Desperation of Ansar Abbasi

What sort of language is Ansar Abbasi using these days in his columns? On page 3 of Jang on June 14, 2010, his two columns have appeared which are nothing less than contemptuous and target the popularly elected government of the PPP. his fixation with President Zardari, Babar Awan, the Bank of Punjab case are well known but now the attack is on PM Yusuf Raza Gilani and Mian Nawaz Sharif too.

His first column titled “Maasoom Wazir-e-Azam!” talks about the notion that even after the 18th Amendment, the PM is not in power and everything is being controlled by President Zardari. He is inciting the public by implying that we cannot allow this democracy to run because “qanoon kee be shak dhajjiyan urayen, corruption chahay kitnee hee kar len, Aala tareen adlia kay ahkamat aur  faislon ka jitna hee mazaq urayen, aqraba parwari  kee kaisee hee hadon ko chhoo layn, mulk ka chaheyn jaisa hee haal kar den … “ and so on. He even writes that “Italaat kay mutabiq, President Zardari, Wazir-e-Azam Gilani, aur hukmaran tabqay mayn Shamil aur doosray kayee afraad kay zaati karobar aur maali haalat do saalon mayn buhat behtar ho gaye hayn. President Zardari to pehlay hee arbon (billions) kay maalik thay, Rehman Malik ka bhee karobar khoob chal raha tha … ab to humaray Maasoom Wazir-e-Azam kay baray mayn bhee kaha jata hay kay un kay bhee maali haalaat kaafi aasooda ho chukay hayn”.

Masoom Wazir Azam by Ansar Abbasi - Jang 14 June, 2010

In the other column titled “Nawaz Sharif inqalabi asloob say bey amli kee janib gamzan”, (  Ansar Abbasi is writing stuff which I feel people who sit in every mohallas zakhmi corner talk about (Zakhmi corner is a place where mostly senior citizens and people who are depressed with life sit late in the evenings, smoke and discuss politics endlessly till their wives order them to come back home). For the purpose of clarity, how can Nawaz Sharif be termed as revolutionary? He and his party support industrialists and traders who are in no way favor of a revolution. The kind of words Ansar Abbasi has used in this column include: “Aik aisa Wazir-e-Azam jis ka koi vision nahee aur who aik banawati CEO ke taur par lutf andoz ho rahay hayn”, “Asif Zardari nay ghair mulki dictation qubool kee jo iss say pehlay kabhee nahee kee gayee thee”  etc.

"Nawaz Sharif inqalabi asloob say bey amli kee janib gamzan", June 14, 2010

I have a query for the All Pakistan Newspapers Society and Council of Pakistani Newspaper Editors, will you have some self regulatory rules invoked? People like Ansar Abbasi, Tariq Butt, Shaheen Sehbai have column spaces available to write anything and everything they want to. I feel that the civil society must pressurize the  All Pakistan Newspapers Society and Council of Pakistani Newspaper Editors to have some inbuilt mechanisms on self regulation else these journalists will keep on having their twisted agendas and inflict misery on all us readers.



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