Lordship CJ’s selective honesty ? – by Jinnah Bhutto

There are few things which cannot be compromised based on our religious teachings. Firstly, if you ever find out that your Imam in the mosque is corrupt (likes to have a drink once in a while, when mood is good call his lady friend for company), you would not pray behind a corrupt man and that is what Islam tells us. Similarly being a judge (Qazi) is not a political post it is very important (being a Muslim) that a Qazi should not decide the matters that he himself indulges in. If Qazi sahib is himself a dishonest man how come he can decide the matters related to dishonesty? If Imam keeps leading the prayer by force you can’t do anything similarly if Qazi keeps passing judgments there is nothing you and I can do, but it is a matter of being morally upright.
Standards of morality vary from profession to profession. A car salesman or real estate broker might not have high moral standards but you can live with it or leave it. A car salesman cannot force you to buy a car of his choice or on his terms nor can the real estate broker force you.  But in religious matters such as Imam and Qazi highest moral standards are required. The removal of judge based on dishonesty is as impossible as Pakistan becoming a super power in next two years of PPP rule. Whereas a politician can always be tried in the court for any crime (committed or not), they don’t have any immunity (other than presidential immunity of limited time) or preferential courts. Judges on the contrary cannot be tried in the courts which are set up for lesser mortals like us. Judges have something exalted which is called the Supreme Judicial Council. I would request everyone to check to see since 1973 constitution how many times SJC has tried its own peers and thrown them out for corruption! Don’t we know the character of majority of judges and how much money they take for required decisions? It is well known fact that “why pay a lawyer when you can buy a judge” and it still holds true. If media is not telling people about higher judiciary’s corruption due to their unholy alliance it doesn’t mean corruption in the judiciary doesn’t exist.
The issue of fake degrees is all a political façade in the garb of honesty and high morals. CJ had one hundred and sixty petitions lying in his court challenging degrees of Musharraf’s parliamentarians (2002-2007). Most of the petitions filed were against MMA and PML-Q parliamentarians. We never heard a squeak from CJ or anybody else. No JI lawyers talked about those petitions, no petition loving lawyers came to the surface demanding decisions on those petitions. Musharraf with the help of SC blackmailed those parliamentarians to get LFO passed and to stay in uniform. Not even one single hearing in the matter has been recorded. Even though at the time we had very honest person working in HEC Dr. Atta ur Rehman (honest as per criteria of the media). I believe it was hard to cow him down to issue fake verifications for the degrees but nothing came out of those petitions. Currently when we are in a fragile democratic set up. My lordship Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry wakes up one fine morning on the wrong side of the bed and looks out the window and notices that sun has risen from the west instead of east and instantly he becomes Mr. Honest. His honesty would have been appreciated much more if previous 160 petitions related to fake degrees were disposed of first and then these new petitions should have been picked up. Mr. CJ is showing selective honesty. Mr. honest CJ should have undone his previous wrongs to tell the nation that he is a reformed man and now nation can trust him. He never publicly apologized to the nation. I dare everybody to show any record of his two year blackmailing movement in which he openly and clearly apologized to the nation for his collaboration with Musharraf. As Muslims we are a very forgiving nation but we need to ask for forgiveness and then act accordingly. His movement was to get his job back and there was nothing more to it. I refuse to accept that his “No” to Musharraf means all his previous sins can be forgiven. Two wrongs of history since 12th October, 1999 Musharraf and Iftikhar Chaudhry can’t be forgiven or their trampling of the constitution unless and until tried in the courts of law. Other than the fact that the parliamentarians lied about their qualification in 2008 elections, now trial is based on a defunct law. No prosecution took place when this law was in force but when it became defunct prosecution by CJ went into super over drive. It has already been turned down by the Hameed Dogar Supreme court. Now we are going back in time to give judgments according to what the law said at the time then won’t it be great if we visit October 12, 1999 and see who collaborated with Musharraf and who gave him permission to rule and amend constitution and which law was applicable on 11th of October, 1999 and under which constitution judges took oath to defend him? If we travel back in history and want to correct what went wrong then I think Musharraf and SC of that time including Iftikhar Chaudhry should be tried for treason and I don’t say it but law of the land says punishment for treason is death. (Remember Article 6, a favorite clause quoted by media all the time for Musharraf) Issue of fake degrees is all based on political agenda. Axis of evil couldn’t find GHQ to help remove the government in the middle of the tenure so they turned around and used ”Judiciary” (which is already upset at the government for not restoring them earlier). Also there is an urge to oblige their real master and financier of their movement , Mr. Nawaz Sharif.  LHC CJ’s political remarks to defend his master and defending a wanted criminal are testament to that. It doesn’t matter how one part of evil axis (media) is twisting the facts by saying that CJ LHC was forced into making these remarks. I ask the yellow journalist (Ansar Abbasi) that LHC CJ is a grown up man of over sixty years of age, he is not an infant.
We also need to check the fact that CJ’s son in 1996 secured 639 marks in FSc but got admission in Baluchistan Medical College even though the merit was 750. Records show that he got admission in Baluchistan Medical College on a seat reserved for foreigners for which he doesn’t fulfill the requirement. What happened with his son till he was a judge at SC and what happened after he became CJ is altogether different story how whole set of new rules were made to bring his son to FIA and how he really benefited from his father being CJ of Pakistan. How CJ required protocol and how he abused senior officers. I think his son’s degree is fake in the first place, we should visit 1996 and open a case against his son and it would be appreciated if he applies same honesty at home too.

Saying goes “charity begins at home”.

Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was appointed to the Baluchistan High Court in November 1990 by the new government of IJI, a branch of ISI and led by our beloved Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, as Prime Minister of Pakistan. And once again when Nawaz Sharif came back to power through the mandate given by ISI, Nawaz Sharif promoted Iftikhar Chaudhry as Chief Justice Baluchistan High Court in April 1999. It shows Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has benefited the most from Nawaz and Musharraf. Old links of ISI-Nawaz(IJI)-Media-Iftikhar Chaudhry can’t be ignored. Mr. honest CJ’s court was boycotted by SCBA but on the day he was forced out of the office by his boss Musharraf, he contacted Munir Malik to represent him who had earlier refused to appear in his court, he took the case with a lot of reservation. Later on a whole lot of celebrity lawyers took control of the movement. Their aim was not the love of CJ Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry (Hub-e-Ali) but their actual aim was removal of Musharraf (Bughz-e-Muawiya). This movement’s star was Atizaz Ahsan a camera savvy politician of PPP ranks. All the stalwarts of lawyers movement took oath from CJ that if restored he will not revert back to his old habits and will not target democracy. But somehow those celebrity lawyers have taken a back seat and new stooges came forward as his advisors and same cronyism started from the SC. Asma Jehangir needs no introduction, who stood against every government defending Human Rights, why is she speaking against judiciary? I as an observer might not be so well informed but they were insiders of the movement and their stepping back needs to be asked. Where are Munir Malik, Atizaz Ahsan, Ali Ahmed Kurd, Tariq Mehmood and Athar Minhallah, the five shinning stars of the movement to get CJ his job back. Why are they nowhere to be found? The question about their stepping back in private is not well suited to be written here. Why are lawyers divided now? These are important questions that only time will answer.



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