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Trip to Britain successful, highlighted the various challenges: another slap in the face of irresponsible media: President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to Europe has been successful in drawing the attention of the world community on the enormity the of the ravages of unprecedented floods in the country as well as forging international assistance for the
Media Conspirators Campaign Against Zardari Backfires: Source: new Pakistan The fact of a media conspiracy against Zardari has been discussed for some time as onlookers scratch their heads in wonder at much of the seemingly outrageous anti-Zardari rhetoric that is published. But have the conspirators
Why Look For The Black Box When You Have Saaleh Zaafir?: Source: Cafe Pyala The Jang Group in general and The News in particular are just so lucky. On their staff they have someone who is not only a fearless and insightful reporter who is never one to shy away
Hamid Gul callling Baitullah Mehsud and Faqir Muhammad “Mujahids”: Watch this video clip (submitted by Zalaan) which shows Hamid Gul in 2008 calling Baitullah Mehsud and Faqir Muhammad “Mujahid” and well wishers of Pakistan. Isn’t this treason? Now explain how and why our talk show hosts persist in
Another Glaring Example of Yellow Journalism by The News Investigative Cartel – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: I have not been very keenly following the matter of “massive losses” of Pakistan Steel and the alleged perpetrator of those losses. All fingers are pointed towards Riaz Laljee and a connection is somehow or the other made with
Why are opinion pieces ‘Top Stories’ in The News?: Am I missing a point? Weren’t Ansar Abbasi and Shaheen Sehbai always propogating the fact that the CJ was restored by General Kayani by holding a gun to the PPP’s head? Why are opinion pieces ‘Top Stories’ in The
Rage of the virtue brigade – by Ayaz Amir: A brigade is just a metaphor. What we have now is a veritable army of the enraged middle classes inveighing day in and day out against the evil of the times in which they live and hoping somehow for
An unfettered media – by Aliya Anjum: Source: Pakistan Media Watch In her Daily Times column today, Aliya Anjum continues the public outcry for a responsible and constructive media that provides something of value for the people and not just cynical politics to increase advertising revenue.
Lordship CJ’s selective honesty ? – by Jinnah Bhutto: There are few things which cannot be compromised based on our religious teachings. Firstly, if you ever find out that your Imam in the mosque is corrupt (likes to have a drink once in a while, when mood is good
Pakistan’s media blacks out the killing of 18 Shia Muslims in Kurram Agency: By Omar Khattab On 17 July a convoy of Shias left Peshawar for their hometown Parachinar. On the way near Charkhel, they were attacked by the Taliban. The Taliban used rockets and automatic weapons killing 18 including women and
Politicians are their own enemy – Ayaz Amir’s article: Ayaz Amir was a renowned columnist years before he became an elected legislator from his hometown of Chakwal. Urbane and suave, seeing him with the PML-N makes me wonder about his judgment about a party and its leadership. One
Final figures of FY2010 by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Pakistan is a strange country with contradictions abound in what we see and what is made to be seen. On one hand, we are always cribbing about the increase in fuel prices, the growing inflation and rising poverty but
United for yellow journalism – by Saad Mansoor: It becomes clearer by each passing day that the calls for accountability, fairness and sense of social responsibility by media, judiciary and the so-called civil society of Pakistan are nothing but a sham. It became all too clear when
Blackmailers in media – by Farhad Jarral: A few days ago, CCPO Gujranwala DIG Zulfiqar Cheema called a meeting of police officials and asked them to take an oath to end corruption in the police department. Media representatives were also present in that meeting. During the
Sensitizing the Degrees Verification Process – Saleh Zafir’s role: With no National Assembly in session currently where Saleh Zafir could write his salees Urdu and applaud the 2 hour long speeches of Chaudhry Nisar. Neither is the Prime Minister traveling that Saleh Zafir would be free loading a
A huge round of applause for the Punjab Assembly – by Junaid Qaiser: All political parties in the Punjab Assembly on Friday passed a unanimous resolution against certain sections of the media for adopting an irresponsible attitude which could adversely affect the constitutional arrangement in the country and derail democracy. It has
Apathy and silence on urgent human rights issues: An audit of Pakistani bloggers – by Sarah Khan: In my recent posts on the LUBP, I have highlighted the pseudo-liberal inclination of several Pakistani intellectuals including bloggers. Another common feature of Pakistani blogs is their selective understanding and representation of events in Pakistan. For example, events happening
In rejection of politicians and in support of the military generals – by Haroon-ur-Rasheed: جو دل پہ گزرتی رہتی ہے….ناتمام…ہارون الرشید صوفی نے کہا تھا جو رہنمائی کے منصب پر فائز ہو ، وہ دوسروں کو رعایت دے سکتا ہے ، اپنے آپ کو کبھی نہیں۔ چیخ و پکار کا نہیں، یہ غور
Full text of the Punjab Assembly’s resolution against yellow journalism. What is wrong with it?: A few months ago, veteran writer and journalist Hamid Akthar wrote an excellent article in The Express highlighting the unholy alliance of the Three Jeem (three Js) i.e., journalists, judges and jurnails (generals) against the people and politicians of
Saleem Safi’s about-face – no one should be surprised: In the past, LUBP has posted several articles by Saleem Safi in which he exposed the hypocritical nature of many Pakistanis’ support for Jihad – i.e. that Jihad was good when it was fought in Afghanistan but not good
