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Being largely appreciative of the article of Athar Minallah titled “Who are betraying the unsung heroes of the lawyers’ movement?” that was published in The News on June 16, 2010 and also a note being posted by Fawad Manzoor titled “On Athar Minallah and the betrayal of the unsung heroes”, we decided to forward the comments to Athar Minallah on his email address that was published at the end of his article.

He has very kindly responded to the points of Fawad’s blog posting by email which is presented below.

 Dear Mr. Iqbalabadi,

At the very outset I thank you for your generous words.

I respect the views of Mr. Manzoor but do not agree or subscribe to it. I have unequivocally stated in my article that the movement was for a principle and i stand where I stood on March 9, 2007. I have never claimed to be a hero. As is apparent from my article, for me the real heroes were the young lawyers who had no expectation to appear before the CJP after his restoration. They had nothing to gain. Similarly, the youth, students, civil society members and above all the people of Pakistan are the heroes. They were with the movement for a cause and principles. Lawyers and political workers sacrificed their lives. They were selfless and patriotism was their motivating factor.

It is not fair to attribute the success of the movement to money being pumped by a particular leader. Firstly, this is not true and secondly, money can never create or sustain such a movement. By now the reality is known to all. It appears that Mr. Manzoor has not carefully read my article. I believe in a principle and have no doubts whatsoever that the movement was and continue to be a milestone in Pakistans history.

I wish Mr. Manzoor had accompanied the lawyers on thier tours through out Pakistan. He would have had a different view.

Athar Minallah


We at LUBP would like to further thank him for his kind and balanced response and invite him to share his writings on the blog.



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