Hazrat Ali’s Birthday and the Sufyani Liberals Anti-Koonda campaign –



I see many people posting up statuses celebrating the Wiladat of Hazrat Ali (as). This celebration causes intense envy to my Jamaati cum Sufyani liberal persona. See, folks like me GRUDGINGLY accept Hazrat Ali just as a (lessor) caliph – the Inner Jhangvi wants to share Ghamdi’s disdain for Hazrat Ali as well as Ghamdi’s justification for Muawiya’s civil war against Caliph Ali.

This year (like every year) the goal of us Jamaatis cum Muawiya Marxists cum Sufyani liberals is to attack the Sunni Barelvi and Shia tradition of sharing Niaz and Koonday to their relatives, friends and the poor. We want to label these culturally-enriched faith practices as “Shirk”, “Bidat” and “Kuffar” while at the same time justifying suicide bombing by our Takfiri Deobandi comrades within Sipah Sahaba/ASWJ-LeJ.

Our Deobandi atheist comrades are also gearing up to support us on going after Koondey because all of us are jealous of these practices. Sure, we get invited and we usually reject. But what really makes us jealous is that these Koondas – free meals consisting of rice pudding, curried potatoes, Parathas – commemorate a loving relationship with the Holy Prophet and his grand kids. We oppose love and I must appreciate how our Deobandi Atheist comrades dismiss Koondas as an “outdated” practice while simultaneously maintaining a passionate support for the Blasphemy Law when it is applied to censure those critical of 7th century Wahhabi gods like Yazeed. Uncle Tom Shia collaborators dismiss Koondas as a “South Asian custom” – when it comes to jealousy against the Holy Prophet and his family – we be all Al-Bakistanis.

So my dear Sufyani Liberals and Muawiya Marxists and Uncle Tom Shia collaborators. Please do a solid for Yazeed. This Rajab, please dedicate yourselves to attacking Niaz and Koondas, Love and Celebration for the Grand kids of the Holy Prophet. Your bitterness and jealousy is the same motivating force for ISIS and Al Qaeda. Please don’t let them down. Oppose Rajab.



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