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Priority Should be PAKISTAN, Not Politics: Article Selected from : New-Pakistan Blog Posted by: Jarri Mirza There is a renewed spirit sweeping through our country, one that is optimistic and ready to work hard towards a stable and prosperous Pakistan. Sadly, the fact remains there
Ansar Abbasi’s secret meetings with Chief Justice Chaudhry. Mind your company, Justice Chaudhry!: 4 December 2009 Dear members. I want to advance an information to you. Ansar Abbasi, the stinking Jamatia from the household of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman, met Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in the darkness of night two days ago, at his
Waiting for the fall of democracy – by Dr Syed Mansoor Hussain: Waiting for the fall We elect politicians because we feel that they are like us and because they are ‘of us and from us’ and therefore can represent us properly. And when politicians do not come up to snuff,
A page from Dr Shahid Masood’s personal life: Dr Shahid Masood and a mother’s story A few months ago, I watched an amazing interview of Dr Shahid Masood in Geo TV’s program Jawabdeh (by Iftikhar sahib). I like Jawabdeh programme, only because it gives us the opportunity
Geo TV, reality show and the death of a young Pakistani man: Saad Khan, a young Pakistani man took part in a reality show sponsored by a multinational company earlier this summer; he was flown to Thailand for filming what he must have thought would be the opportunity of a lifetime.
Please lift the ban (if any) on Meray Mutabiq – guest post by Qais Anwar: زرداری صاحب میرے مطابق کو چلنے دیں مسلمان حکمرانوں (براہ کرم اسے اسلامی کے ساتھ نہ ملاءیں)کے عروج کا ایک مظہر چکلہ تھا۔ شہروں سے باہر خاص و عام کے لیے قابل رساءی یہ جگہ یہ وہ تھی جہاں
The ‘It-is-not-us’ syndrome – By Hajrah Mumtaz: A couple of months ago, I wrote a column in praise of certain Pakistani pop stars and bands, arguing that there are a fair number of songs that display political consciousness and a related sense of responsibility. I referred
Tragedy of the talk shows in Pakistan: Tragedy of the talk shows —Elf Habib The shows obsessively promote the political circus splashing the spicier rhetoric and sensation. Their anchors, contrary to the common norms of calmness, insouciance and neutrality are often quite agitated, flippant and biased
Code of conduct for Pakistani media: Don’t glorify terrorism: By: Abdul Nishapuri The following code of conduct is proposed in view of irresponsible behavior and projection of terrorists as heroes and propagation of hate speech and incitement to violence in certain segments of Pakistani media.  Many of us
Yellow journalism in Pakistan – by Ahfazur Rehman:
Kerry-Luger Bill or Carry-Looter Bill? Fact versus Fiction: Here is an extensive archive on the Kerry-Lugar Bill debate in Pakistan: Wusatullah Khan’s critique on “intellectuals” such as Kashif Abbasi, Irfan Siddiqi and Dr Shahid Masood
Some thoughts on Dr Doom and Gloom (Dr Shahid Masood): Reflections on the media —Munir Attaullah For optimum results, we need to make rational assessments in the present, not ruefully lament much later having been misled by attractive slogans, hypothetical promises, and alluring equivocation And be these juggling fiends
Zardari versus Siapa Group and "zananion ki bad-duayen": Abbas Ather’s analysis of the anti-democracy
Don’t be fooled by the ISI-sponsored journalists, Prime Minister Gilani!:
How honest and objective is Pakistan’s media? A small comparison of Daily The News and The New York Times: Long March and the role of Pakistan Army. Same story (Long March), same source (General Karamat’s article). Look at the twist in the version offered by
Zardari bans Geo? A critical analysis by Tahir Sarwar Mir:
Ansar Abbasi, "The Corrupt Judge", DIG Gujranwala, PFUJ and the followers of Goebbels – By Abbas Ather: Is Ansar Abbasi an investigative journalist? Or a police tout? Contempt of court based on an unsubstantiated statement attributed to Hazrat Nanno Goraya?
