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Salman Rushdie to write book on Imran Khan – by Nadeem F. Paracha: I just read this article by liberal fascist imperialist capitalist neocon Nadeem F. Paracha and I don’t know how to attack it. However, I must correct that it was not Duran Duran but original Sufi rock band, Rolling Stones
What Hazrat Imran Khan is not? The immortal letter by Shafqat Mahmood – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Dear readers, I want to express my appreciation to the PTI Information secretary, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood for his brilliant deconstruction and dismantling (What Imran Khan is not  ) of the rubbish post by Saroop Ijaz called “The lies and triangulations of Imran
A rejoinder to liberal fascist critique of sister Naziha Syed Ali – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: Related article: Naziha Syed Ali justifies Shia genocide in Pakistan as tit-for-tat violence I want to commend sister Naziha for presenting the ongoing genocide of Islamo Marxist groups like Sipah Sahaba/Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat by the All-Powerful Rafzi (Shia)
How Hazrat Imran Khan debunked science and Professor Hoodbhoy – by Syed Riaz Bin Al-Malik Hajjaji: While some liberal fascists have cast doubt on Hazrat Imran Khan’s (HIK) intellectual prowess, they only need to read how the great HIK bowled out the scientists in his magnus opus “Why the West Craves Materialism and why the
Imran Khan’s PTI joins Jihadi-sectarian terrorists at Difa-e-Pakistan rally in Karachi: Editor’s Note: It is deeply troubling to note that Imran Khan fans continue to mantain an Ostrich-like mentality regarding his sympathy for and ties with murderous extremist groups. Recently these groups have coalesced under the Difa-e-Pakistan banner that is
Difa-e-Pakistan and the continuing education of Syed Riaz bin Al-Malik Hajjaji: Dear Muslim brothers and sisters  (This message is not intended for liberal fascist Rafzi-Sabai-Qadiani-Baloch RAW-ians) I want to share with you my continued education. I have now come to accept that in order for Pakistanto be Islamic Welfare State
Ahmadis are….. – by Dur-e-Aden: Oh calm the heck down!!!! I am not using the M word, you know, the same word that can be used by killers, murderers, liars, cheaters, and by every type of “ghairatmand”  but Ahmadis (because all the “Real Muslims” agreed
Pakistan army outsources the Defence of Pakistan to killers of Shias, Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis and Christians?: [poll id=”8″] Pakistan army revives Al-Shams and Al-Badr in the shape of Difa-e-Pakistan, JuD and SSP Dear Pakistan army, just relax and open new Fauji fertilizers and other similar corporations with our money; Malik Ishaq of Sipah-e-Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi  (also known as
Liberal fascists support drone strikes against Hazrat Abu Yazid and Hazrat Baitullah Mehsud – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Related post: Protest against silence on drone attacks! – by Riaz Malik Dear all, Please unite urgently against this petition This is a blasphemy to the sacred memory of Al Qaeda and TTP Shaheeds like Hazrat Baitullah and
Imran Khan’s message to the Defence of Pakistan rally in Lahore – by Hakim Hazik: On behalf of the ISI, we welcome you to the biggest jalsa since the Pakistan Resolution was passed. This conference is fully supported by the Armed Forces of Pakistan, including Anjuman e Sipah e Sahaba, Lashkar e Taiba and
Enough is enough – by Shiraz Paracha: You have ruled us enough You have ruined us enough You have raped our beloved country enough You have destroyed our future and shattered our dreams Enough is enough. Your concepts are weird, your plans are insane You are
I am a Pakistani – by Shiraz Paracha: I am member of a society that has turned into a weird society during the last 35 years. Now, I level accusations without checking facts and understanding context of actions, decisions and events. Spreading and believing in rumours is my habit. Often my judgements
