Anatol’s Hard Country: Book Review – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji

I have the greatest respect for those objective writers who don’t bad mouth our Pakistan army.

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Anyone who wants to know about Pakistan should read Anatol Lieven, Imran Khan and Zaid Hamid. Anyone who wants a rousing defense of our Pak Fauj should read Lieven. All those who want a nice skewering of our elected politicians and of democracy in South Asia with such fancy phrases like client-patron , should buy a copy of this book and come to the same conclusion that I did: Democracy sucks! However, totalitarian States under the rule of a sophisticated class of civil-military bureaucracy, ala Bangladesh Model rocks!

I have the greatest respect for those objective writers who don’t bad mouth our Pak Fauj but shower them with the praise that they so richly deserve for winning the great Jihads of 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999. Similarly, I love it when our elected politicians are reduced to their true selves by these great writers like Anatol Leiven for being a bunch of feudal opportunists who have no vote bank but who keep winning elections. The primary example is the rich feudal lord of Southern Punjab, the jahil dirty Jamshed Dashti.

Thanks to Allah, he was first disqualified by the great Supreme Court of Pakistan. But this paleeth aadmi then won the reelections with 65,000 votes and good Socialist reformers from humble backgrounds like Ghulam Mustafa Khar could only manage 6000 votes. When an hoenst, Allah fearing poor man like Khar was defrauded of his election deposit, I was heartbroken. We all know that Jamshed Dashti used his feudal or patron-client power to force these people to vote for him at gun point.

After reading Anatol Leiven, I am convinced that Pakistan does not deserve democracy and it is the politicians who have destroyed Pakistan while the Pak army, honest journalists and great judges have tried to preserve our integrity and our ghairat. Also, the common thread amongst great independent thinkers like Anatol Leiven, Imran Khan and Zaid Hamid is that all of them have highlighted how bad the war on terror has been for Pakistan. Before 9/11, there were no Taliban in Pakistan.

There was the Taliban in Afghanistan but they had nothing to do with Pakistan as they were too busy in making a peaceful and Islamic Afghanistan. The Taliban are great nation builders because they know how to put the women in their place and they know that true Islam is only one and that is the Islam of Mullah Omar which is also the Islam of Imran Khan and Zaid Hamid.

Now that Capo-Zionist capitalist imperialist fahashi Amrika has forced this war upon us, we are forced to fight against our own citizens. Today we have to fight against the macho and pious Pakistani Arab, Pakistani Uzbeks, Pakistani Chechans and Pakistani Chinese who are the only reasons why the cowardly Pushtuns have not converted to communism. It is their Holy presence in FATA that has saved Pakistan from Godless secularism. We need to protect such assets from drone attacks that violate our sovereignty in FATA.

Pakistan should be a caliphate under right-wing Leftists like Hazrat Imran Khan. After the Red army of Zaid Hamid conquers India, Anna Hazare should be appointed as the vazir and he should give work shops on how to tackle corruption of our krupt politicians who are out to overtax our honest businessmen, traders and tajirs.

My salaams to the Syeds of the Pak Fauj for defending them on this forum, Pakistan Press and to anti-imperialists/anti-daronis like Meera Ghani and Fundy Kasuri and to Shazia Nawaz for presenting the alternate point of view to the liberal fascists who dominate our media these days. There have been many efforts to suppress the book of Anatol Lieven in Pakistan by the dictatorial democracy of Zardari but thanks to Allah, due to the noble underground efforts of embattled and under-funded Pak Fauj, some of us have managed to get a copy.

Yesterday, my Jamaat-e-Islami Marxist society comrades and I finished the last chapter in the hushed confines of a 4-canal hut in Gulberg. We braved the heat and hunger with just a 3 ton split A/C in a sparsely decorated drawing room with Mughal and Shinto themes. Over the modest offerings of Kunna, Nihari, Payae, chicken tikka, seekh kababs (limited to beef, chicken and mutton varieties only), biryani, mini pepper steaks, mutton korma, parathas, kulchas, naans, romali rotis) and washed down our humble repast with the awaami coke Cola and some Pinot Noir.

The last was blessed halal by one of my Tableeghi Jamaat nephews who wishes to be anonymous but who runs a modest socialist Islamic enterprise of trading in Islamic Kurtas and perfumes and halalling essential FMCGs. As I said, this lovely handsome lad wishes to remain anoynmous so any guesses on his identity are denied in advance. I got my wakeels to help me draft the last two sentences; they are not here. (sorry Ricky Gervais bhai for copying you; hopefully one day, you too will stop being Atheist and become a pucca musalmaan in the Islamic Republic of Bradford-Abad-Istan)

As with all my posts, I have no objection if they are posted on newspapers and blogs and distributed on social networks. Some may call me attention starved – I just consider myself a true Tableeghi.

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