Shaheen Sehbai’s defamation charges against Azeem Daultana, PTH and LUBP – by Pakistan Media Watch: Source: Pakistan Media Watch One would think that after a 42-year career in the field of journalism, Shaheen Sehbai would have grown a slightly thicker skin. Instead, it appears that he’s grown quite a bit of cheek! Apparently the
King of “churnalism” goes to court: After having been stopped for writing defaming material against Riaz Laljee, the king of “churnalism”, Shaheen Sehbai has gone to court seeking damages from Azim Daultana for his article Differentiating between journalism and ‘churnalism’. Good going Sehbai sahab. Also
The News stoops even lower – by Eqbal Alavi: The News is no alien to yellow journalism. The whole Jang Group has an immense history of publishing concoted stories based on the unknown sources of investigative journalist in-charge Ansar Abbasi, the imaginations of Saleh Zafar and the conspiracies
Ansar Abbasi to the Rescue of Khwaja Sharif:   Do we need to say more? Read the article’s contemptuous tone towards the PPP, Asif Zardari and support for Khwaja Sharif. “Mayn Sadqay Jaawaan aisee masoomiat par” that is being opinionated by Pakistan’s apex investigative journalist.  Justice Sharif
The politics of Shaheen Sehbai and the tomato juice bath – by Fawad Manzoor: Skunk is a small animal found in the wild. It looks beautiful from distance. It has beautiful white stripe going through middle of his body all the way through its tail. One of the defense this animal has against
Pakistan’s right wing media: a breeding ground for extremism – by Junaid Qaiser: Pakistan’s predominantly right wing media’s hostile propaganda against politicians and misrepresentation of information serve as a breeding ground for extremist aberrations in the society. Journalism is a gentleman’s profession, but here in Pakistan, newly born liberalized media seems to
Differentiating between journalism and ‘churnalism’ – by Azeem Daultana: First published on Pak Tea House Apropos “Information Minister vs journalists” by Usman Manzoor published in The News International of May 27, 2010, the reporter has desperately tried to use the space of this newspaper to establish the now
Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali: a beacon of hope in Pakistani Politics or is he not? – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: NOTE: I am not trying to defend the people who have fake degrees. There is a court of law that deals with forgery but what is happening in the media is to brand politicians and parliament as inept and
In Pakistan, Criticism of President is Good for TV Ratings – by WSJ: Source: WSJ KARACHI, Pakistan—TV executives here, supported by a boom in advertising revenue and feeding off a public taste for conspiracy theories, are using popular news channels to chip away at the standing of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.
Dear Editors, Please Wake Up!: Our friends at Pakistan Media Watch are doing a great job in showing some journalists their true reflection. In their piece on Editors, titled “Dear Editors, Please Wake Up!” they have raised pertinent points about need to back stories
Ahmad Noorani mischaracterizes Zardari’s statements, contradicts own newspaper – by Pakistan Media Watch: Source: Pakistan Media Watch Ahmad Noorani writes a ‘top story’ in The News today that is an example of yellow journalism at its worst. The article, “President confuses PPP Jialas and the nation“, is a political ‘hit job’ and not
Why is Athar Minallah causing panic to The News? Why now? – by Fawad Manzoor: This is with reference to Ahmad Noorani’s rejoinder titled “Why is Athar Minallah so panicky?” which was published in The News on 19 June 2010. About face by Ahmed Noorani on Mr Athar Minhallah is so panicky. Even though
Duplicity of Jang Group – Jang says one thing and The News completely opposite in support of Ansar Abbasi: Let us look at the following chronology of events: 10th May – Fauzia Wahab appears on a program of Dunya News called “Dunya Today” with Moeid Pirzada with Roedad Khan and Ansar Abbasi as guests. In that program, Ansar
Athar Minallah responds to posts on Let Us Build Pakistan:   Being largely appreciative of the article of Athar Minallah titled “Who are betraying the unsung heroes of the lawyers’ movement?” that was published in The News on June 16, 2010 and also a note being posted by Fawad
TV coverage of the mass family suicide in Lahore: Source: Cafe Pyala Can I just say how sick I am of silly television anchors’ idea of “hard-nosed journalism”? Can no serious issue be covered without dragging it down to the level of bathos? Or without trying to make
Asma Jahangir’s rejoinder to The News / Jang: Shame on Ansar Abbasi and his gang of blackmailers in Jang / The News (who are known to be on the payroll of the Jamaat-e-Islami and Hizbut Tahrir) for writing malicious, misleading articles against one of the (very few)
Asif Zardari is an American citizen?: Now this is absolutely ridiculous! Jang Group stooping to newer lows. What can I do…I have done this all my life to open Jang first thing in the morning. I can’t start my day without it. For the last
Desperation of Ansar Abbasi: What sort of language is Ansar Abbasi using these days in his columns? On page 3 of Jang on June 14, 2010, his two columns have appeared which are nothing less than contemptuous and target the popularly elected government
A perspective on Dr Shahid Masood’s dubious journalism – by Dr Ayesha Siddiqa: We reproduce below an excerpt from Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s email (circulated in the Press Pakistan group) to Dr Moeed Pirzada explaining her perspective on Dr Shahid Masood and his style of journalism. Unlike Shahid Masood who is a medical
Ansar Abbasi let lawyers be lawyers and you remain a journalist: Pakistan Media Watch in their critical response to Ansar Abbasi’s opinions have raised certain pertinent points which we at LUBP have been raising for a long time. Pakistan Media Watch believes and we concur that by running his opinions