Blackmailers in media – by Farhad Jarral

A few days ago, CCPO Gujranwala DIG Zulfiqar Cheema called a meeting of police officials and asked them to take an oath to end corruption in the police department. Media representatives were also present in that meeting. During the oath ceremony, some participants also asked media representatives to take oath against corruption and end corruption in their profession too. Unfortunately every journalist refused to take an oath on ‘such a sensitive matter’. Does it show the extent to which several of Pakistani journalists and reporters are involved in blackmailing, corruption and humiliating the people and politicians of Pakistan.

It is common knowledge in Gujranwala that (with very few exceptions), most journalists are earning money with their specialities in blackmailing. This includes some TV channel representatives e.g., Bureau Chief Shabbir Mughal of ATV got 2 plots (1 kanal each) as a gift from the President of the PGCHS D.C. Colony Gujranwala Cantt because of his support to a corrupt bureaucrat Khalid Sultan (Former Chief Secretary AJK and President of D.C. Colony Gujranwala Cantt).

It is an appeal to government officials i.e., Qamar Zaman Kaira (Information Minister) to look into this matter and sack the ATV Bureau Chief if found guilty. Media should be responsible in their profession; they should also spend time in revealing corruption/blackmailing in their own profession and department instead of doing propaganda against the people of Pakistan and their elected leaders.



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