Finally, Ansar Abbasi summoned in a court of law.: Finally, the notorious yellow journalist Ansar Abbasi summoned in a court of law. News against judge: LHC admits contempt plea for regular hearing Staff Report LAHORE: Justice Mian Najamuz Zaman of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday admitted
Ansar Abbasi with his venom against Nawaz Sharif this time….: The main target of Ansar Abbasi seems to discredit the largest political parties in Pakistan through all possible means, fair or unfair, and pave way for the shariat of Amir-ul-Momineen Mullah Omar and his Naib Khalifah Baitullah
Journalists of Pakistan – An Analysis: Asadullah Ghalib
Ansar Abbasi’s corruption exposed: Ashraf Ansari’s letter in ARY’s Sawal Yeh Hay; also a summry of Abbasi’s lies…: Ansar Abbasis is corrupt: PM’s ex-secy Bashir LAHORE: While commenting on a case related to the award of extra marks to the chief justice’s daughter, the prime minister’s former press secretary Zahid Bashir has claimed that a senior journalist
Talk of belling the cat: What is the agenda of Shaheen Sehbai?: Talk of belling the catTuesday, December 30, 2008By Anjum Niaz The writer is a freelance journalist with over twenty years of experience in national and international reporting Shaheen Sehbai’s surgical strike on President Zardari in this newspaper on Dec
Basit, son of DDG Intelligence Bureau Riaz Sheikh, writes an open letter to Ansar Abbasi: Ansar Abbasi, you are a third class blackmailer, a yellow journalist, a supporter of the Taliban. Shame on you. …. Son defends father in open letter Monday, December 29, 2008 (The News) By our correspondent ISLAMABAD: Basit Riaz Sheikh,
Shaheen Sehbai given enough rope to hang himself and the Jang Group…: Aftab Iqbal’s column in Nawaiwaqt 29 December 2008 exposing Shaheen Sehbai’s request to President Zardari to become an ambassador. Because of Sehbai’s anti-Pakistan record, he
Shaheen Sehbai. What is his agenda? Is he a brilliant journalist or a stooge of anti-democracy forces such as Jamaat Islami and the ‘establishment’?: Shaheen Sehbai Background Information Shaheen Sehbai is a Pakistani journalist and the current Group Editor of daily English newspaper The News International. He has also worked as a reporter for the Dawn newspaper in Washington D.C. and then later
Ansar Abbasi’s column on the Mumbai terrorist attacks and Ajma Kasab. Abbasi is in the ‘denial’ mode.: Ansar Abbasi’s column on the Mumbai terrorist attacks and Ajma Kasab. Abbasi is in the ‘denial’ mode. Do you know why? Because he is most probably on the payroll of the Taliban. He is a stauch supporter of Mullah
The creation of Bangladesh and the role of Pakistani media: On December 16, 1971 the Pakistan army in Bangladesh unconditionally surrendered to the joint Indian and Bangladeshi forces. With the signing of the Instrument of Surrender, Bangladesh came into being and united Pakistan was at an end. However, in
The Mumbai attacks, Pakistani hawks versus Indian hawks, the old Indo-Pak bilateral venom at work? Media on both sides making good money?: Let us not isolate PakistanPresident Asif Ali Zardari has told an American talk-show host that if there is “concrete evidence” against any Pakistanis for the Mumbai attack, the suspects would not be handed over to India but tried in
The Mumbai terror attacks and the jingoistic media – by Asma Jahangir: A turning point — Asma Jahangir The recent Mumbai terror attacks should be the turning point. Governments of the region are challenged to support an open and transparent investigation in order to identify and prosecute the masterminds behind such
Why did The News & Jang choose to publish story against Chief Justice Dogar but censored story against Cheif Justice Chaudhry? Right wing blackmail?: For, updated report, click here: Ansar Abbasi with his venom against Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Dogar…. It is interesting to note that in November 2008, conscience of the Editorial Board of the Jang Group made them to publish a
The media-mujahideen’s campaigan against PPP and ANP: The ‘image’ and the ‘reality’ A suicide bomber blew himself up at the exit gate of a packed Qayyum Stadium in Peshawar on Tuesday, killing four people and wounding 13. The occasion was the conclusion of the Third Inter-Provincial
Should cabinets be big or small? – Disinformation Cell and the Pakistani Media: hould cabinets be big or small? The PPP government has finally filled the posts of ministers lying vacant since it took power. Amid loud complaints by critics about “vacant ministries”, twenty more ministers have been included in what is
Zardari, lawyers and journos: Who is the real hypocrite? – by Ahmad Quraishi: Have you noticed how a small group of self-righteous lawyers and journalists are turning Asif Zardari and Rehman Malik into villains now? This group of lawyers and journos are bent on spoon feeding the Pakistanis how to tell right
Ansar Abbasi: The Marriott Hotel bombing, evidence of yellow journalism and support for Mullahs and the Taliban…: Charges of irresponsible journalism: Sympathies with Taliban In the aftermath of the Marriott Hotel Bombing, Abbasi was criticized by various members of Pakistani society, for his, what was termed as “deflective” jornalism. For example, in its editorial on 22
Haroon-ur-Rashid, the undeclared propaganda secretary of Imran Khan…. Shame on you and your leader….: In his love with Imran Khan, Haroon-ur-Rashid has become blind. He is counting the number of flags of JUI and PPP. What does he think about the number of Imran Khan’s PTI flags in the so called movement for
Husain Haqqani gives Kashif Abbasi good spanking: Kashif Abbasi is a media juooni: The TV face/ mouth pieces of Taliban in Pakistan. Regime of ‘hostile’ TV anchors Daily Times – Saturday, June 21, 2008 Two particular encounters on two TV channels Thursday night revealed the mind
A postmortem of anti-democracy journalists; A mirror to Ansar Abbasi, Kashif Abbasi, Hamid Mir, Mushtaq Minhas and other supporters of Taliban.:
The notorious Taliban lover Ansar Abbasi’s venom against Nawaz Sharif: This time, the notorious mouthpiece of Taliban/Al-Qaeda/Sipah-e-Sahaba, Ansar Abbasi has spoken against Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N. Abbasi is in pain because Nawaz Sharif and his PML-N have decided to support the PPP/ANP/JUI coalition in the Center and the NWFP in
Why does not Ayaz Amir resign from the PML(N)’s membership and then stage his ‘neutral’ criticism on the war on terror?: Ayaz Amir is the latest spokesman of the Taliban in the parliament. While pretending to be a neutral columnist, he always makes it a point to play to the gallery by criticizing the Pakistan’s war on terror. Why does
It is time to root out the anti-State, pro-Taliban media in Pakistan: Terrorism’s psy-war is bad newsThe terrorists have killed at least 40 people and wounded 90 in the Orakzai Tribal Agency from among a jirga gathered on Friday to form a lashkar against the Taliban. The jirga had already burnt