Updated: May God save Colonel Imam from the wrath of Hamid Mir and the Punjabi Taliban

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Update: We are reposting this article in view of some latest reports that Colonel Imam has been killed by his abductors (Punjabi Taliban aka Sipah-e-Sahaba). We will keep updating this post in the next few hours.

The former ISI agent Colonel (r) Imam known as the ‘godfather of the Taliban’ has been killed by his abductors in North Waziristan, a private TV reported on Sunday.

Imam, whose real name is Sultan Amir Tarar, worked alongside Afghanistan’s mujahideen to defeat the Soviet occupation.In the mid-1990s, as an ISI agent in the country, he spotted the potential of the then emerging Taliban movement and helped nurture it. After 2001 he was forcibly retired from the ISI after being considers too radical.

Imam was abducted in March, 2009, who said in a video footage released by his captors that his life was in danger unless the authorities meet his kidnappers demand to free a number of prisoners held for terrorism.

Source: The Nation

Original post

In this post, we present two news reports without any comments or editing at all.

The first report is in fact a letter written by Colonel Imam which was published in The News on 2 October 2009:

Who is Ilyas Kashmiri?

Friday, October 02, 2009

This is with reference to Hamid Mir’s report (Sept 20) titled “How an ex-commando became a terrorist”. It is total disinformation — Ilyas Kashmiri neither had any association with the SSG nor did he serve in the army as a soldier. Being an ex-commando officer, I know that the SSG never indulges in such heinous crimes. It’s a superior professional force of the army composed of responsible officers and men who carry out professional tasks. I would like to add that there is always an attempt by hostile agencies to defame the security forces of Pakistan with a malicious intent. Therefore, newspapers and columnists must refrain from falling prey to these fifth columnists.

Colnel (r) Imam

Ex-SSG officer,



The second article is a news report (16 May 2010) by the Online News Agency (owned by no other than Mohsin Baig, an ISI asset) about the status of Colonel Imam who is currently kidnapped by the Punjabi Taliban (aka Sipah-e-Sahaba):

Grand Jirga meets today: efforts on for release of Col Imam, British journalist

Miranshah/Rawalpindi: A grand Jirga will be held today (Sunday) to secure the release of kidnapped former official of ISI Colonel (retired) Imam and British journalist Asad Qureshi. The Jirga will take a decision of expelling the kidnappers in case they do not release the captives.

Meanwhile, some close friends of Colonel (retired) Imam have also geared up efforts for his release and are present in the area for this purpose.

According to sources, kidnappers belonging to Asian Tiger outfit had expressed their readiness to free the two abductees, and on one occasion, Colonel (retired) Imam and British journalist Asad Qureshi were also handed over to the Haqqani group. However, they immediately handed down a list to Javed Ibrahim for the release of one hundred and sixty people. Javed Ibrahim also held talks with the concerned officials on the matter.

Influential tribal notables of North Waziristan including Maulvi Nazir and Qari Gul Bahadar groups have also increased pressure on the abductors of Asian Tigers to immediately release the captives. However the abductors are not willing to accept their demand.

It has been learnt from sources that some foreign elements are directing and backing the kidnappers. Taliban’s Amir Mullah Omar had also a sent a message from Afghanistan for the release of Colonel (retired) Imam and the British journalist, but Asian Tigers did not pay any heed. Therefore a grand Jirga to be participated by tribal notables and some important personalities is being held today. The Jirga will offer a last chance to the abductors to release the two captives, else they will face expulsion from the area as well as detention because the kidnappers are coming up with new demands with each passing day while disregarding their promise of releasing the captives. They also tricked the Haqqani group on the matter.

According to the sources, the two persons are still in the captivity of Asian Tigers and some other elements are also making efforts for their release.


Colonel Imam’s video message after Khalid Khwaja’s murder: Kidnapped by the Sipah-e-Sahaba, Sent by Generals Hamid Gul and Aslam Beg

Complete English transcript

“Today is July 24, and tomorrow, it will be July 25. I am Sultan Amir, son of Ghulaam Amir, and people know me as Colonel Imam. I am in the custody of Lashkar Jhangvi Al Alami, Abdullah Mansoor. I sent my statements and CD messages to the government several times, but no
attention has been given until now.”

“You know what mentality these people have and what are they up to. Khalid Khwaja has already been killed and we might receive an even harsher treatment, which will be damaging for Pakistan.”

“They cannot be pressured by anyone. They are well organized.

According to them, my previous statements have not been released to the media either. I appeal, Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, DG ISI (General Pasha), General Hamid Gul (ex-DG ISI) and General Aslam Beg (ex army chief), to accept the demands of Lashkar Jhangvi Al Alami as soon as possible.”

“You people know about the services I rendered for my country. If the Pakistan government does not care about me, then I don’t have any reason to care about the nation either, and [I] will reveal all the weaknesses of our nation.”

“Whatever game is being played with Afghanistan, India, Russia, and America, I know about all of it. It is now for the Pakistani government to decide. Four months have now passed but you don’t care about me. I am fed up of spending my whole life all the time in a basement.

“It should be conveyed to my family to pray for me and to take care of the children. I also want it to make it clear to my son Nauman Umar to resign from his government post. At the moment, they don’t seem to care about me, so why would they make a fuss over him in the future either.”

“Wasalam, your well wisher, Sultan Amir.”



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