Imran Khan sweeps student gathering at Kamran Shahid Show – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: About the author Dear Paak PTI Pakistani Puttar Patriots (PPPPP) of Imran Khan, Watch this youtube clip where student after student pledges allegiance to Hazrat Imran Khan! Now I understand the wisdom of promoting veteran Islamo Marxist comrades like Mian Azhar
Liberal fascists launch an attack on Imran Khan’s financial credibility – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji:     About the author As the tail wind of the Hazrat Imran Khan Tsunami, I want to inform you, my millions of readers, of the latest media attacks by the liberal fascists on Imran Khan.  We all know
Imran Khan takes over Lahore – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: About the author Related post: Imran Khan’s Lahore rally offers no hope to Pakistan’s religious and ethnic minority groups Tomorrow is the DAWN that Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the Islamic Leftist poet used to refer to. Tommorow is the day
… Meanwhile in the Land of the Pure – by Nadeem F. Paracha: * Photo illustrations by Nadeem F. Paracha Source: Dawn
Enjoying ‘Aaloo-Andey’ with the people – By Nadeem Farooq Paracha: Editor’s Note: We are pleased to cross post this excellent article for DAWN Blogs by Nadeem Paracha.  Kudos to the Beygairat Brigade for their bold, audicious, subversive and darkly comic song on the prevailing Zeitgiest of the Urban elites. Just
Aalu Anday – by Beygairat Brigade: One of the most well-informed Pakistani music videos: Aalu Anday – by Beygairat Brigade Great song, very smart lyrics and video, most probably inspired by veteran columnist Kamran Shafi’s critical articles on the Ghairat Brigade, e.g., The Ghairat Brigades
I condemn liberal fascists’ attack on Hamid Mir – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: About the author I will not tolerate any criticism of patriotic journalists like Hamid Mir. If one were to reach the pinnacle of investigative journalism, one would then have to strain their neck further upwards to see the exalted
Human Rights of Pakistan Army – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: Related posts: Appeal to international community: Impose travel restrictions on all senior officers of Pakistan army Urgent Petition: Stop Pakistan Army’s Crimes against Humanity On BBC’s Secret Pakistan and Ejaz Haider: Their denials and propagandists – by Abbas Daiyar
Anatol’s Hard Country: Book Review – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji: About the author: Riaz Malik Corner Anyone who wants to know about Pakistan should read Anatol Lieven, Imran Khan and Zaid Hamid. Anyone who wants a rousing defense of our Pak Fauj should read Lieven. All those who want
Eid moon madness in Pakistan – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Source: Dawn
Geo kay anchors tornay kee koshish nakaam! Blackmail kar kay Geo!:  According to fiction writers at Jang Group, the media cell of the President House has been trying its best to break away anchors of Geo TV to make them join firstly state owned  PTV and after failing, now
Faiz aur un ki nazm “Kuttay”: جب ہم نے پہلی بار فیض احمد فیض کی نظم ‘کتے’ پڑھی تو بڑا برا لگا، نہ صرف یہ کہ یہ  نظم کچھ غیر ادبی بلکہ بڑی حد تک بے ادبی لگی ، کہاں وہ غازی اور پر اسرار
OBL Hiding in Pakistan: Cartoons: Pakistan has become a laughing stock by the world, a fact which is aptly highlighted by the following cartoons:
Sovereignty moot: Meri behn ka dupatta dey dey Oye!: سلطان راہی مرحوم اور مصطفی قریشی کی لاجواب جوڑی نے بہت سے فلمی شاہکار تخلیق کئے ہیں سب سے زیادہ فلموں کے حوالے سے گینز بک آف ورلڈ ریکارڈ میں نام لکھوانے والے سلطان راہی مرحوم اپنے فلمی کرداروں
Jahan panah tusi great ho, tohfo qabul karo!: Related post: Questions for General Pasha (Part I) Nawaz Sharif’s commendable stance on Pakistani generals’ Abbottabad debacle پارلیمنٹ کے ان کیمرہ سیشن کی متفقہ قرارداد پیش نظر ہے. پاکستان کی سیاسی ڈکشنری میں جن اصطلاحات سے مجھے چڑ ہے
