The politics of Shaheen Sehbai and the tomato juice bath – by Fawad Manzoor

Skunk is a small animal found in the wild. It looks beautiful from distance. It has beautiful white stripe going through middle of his body all the way through its tail. One of the defense this animal has against its enemies is to spray a liquid with a strong foul smelling odor.

While abroad on a hunting trip, I had the experience of such activity and it is very hard to get rid of that odor. One antidote that hunters use to get rid of this odor is to take a bath in tomato juice.

Mr. Sehbai seems like some one of such traits. He appears to be a decent looking man but when you get to read his blabbering, he seems like a person with personal vendetta not a journalist.

His recent article titled “The politics of Raiwind and the Mian brothers” published in The News on 28 June 2010 is full of “assumptions”. His writing shows his biased opinion. He is hell bent on defaming Zardari and PPP with concocted and fabricated stories. He is trying to scare Nawaz of military camel and at the same time trying to advise him to confront Zardari. He also mentions how PML-Q lawmakers came close to Nawaz and he missed the opportunity to bring all the leagues closer and overthrowing PPP government.

Sehbai writes:

On the contrary, if Nawaz had played his cards well and got all the PML people together, he would be in a perfectly easy position to topple the Gilani government in the NA in a simple numbers game, all through a democratic and political process. Finding a face-saving excuse to get the PML-Q MNAs, senators and MPs should not have been a problem, instead it would have thrown the Zardari camp into disarray. But even political moves have been missing and that has left the field open for Zardari to exploit.

His phrases like “Zardari’s Cronies”, “Zardari and associates”, and “Zardari sidekicks” clearly shows his hate for President Zardari and for the PPP leadership. He is openly advocating toppling the PPP led democratic government. He also doesn’t shy away from suggesting Nawaz Sharif to bring Musharraf’s former political allies PML-Q closer for this purpose. He is suggesting grand alliance of Muslim leagues and any Tom Dick & Harry parties in lines with historical IJI to defeat PPP.

His suggestion that Zardari thinks General Musharraf’s return will help the PPP and Nawaz’s repeated principled stand on Musharraf’s trial is also hurting the PML-N. I never thought that leading newspaper editor will suggest such steps. In his words it is all just numbers game.

Mr. Sehbai is playing games with his words.

The massive loot and plunder and the spate of stories of corruption, misuse of authority, wastage of funds etc is all going by default with no one to challenge it effectively either in parliament or on the streets. Press conferences and TV interviews cannot stop this rot and this has not yet been understood by Nawaz Sharif.

Sehbai’s suggestion that the Charter of Democracy is not accepted by Zardari is full of exploitation of facts. Charter of Democracy whose signatories are both parties have already acted on it and converted it into unanimously passed18th amendment with mutual consent. Mr. Sehbai’s repeated calls for COD are redundant and of no use. Mr. Sehbai unlike his name “Shaheen” is behaving like a vulture feeding on dead animals. His tirade against Zardari is of personal nature.

Mr. Sehbai, there are many more who claim to be the initiators of the COD. Wake up and smell the coffee it has already been acted upon. No need to keep beating a dead horse. Everybody can smell the odor of skunk from your writings. If you have personal grudge against Zardari deal with it on personal level. You have no right to dirty the newspaper pages with your filth.

Another excerpt from the article under review:

It is hard for me to demand that the Charter of Democracy should be buried, as I am one of its initiators, but when signatories do not adhere to the agreements, it becomes redundant by itself. The Sharif brothers must wake up before Zardari and Associates who are claiming that 2013 will the year the PPP will sweep the Punjab, becomes a reality.

Sehbai’s uncorroborated statement that Zardari camp is trying to attack Judiciary is just a huge laugh. When any of the government functionary said anything to insult judiciary. The stories that are leaked out are not true; those fictitious stories are made in the offices of the Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ). His ill informed sources are making mockery of journalism. He has absolutely no proof of even a single thing he said. This frustrated and constipated person has not left anybody or anything untouched with his wild imaginative thoughts. He has tried to bring a rift between PPP and its allies then he touched army and PML-N secretive talks.

Mr. Sehbai should start writing novels of political fiction with name “Sehbai’s Political fiction based on fictional sources”. I am surprised that such a self proclaimed patriot spends most of his time in the US with his family in NY and still gets so much stuff to print from unnamed sources in the power corridors. Could it be possible that his unnamed sources are some people or agencies not from this country.

I would call Shaheen Sehbai a complete buffoon who is trying to make waves to topple the government and derail the system. If such stupidity is done and Nawaz Sharif does as suggested by Sehbai then believe me this will once again come back to haunt us. This ugly process of toppling the democratic governments will continue till no end unless new Chief of Army Staff decides to become new Zia or new Musharraf. He is trying to tell Nawaz Sharif to stop Zardari from doing his work.

With all the filth and ugliness that has been written and spoken thru the media, they still can’t digest that it was Zardari and PPP which got Gilani elected PM unanimously, got senators elected unanimously, got president elected with two third majority, gave the Balochistan Package with apology for previous mistakes of the rulers, gave the NFC award, gave the 18th Amendment reducing President’s own powers along with providing maximum provincial autonomy, keeping army on a winning track in FATA (indeed it is not army alone, army needed the political will to do the job which the government provided), putting a leash on extremist elements in Pakistan, pushing Mullahs back to where they belong (hell hole).

Mr. Shebai, what else do you want? Sorry that Zardari didn’t make you ambassador to Canada or something, otherwise you would be happy like your other friend Dr. Shahid Masood was happy till he got fired from his job at PTV.

Advice to Mr. Shaheen Shebai: dear, sit back and relax; let the democracy work. I know you are not happy that you were not appointed as an ambassador but still let the system work; no need to think of different ways of toppling governments just to satisfy your ugly ego. I challenge you to provide concrete evidence to prove anything you have said. Skunk! now I need to take a bath in tomato juice.



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