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Zuesse: The Diseased, Lying, Condition Of America’s ‘News’-Media: Editor’s note: “Readers should take note and observe the parallels between the Corporatist US propaganda channels and their counterparts in Pakistan such as GEO, DAWN and ARY. Both President Trump and former President Obama are commonly said in America’s
Look past SOC’s elitism – the issue of inappropriate behaviour by doctors deserves a proper debate:   As more details emerge, it is becoming clear that the AKUH doctor engaged in an inappropriate and unprofessional act by sending a Facebook friend request to a patient. From a gender perspective, his act was uncomfortable to his
How Celeb bullying marred an important debate on Social Media ettiquites in Pakistan:   Narcissism, hypocrisy and Elitism make it difficult to have a reasonable and objective discussion on sending Facebook friend requests. The coordinated cloud of celebrity activists lecturing the rest of Pakistan has barely resulted in social evolution. This tribe
دیواری ، اشتہاری ، اخباری اور بینری مافیا – از حیدر جاوید سید:
صالح صحافی اور میراثی میں فرق – آصف محمود: جمعرات (بارہ مئی، 2016)  کے روز نامہ جنگ میں صفحہ تین پر شائع ہونے والی محترم صحافی صالح ظافر کی اس خبر سے مجھے ارشاد حقانی مرحوم یاد آ گئے۔ اسلام آباد میں برادر محترم خورشید ندیم کی دعوت
بی بی سی اردو کے وسعت الله خان اور لال مسجد کے دہشت گردوں کے انسانی حقوق: جناب وسعت الله خان صاحب کی دیرینہ عادت ہے کہ مصنوعی ثنویت یا بائنری تخلیق کر کے کوشش کرتے ہیں کہ سنی، بریلوی، صوفی اور شیعہ مسلمانوں اور دیگر گروہوں مثال کے طور پر مسیحی اور احمدی کے خلاف
Understanding the Concept of a Peaceful Islam, rests on the Truth about “Islamic Terrorism” – by Rusty Walker: A global understanding of a peaceful Islam rests on the truth being told about “Islamic Terrorism.”  Amr Mousa, former Secretary General of the Arab League does not speak the truth about “Islamic Terrorism,” thus, leaving the Western World confused
Hypocritic society, Yellow Journalism, Kangaroo courts – by Dr. Muzaffar: Hypocrisy is abundant at all levels within our society and no shortage of hate. We hate the Americans because of their drone attacks in the tribal area. We hate the Israelis for what they do to the Palestinians. We hate
With reservations, we accept Ilmana Fasih Deobandi’s apology:   lmana Fasih’s backhanded and vague apology, while duly noted for the record, barely addresses the most pressing concerns. This was never about demanding an apology. This issue is much more. It is about exercising free speech by the
ایگزیکٹ اور بول کے بارے میں معظم رضا تبسم کے چار سوال: پہلا سوال: کیا ریاستی اداروں کو یہ اختیار حاصل ہے کہ وہ از خود کسی کی بڑھتی ہوئی دولت کی تحقیقات کر سکیں؟ ضرور ہے۔ اُس کے لیے کئی ادارے ہیں۔ جن کی ذمہ داری ہے۔ دوسرا سوال: کیا
Fatima Bhutto’s Blog in New York Times Photoshopped by Tribune – by Zulfiqar Ali: 1. Fatima Bhutto wrote Op-Ed in New York Times. Tribune reproduced it. I believe they have arrangements with NYT. BUT 2. They changed Op-Ed to Blog of E-Tribune. SO it means that FB writes ‘blog’ for tribune. Blog has
پاکستانی صحافت میں تکفیری دہشت گردی کی ترویج: اردو پوائنٹ نے قتل کو قابل فخر قرار دے دیا: جریدے اردو پوائنٹ نے گجرات میں سپاہ صحابہ کے حامی دیوبندی پولیس افسر جس نے ایک معصوم شیعہ مسلمان کو گستاخی صحابہ کے جھوٹے الزام میں کلہاڑی کے وار سے شہید کر دیا قابلِ فخر تھانیدار لکھا ہے اور
Why did Tahir ul Qadri end his sit-in in Islamabad – Haider Javed Syed: Why did Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri end the sit-in in Islamabad? What exactly is his new strategy? Was that decision made by Dr Qadri without consulting his allies? Who is behind the table news stories on this topic maligning Dr Qadri?
