False binaries provide justification for murders and terrorism: Jibran Nasir is not Hero


Pakistani volunteers use a stretcher to move an injured lawyer after a bomb explosion at a government hospital premises in Quetta on August 8, 2016. At least 20 people have been killed after a bomb went off at a major hospital in the southwest Pakistani city of Quetta, an AFP reporter and officials said, with fears the death toll could rise. / AFP PHOTO / BANARAS KHAN

A few of statements of Jibran Nasir were not simply incorrect – they were outright lies starting with his canard about Mazhar Ali who was actually quite anti-Shia. His false moral binary of equating Sipah Sahaba with Sipah Mohammad, his Banu Hashim vs Bani Ommaya and that ridiculous and very selective assertion that Shias are doing takfir because some of them use the term “momin” as an identifier in informal settings within themselves. Other groups and individuals use the term too such as the Jamaat Islami and Jaish e Mohammad whose entire publication was killed “Darb-e-Momin.

When Malik Ishaq was killed, this dishonest peddler was lamenting his death and saying that he would have preferred if Malik Ishaq went through the judicial system. What he chose to leave out was that it was his own beloved PCO judges that freed Malik Ishaq and overturned convictions against him in the Supreme Court. These are the same corrupt judges that Jibran Nasir supported in that dubious lawyer’s movement. Just some days back, he lightly criticised PCO Chaudhary for sitting with Jihadi terrorists.

What was he doing for the last 7 years when this corrupt PCO judge was freeing ASWJ-LeJ terrorists left, right and center??

When Khurram Zaki was alive, he was the only one who used to restrain us in not criticising the same Jibran Nasir who betrayed and berated him publically for not organising his protests and getting arrests for protesting against notorious Lal Masjid cleric. Now he is no longer with us and this dishonest peddler of lies continues with his rubbish.

This is the same blowhard who was lecturing Shias and Sunnis in an IBA conference to “speak the Truth” but NOT the truth that is critical of his sectarian affiliations. He equated the criticism of historical personalities with “abuse” which is most unfortunate. And that is the main problem that we have with him. He says some nice things on occasions which are good. On other occasions, he comes up with the most dishonest and false binaries and outright lies.