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گوجرانوالہ میں چار معصوم احمدیوں کا قتل اور پاکستانی معاشرے کے سنی و شیعہ مسلمانوں کی بے حسی – عامر حسینی: ابهی ابهی مغربی میڈیا کے اہم اہم آن لائن اخبارات اور پاکستانی اخبارات کا مطالعہ کرکے فارغ ہوا ہوں پاکستان کے تمام اردو اخبارات نے فرنٹ پیج میں پیشانی کے قریب اور بعض نے اوپر کے کوارٹر پیج پر
Statement of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) following Gujranwala Attack:   World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns killing of 3 Ahmadi Muslims On 27 July 2014, Ahmadi Muslims in Kachi-Pump in Gujranwala were attacked by local extremists in a sectarian attack. During the attack, 3 Ahmadi Muslims,
Demise of Humanity – by Syed Farrukh Abbas:     Four members of the Ahmadi community, including Three females and an Unborn child were killed late Sunday and four others were severely injured when an angry mob attacked and burnt 8 houses in Gujranwala (Punjab) . Punjab
Ahmadi massacre in Gujranwala: The odor of dead burnt unborn baby wishes you Eid Mubarak Pakistan: Source and Author: Naeem Shamim’s facebook The Saudi backed Punjab govt. does it again …. Gujranwala is another Gojra! #Ahmadis #Christians. Three female members of the Ahmadi community, including two minors, were killed late Sunday and four others were
گوجرانوالہ پولیس نے قتل و غارت گری میں ملوث کالعدم دیوبندی تنظیم سپاہ صحابہ کے چار دہشت گرد گرفتار کرلیے: گوجرانوالہ پولیس نے امام بارگاہوں میں فائرنگ اور قتل و غارت گری میں ملوث کالعدم دیوبندی تنظیم سپاہ صحابہ کے چار دہشت گرد گرفتار کرلیے ۔پولیس کا کہنا ہے کہ ملزمان نے اعتراف جرم کرلیا۔سی پی اوکا کہنا ہے
Thank you, CM Najam Sethi: PML-N-led mob targets Christian locality in Gujranwala: Sunni (deobandi) Muslim mob targets Christian locality in Gujranwala ‘for disrespecting Islam’ Related post: Najam Sethi and others continue to obfuscate the truth while nearly 200 Christian homes burn – by Ali Taj Sethi-Rumi minions exonerate Deobandi militants from
ینگ ڈاکٹرز ،گوجرانوالہ تشدد کیس اور اصل حقائق — لیل و نہار /عامر حسینی:     ہم نے تین روز قبل ٹی وی چینلز پر ایک فوٹیج چلتے دیکھا-اس فوٹیج میں گوجرانوالہ ڈسٹرکٹ ہسپتال میں ایم ایس کے کمرے کا ایک منظر تھا اور اس دوران ینگ ڈاکٹرز کی تنظیم وائی ڈی اے
My name is Samawia, I was born into the wrong family, in the wrong place: Introduction This is my picture. Do you remember me? My name is Samawia. I am two-and-a-half-year-old. Do you recognize this name? Samawia (or Samavia) is an Arabic name which means ‘from heaven’. I was born in Tajpura. Do you
Blackmailers in media – by Farhad Jarral: A few days ago, CCPO Gujranwala DIG Zulfiqar Cheema called a meeting of police officials and asked them to take an oath to end corruption in the police department. Media representatives were also present in that meeting. During the
Ansar Abbasi, "The Corrupt Judge", DIG Gujranwala, PFUJ and the followers of Goebbels – By Abbas Ather: Is Ansar Abbasi an investigative journalist? Or a police tout? Contempt of court based on an unsubstantiated statement attributed to Hazrat Nanno Goraya?
Well done Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema, DIG/RPO Gujranwala Police: Haroon-ur-Rashid