Time machine enabled “statistical” study: How Imran Khan and Dr Qadri’s protests failed in April before they actually took place in August – by Riaz Al Malik Hajjaji: I just love how an end April-beginning May PEW survey is used to explain events 4 months later in end August. Good thing that this survey was conducted in April and May before the Model Town Massacre and before
نواز شریف حکومت سے پیسے لینے والے دیوبندی اور لبرل صحافیوں کی فہرست – عامر حسینی: نواز شریف سرکار سے وظیفہ خوری کرنے والے بڑے بڑے مومن اور بڑے روشن خیال و لبرل لوگ بے نقاب ہوگئے ،نجم سیٹهی موجود ہیں تو نصرت جاوید بهی مجید نظامی کی منہ بولی بیٹی رمیزہ بهی،مجیب الرحمان شامی
U.S. Drones Hit No Pakistani Civilians in 2014 – TTP confirms that PAF Jets Caused more Collateral Damage:     As the mob continues baying for American blood over Hellfire Predator Drones launched into Pakistani TTP targets, we find the number of civilians killed since the beginning of the year= Zero. Civilian deaths this year have been
U.S. Predator Drones Need only be Feared by Terrorists -by Rusty Walker: “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” – Winton Churchill In Pakistan, and surprisingly, in the U.S., there exists politically correct pressure to sustain a belief that drones kill thousands of civilians, women
خوش ہیں دیوانگی میر سے سب – از عامر حسینی: آج میرا ارادہ تهاکہ ملتان آرٹس کونسل میں ادبی بیٹهک سخنور کی کالم نگاروں کے نام ایک شام میں ضرور شریک ہوں گا لیکن پہلے میرے دوست امین وارثی کا فون کبیروالہ سے آگیا کہ وہ مجه سے ملنے
Historical context of Ahrar-ul-Hind, the new alias of Deobandi terrorists: A previously unknown group Ahrarul Hind has accepted responsibility of suicide bombing and brutal killings of people in district and session courts in Islamabad on 3 March 2014. Media is telling us that this is a splinter group of the
The role of Taliban allies; Judiciary, Media, ASWJ, PML N, PTI, in the murder of Chaudhary Aslam: ““We are fighting a war. What am I supposed to do? They (Taliban) carry out bomb blasts in my city. Should I go and talk to them nicely? If they throw bombs should I start throwing flowers?” It
Mubasher Lucman’s hard hitting program: Shia Genocide, Iftikhar Chaudhry and his corrupt ways: On a day when the entire media was finding it opportune to talk about the 42nd anniversary of Fall of Dhaka and to find a link of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in the debacle, Mubasher Lucman did a hard
Mubasher Lucman exposes plagiarism by the Jang Group: In his programme on 16 Dec 2013, Mubasher Lucman has shown yet another example of Jang Group’s stooping to lowest levels of journalism. In today’s (16th December, 2013) The News and Jang, a report by Amir Mir was published
Raza Rumi’s blog continues to obfuscate Deobandi terrorism – by Laleen Ahmad: Pakistan’s elitist liberals (or fake liberals) continue to obfuscate the Takfiri-Deobandi campaign of terror against Shias, Sunni Brelvis, Ahmadis, Christians, and Hindus. One day after the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP aka ASWJ) assassinated Allam Nasir Abbas, a noted Shia scholar,
Dr. Safdar Mehmood (PhD by fraud)’s usual pack of lies about Iqbal and Jinnah: ‘It was Iqbal who, through his letters, convinced Quaid e Azam to come back to India to lead Muslim League.’ The proof given for that is Iqbal’s letters to Jinnah. As many other myths this is not only untrue
حکیم اللہ محسود کی ہلاکت اور اردو کالم نگار: اردو صحافت اور کالم نگار عامر حسینی جیسا کہ میں نے اپنے فیچر “جہادی صحافت “میں اردو پرنٹ اور الیکٹرانک میڈیا کے حکیم اللہ محسود کی ہلاکت پر جہادی صحافیوں کی آہ و بکاء پر خاصا تفصیل سے لکھا
Mir Shakil strikes back through fake-doctor Aamir Liaquat: Cheap tactics of Jang Group against Mubasher Lucman: As one could expect from people of low caliber and upbringing, instead of responding logically and with facts to the allegations levelled against the Jang Group, Mir Shakil ur Rehman and Jahangir Siddiqui by Mubashar Lucman in his series
اوریا مْقبول جان کا ملالہ فوبیا – از خاپیرئ یوسفزئ: سنا تھا گرنے کی اک حد ہوتی ہے لیکن نظروں سے گرنے کی کوئی حد مقرر نہیں ہے، اور شکر ہے کہ یہ حد مقرر نہیں ورنہ اک حد تک جاکہ ان جھوٹ پرستوں کو رکنا پڑتا۔ اخباری دنیا
