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Who is facilitating fascism in Pakistan?: Source: Pakistan Media Watch Reading Nadeem Paracha’s column yesterday, I was immediately reminded of a video clip from Shahid Masood’s TV programme that was recently posted on the blog Let Us Build Pakistan. The clip features a conversation between Shahid Masood
Munsifi granted: Sindh High Court issues stay order against Ansar Abbasi: At long last, Ansar Abbasi found the munsifi he was seeking for the last many years! PPP’s Central Information Secretary and Member National Assembly, Fauzia Wahab had sent a notice to Ansar Abbasi on May 15, 2010 seeking an
The true magic consumes Saleh Zaafir’s mind: The famous Urdu proverb, “Jadoo woh jo sar par charh kar bole”, (the true magic consumes the mind), appeared to be true when I read the following news report in appreciation of the Pakistan People’s Party by Muhammad Saleh
Budget 2010-2011 at a glance: Below are the few salient features of Budget 2010-2011 which I think are very important to keep the records straight. I have noticed in most newspapers that these facts are some how ‘willingly or unwillingly’ lost in the piles
PML-N Senator Sajid Mir addresses Khatm-e-Nabuwat conference in Sargodha – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Consider this scenario: officially more than 100 people were killed in attacks on Ahmedi mosques in Lahore on Friday, May 28, 2010. Unofficially, Ahmedis say that more than 150 are dead. The media very quickly started calling the mosques
LUBP vs PTUJ: Bol k lab azad hein tere – by Ahsan Abbas Rizvi:
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s weakness: Why is Jang Group so hysterical about President Zardari?: Every journalist knows Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s weakness, but none wants to talk about it. By Omar Khattab in Islamabad June is almost there. In 33 days July will come and the Jang Group will become even more desperate against its
Law of the Garbage Truck – Our media: I am not very fond of forwarded emails, however, the one that I am posting below is quite appropriate to the current environment where certain media personalities have been running a campaign against the PPP, it’s leadership and the
After the lack of showdown at the SC, Ansar Abbasi and the Jang Group run for cover – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: How bad a person is Babar Awan? He is such a mean man! We were all expecting fireworks at the Supreme Court yesterday but all he did was play it down for 90 minutes, answer the judges and leave
Khalid Khwaja’s murder: Is Hamid Mir and Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman’s arrest likely?: Is Hamid Mir about to be arrested for his alleged role in Khalid Khwaja’s murder through his friends in Punjabi Taliban? Is Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman too about to be arrested in his capacity as Hamid Mir’s employer. Jang Group /
Mullah’s crusade against Fauzia Wahab: Jihadi media at its worst – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Jang Group has been running a campaign against the PPP and its leadership for the last two years. At the forefront of this campaign are jihadi mindset reflectors like Ansar Abbasi and pseudo-intellectuals like Shahid Masood and Shaheen Sehbai.
Hamid Mir Saga: Follow the sequence – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: In the last four days, Pakistan has mainly been in the news over the internet censorship of facebook, youtube and other websites where sacrilegious content is being broadcast against the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him).  However, LUBP has
Crimes of Rehman Malik – by Humza Ikram: Crimes of Rehman Malik CRIME 1 He allegedly tried to erase the phrase “We can’t do anything to stop suicide bomber” which was extensively used by  previous interior minister  i.e. former interior minister  Faisal Saleh Hayat, Aftab Sherpao and Lt
Whatever happened to Kerry-Lugar – Raza Rumi: Source Express Tribune Pakistan’s dire fiscal situation has resulted in the reduction of development spending by 40 per cent. This does not bode well for the citizens who have been tormented by an energy crisis, persistent food inflation and
God father of Pakistan’s conspiracy theorists returns to defend his prodigal sons – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Shaheen Sehbai, the God father of Pakistan’s conspiracy theorists has come out in defense of his prodigal sons i.e. Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi and Shahid Masood in his “Viewpoint” from Washington that was published in The News of May
Hamid Mir and Jang Group’s somersaults on freedom of speech – by Aamir Mughal: Former president of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Mazhar Abbas said that on the whole media’s role in the entire episode left a lot to be desired. “We go by the official version and don’t even use words
Updated: May God save Colonel Imam from the wrath of Hamid Mir and the Punjabi Taliban: Related articles: Secret audio tape of Hamid Mir’s conversation with a Punjabi Talib associate of Hakimullah Mehsud Latest video of Colonel Imam Sultan Amir Tarar kidnapped by the Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists Update: We are reposting this article in view of
Fauzia Wahab’s defamation notice to Ansar Abbasi – Well Done Madam! – By Ahmed Iqbalabadi: PPP’s Central Information Secretary and MNA, Fauzia Wahab has sent a defamation notice to our favorite, Ansar Abbasi for views expressed by him in a Private TV Talk Show. The notice has been sent with reference to Section 3
Jamshed Dasti’s election campaign and Jang Group’s concerns – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Seeing Kamran Khan’s program of May 11, 2010 and Jang of May 12, 2010, one can see a clear bias in the wordings of headlines as well as reporting. The news items are titled as: “Jaali degree par mustaafi
Dr Shahid Masood and Ilm-e-Najoom – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: One of my favorite activities in the morning is to read Jang. Not because I am fond of its quality but because it is something I have done all my life. It is also ironic that the people who
Shaheen Sehbai: A champion of Pakistan Army’s interests: Here is Shaheen Sehbai’s most recent article in support of GHQ’s interests at the cost of the democratic government. The article is being presented on this blog to archive Sehabi’s dark role in the democratic history of Pakistan. ……….
