I condemn liberal fascists’ attack on Hamid Mir – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji

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Riaz Malik

I will not tolerate any criticism of patriotic journalists like Hamid Mir. If one were to reach the pinnacle of investigative journalism, one would then have to strain their neck further upwards to see the exalted level attained by underpaid patriotic reporters like Hamid Mir.  Only a Marxist, anti-imperialist media beacon like GEO/JANG Group would have the courage to employ such a bold, anti-establishment voice.

GEO has been a shining beacon against the Dynastic PPP tyrants.  Mir Ebrahim Rahman is the third generation of a struggling, anti-establishment middle-class family that has raised its voice against the PPP dictators who have oppressed Pakistan’s army.  GEO is the best for bravely providing the much-needed airtime to the anti-establishment hero of the masses and defender of the noble anti-imperialist Taliban, Hazrat Imran Khan.

Hamid Mir, Shia Hazaras do NOT need your crocodile tears! – by Laibaah ” is the work of a typical liberal fascist!  It is these liberal fascists who are destroying the unity amongst real liberals like Ejaz Haider, Nasim Zehra, Ali Dayan and Hazrat Imran Khan.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are two types of liberals in Pakistan.

One are the CIA-RAW-Mossad funded fake liberals, in fact liberal fascists who attack, abuse and malign Hamid Mir and other patriots using fake Ids and are aptly known as dangerous computer viruses.

The other are the Real Liberals like Hamid Mir, Ejaz Haider, Nasim Zehra, Ali Dayan Hasan, Ansar Abbasi, Hazrat Imran Khan PTI, Hazrat Altaf Hussain MQM etc who are true patriots and do not use the media to malign the only working institute of Pakistan, the Pakistan Army. It is these liberals, amongst others who have highlighted that democracy is the best revenge that has been exacted on Pakistan!!

For Pakistan to succeed, it needs the good governance of sound administrators like PTI and MQM who are part of a Bangladesh Model that is installed by a Pious Patriotic Pakistani (PPP) general and Pakeeza Puttar Pakistani (PPP)  judges like the great Khawaja Sharif and his Holiness Chaudhary Iftikhar. This is the PPP we need and not Hindu-Rafzi Bhutto-Zardari sorcerors. The army and judges are the real PPP who will always support great leaders like Hazrat Imran Khan and great patriots like Malik Ishaq and Mumtaz Qadri.

Kal bhi Zia zinda thaa, aaj bhi Zia zinda Hai!
Jeeeeeayyyy Hazrat Imran Khan and Mullah Omar!

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