The Drones, the Media and Pakistan – by Arshad Haroon: I was flabbergasted to watch that every Tom and Dick in the Pakistani media was discussing the amnesty international report on the use of drones in Pakistan. The report claims that American drones have killed between 400 and 900
LUBP congratulates Malala Yousafzai: Dear Malala, You may not have won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize but you have won the hearts of millions of those who cherish equal rights and education and peaceful resistance. For refusing to bow down to the medievalist
Ludhianvi’s interview: Pakistan’s Capital TV normalizes Shia genocide by maninstreaming Takfiri Deobandi terrorists: Related post: An open letter to Raza Rumi – by Ali Taj, LUBP Editor-in-Chief On 4 October 2013, head of a banned terrorist outfit led a rally in Islamabad where anti-Shia, anti-Ahmadi slogans were rampant; moments later he joined
Secretive Najam Sethi and mysterious agencies – by Asif Jilani: English translation by: Mahpara Qalandar Originally published in Sindh language in daily Kawish, Urdu tranlsation published by LUBP blog Summary: In this article, Mr. Asif Jilani, senior Pakistani columnist and veteran broadcaster of BBC Urdu, has exposed some hidden aspects
Mr. Kleen Klasra! Here you go again: Few days ago, Klasra SiaN wrote how Prez is taking away the gifts. Then there was something about Kleen Klasra I wrote and tagged him (please see the note). In his latest column (Sept 5) Klasra SiaN laments that
Express Tribune crosses all boundaries in covering up murder by ASWJ’s chief terrorist in Karachi – by Xain Gardezi: Headline in one the ‘liberal’ English dailies (Express Tribune) as follows: “ASWJ leader survives another assassination attempt” If one reads above piece of news, it would seem that Karachi chief of banned Anjuman Sipah e Sahaba (ASS, currently
Pakistan floods: Govt was nowhere in Karachi – because Sindh is governed by the PPP – Shabash Geo, Shabash Hamid Mir: They just can’t swallow the fact why the PPP is governing Sindh despite all of their propaganda. The recent flooding which seems to have become a regular phenomenon has affected Karachi badly. Without doubt, the absence of a strong
Conflict of interest: Najam Sethi wants the multi-billion TV rights deal for his employer’s sports channel: Note: We never trusted this man even in his core profession of journalism leave alone the cricket that he knows little of. Sethi never was a journalist. He became a so called journalist through proxy by bringing out a
Hats off to Mubasher Lucman for speaking bitter truth about Jang/Geo – by Farrukh Ahmed: Mubsaher Lucman is one of the most hated people on national media not because he says something wrong, but because his programs have been against the “norms” as dictated by the right winged media, judges and political parties especially
Response to Ali Wahab’s letter – by Ali Taj: Dear Ali Abbas Taj Editor LUBP I am extremely disgusted to find that on Twitter, in the recent Raza Rumi / Farhad Jarral vs LUBP tug of war, my late mother, Fauzia Wahab has been dragged into! Yes, being
Fight of two defamers: Jang Group vs Zaid Hamid – by Farrukh Ahmed: In what is to be considered a first, Jang Group, the premier defaming media organization known for its sensational publications like Jang and The News and a hyperbolic tv channel named Geo TV have sent another hyper active, conspiracy
Blast from the past: An incomoplete list of Nawaz Sharif’s lifafa journalists: Related posts: نواز شریف حکومت سے پیسے لینے والے دیوبندی اور لبرل صحافیوں کی فہرست – عامر حسینی Pakistani Media Gate: 19 anchors and journalists are on ISI’s payroll via Malik Riaz Based on Asad Kharal’s tweets Since 1986,
Judicial report on Jang Group’s Aman Ki Asha: “the footprints lead to Indian sponsors including Indian state TV”: Islamabad, July 13, 2013:  Findings of Supreme Court’s Media Commission reveal that content and discourse in Pakistani media, particularly in Jang Group / Geo TV is largely influenced by non-transparent foreign sources of funding and dubious advertising. In particular,