Irrational patriotism, liberalism and nuclear arsenal – by Raza Habib Raja: My article “Traitors and Reactionaries” which was just a satire has created this impression that I am some kind of a Taliban supporter or a media Taliban. A long emotional article of Chaudhary Ahmed Khan alleged that I am
Faisal Shahzad’s case and Pakistan’s conspiracy brigade: Source: Pakistan Media Watch The conspiracy brigade strikes again, and right on cue. When I first saw the news that some Pakistani had been arrested for the plot to bomb New York, I knew it was just a matter
Political talk shows in Pakistan and the honourable lies – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Honourable lies “In the wake of Pakistan’s more aggressive involvement in the US-run ‘war on terror’, the narrative began being tampered with by talk show ‘guests’ — mainly from the Jamat-i-Islami, certain retired generals who still seem nostalgically stuck
Jang Group’s twist – Chairman FBR’s “decision” to take back leave request – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: On May 1, 2010, I had written a post on this blog titled “Ansar Abbasi, the undeclared spokesperson of Iftikhar Chaudhry”. That post was in response to Ansar Abbasi’s investigative report on the decision of Sohail Ahmed, Chairman Federal
Ansar Abbasi and Tariq Butt at it again – Fact Finding Commission Report – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Our self righteous media’s erstwhile investigative reporters, Ansar Abbasi and Tariq Butt are at it again. In their yet another  report cum analysis titled “Confusion prevails over fact-finding committee report- Rehman Malik, Babar Awan to record statements now” with
Kamran Shafi in Dr Shahid Masood’s talkshow: The Jang Group (Geo TV, Jang, The News) is widely known for its pro-establishment and anti-democracy (anti-politicians) style of journalism. In particular, certain yellow journalists of the Jang Group (namely Ansar Abbasi, Dr Shahid Masood, Shakeel Anjum, Muhammad Ahmed
Who is the biggest beneficiary of Benazir Bhutto’s murder: By Humza Ikram Media with all its zeal is currently busy in bashing the UN report. The Ghairat (national honour) brigade has already termed it as a second attack on Pakistan’s military establishment after the Kerry Lugar Bill. Thanks
PPP’s Core Committee and Jang Group’s concern – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: In The News and Jang of Sunday, May 2, 2010, Tariq Butt has presented a report captioned “Zardari holds power through Core Committee” available on The report talks about a Core Committee being formulated of the closest aides
Asif Zardari and ‘concerned’ journalism – by Nadeem Paracha: What to say of an electronic media some of whose channels, for example, decided to place the cosmetic Shoaib-Sania saga at the top of their main 9:00pm news bulletins on the day the 18th Amendment was passed by the
Ansar Abbasi, the undeclared spokesperson of Iftikhar Chaudhry – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Is Ansar Abbasi a journalist or is he the chief spokesperson of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry? Let us have a quick look at today’s daily Jang (1 May 2010) and you see his two analyses on the front page.
Did Rehman Malik and Babar Awan kill Benazir Bhutto?: After the indictment of General Pervez Musharraf and some of his cronies in Pakistan’s military and civil establishment by the UN Commission, certain agents of the establishment in Pakistani media and politics have become active in their traditional diversion
Don’t you ever get tired , Kamran Khan? – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: My clearest memory of Kamran Khan is of December 1996, when he came on PTV with a laptop in front of him, talking about the corruption of then recently ousted Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto and her “notorious” husband, now
Saleh Zaafir should be taken to foreign trips more often – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Jang Group’s (apparently) senior correspondent Muhammad Saleh Zaafir has been seen in recent times as a staunch antagonist of the PPP government. His reporting has a way of supporting (right wing) elements who have some sort of grudge against
Media wars in Pakistan — by Shahzad Chaudhry: Along with projecting oneself as a peacenik, bashing the military is the easiest route to establishing the credentials of intellectual elitism in the overly expressive socio-political environment of Pakistan An electronic media explosion in this country has thrust open
Shaheen Sehabi Explains What It Means To “Have No Shame”: Source: Pakistan Media Watch Amir Mateen’s attempt a script writing seems to have disappointed ‘The Godfather’ of wild storylines, Amir’s mentor Shaheen Sehbai. In today’s The News (23 Apr 2010), Sehbai shows Mateen how to really write an attack column. Sehbai’s column targets his
Dr Shahid Masood as Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s Jan-Nisar: Dangerous portents – by Kamran Shafi: Dangerous portents I was horrified to see recently a private TV channel advertising one of their talk shows with the blurb ‘Chief teray jan nisar…’ and then the names A.H. Pirzada, Akram Sheikh and one other that I do
The Jang Group and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman – how low the standards would fall? – By Yousuf Nazar: Source I am getting quite fed up with the planted, biased, illiterate, and highly unprofessional so-called reporting by the The News International.  Its current owner Mir Shakil ur Rehman was not above cheating in the exams. More about this
Seeing is ‘not’ believing – by Nadeem Khan: I remember, long time ago when it was the realm of black and white TV set, we watched a movie, made in early 70s titled “The War of the Worlds” (based on a classic science fiction novel by H.G.
Sick and Tired! – by Agha Haider Raza: Over the past week Pakistan has read many different news items. From the passing of the 18th amendment to the bomb blast at the US Consulate, much is happening. Some may say the stories are for the betterment of