Why do they love Polygamy? – by Danial Lakhnavi: پاکستان کے مذہبی حلقوں میں ایک سے زائد شادیوں کی اجازت اور اولاد کی تعداد کا معاملہ ہمیشہ سے دلچسپی کا موضوع رہا ہے. یہی وجہ ہے کہ ہر مذہبی تبصرہ نگار نے اپنے تحریری معرکہ آرائیوں میں اس
Osama bin Laden was a member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad – by Zalaan: روزانہ جسارت و امت – اسرئیل کے ایک یہودی اخبار الخلافہ نے خبر دی ہے کہ اسامہ بن لادن اصل میں ایک ہندو انتہا پسند تنظیم وشوا ہندو پرشاد کا سر گرم رکن تھا اس کا اصل مذہب ہندو
10 radars urgently needed by Pakistan army and Al Qaeda – by Ali Sher Mussali: Top TV anchors and the fake civil society (FCS) loyalists of Pakistan army have announced to collect funds and donations on urgent basis to purchase 10 radars to save at least 10 top Al-Qaida leaders in various safe houses
Pakistan’s Pro Taliban Media anguish: “We are Grieving the loss of our beloved Osama”: انتقال پرملال ‎ ‎ہم نہایت افسوس، دل گرفتگی ومغمومیت کے عالم میں یہ اندوہناک اعلان کرتے ہیں کہ ہمارے مخدوم وممدوح مجاہد ملت، فاتح ورلڈ سینٹر و غازیئ تورہ بورہ اور شہید اسلام جناب اسامہ بن لادن مبینہ طور
The ummah and the empire: extraordinary rendition – by Hakim Hazik: Some say it was Maulana Barrel who started the drum rolling. Others blame Swat or even New York. However over the years it has found its way into the popular imagination and become a part of the mass culture,
Jaali Voter Fehristein aur Tunno Ki Besharmi! – by Saad Mansoor (Roman Urdu): Har nayay din ke saath humaaray munsif-e-aala urf Tunno aik aisa tabsara kertay hain ke ke har jamhooriyat pasand shehri baithay bithhaye bilbila uthta hai. Lagta hai Musharraf ki kitab Kakkoo kay Kaarnamay (jisay baaz loag ghalti se In the Line
Priest wanted for BBB – by Junaid Noor:   The government of Pakistan is desperately looking for a Christian priest to perform the funeral rites of the slain minorities minister, the late Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti. The government has requested several bishops, cardinals, fathers and even the pope,
My awkward moments in Muslim prayer – by Wajahat Ali: This is a a cross post of an article by Wajahat Ali. Thankful to writer for his assent reproduction here. It is a funny and interesting take on how awkward it can be at times to be a practising
Daniel Craig under threat from Raymond Davis: Current James Bond, 007, Daniel Craig is under immense threat from superman, super spy, triplicate agent, Raymond Davis as the producers of the very popular series, the Broccoli Family and EON Productions are contemplating the current blonde Bond with
Pumpkin (kadoo) worth more than human life: A must-watch video on mullah’s brand of Islam: Related articles: Yes, they have ruined us – by Sehar Tauqeer The Taliban’s war on Pakistan and the role of our religio-political leaders Rid Pakistan of the fasaadi (mischievous) mullahs and their mentors and affiliates, and everything will be
Contradiction between ICC’s and Justice Kashif Abbasi’s verdict on Pakistani cricketers – by Zalaan: جناب جسٹس کاشف عباسی جناب جسٹس طلعت حسین اور ائی سی سی کے فیصلے میں تضاد کیوں ؟ قطر کے دارالحکومت دوحہ میں تین پاکستانی کرکٹرز کے خلاف سپاٹ فکسنگ کے حوالے سے آئی سی سی نے محمد عامر
Let’s have a revolution in Pakistan: Yeh, Yeh, Yeh! A conversation with Raid Shamat and Sasha Sham-me – by Razzak Memon: Related article: Let’s agitate for regime change in Pakistan: Tunisia and Egypt style – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi (Editor’s note: The following is a purely fictional piece and any resemblance to real life characters is purely coincidental. While we may
Interview with Dr. Billa of Daily Bhang – by Naveed Ali: I have been very curious to interview some of my country’s intellectual especially from the journalist class who write in newspapers, as they are for sure an impressive group; it seems they have solution to all our problems but