot of my supporters have been questioned by their friends about the notion of breaking the Vote Bank of PTI. Sadly the same increased to the extent of Harassment. I will again maintain that PTI members and candidates have been most civil to me. This video is addressed to the supporters who perhaps in their actions are advocating undemocratic practices and again I am sure PTI itself cannot account for all these supporters of theirs. I do not like being put in a spot where I have to compare myself to an individual or to a party but this was asked of me and perhaps this was important.

Link to facebook video:


Source: His public page on facebook

JUI and PTI slogans on a burnt NATO tanker



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