After the lack of showdown at the SC, Ansar Abbasi and the Jang Group run for cover – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi

How bad a person is Babar Awan? He is such a mean man! We were all expecting fireworks at the Supreme Court yesterday but all he did was play it down for 90 minutes, answer the judges and leave very successfully. And to top it all, a judge said “We didn’t summon the Law Minister!” Whooa! What happened there? Jang Group? Ansar Abbasi? Shahid Masood? Tariq Butt? What happened? Are you still alive? Their loss of words can be seen from the the headlines in today’s The News:

Babar Awan wins ceasefire, but only temporarily – Tariq Butt

Over Rs 17bn more loans revealed by Hamesh Khan – Ansar Abbasi

NAB in two minds – Tariq Butt

Citibank, Swiss official have admitted Zardari had dollar accounts – Ahmed Noorani

Honestly, I don’t even want to waste my time and energy to read what these “reports” say.

Those who are anticipating fireworks today on the matter of Hamesh Khan i.e. Ansar Abbasi and Ahmed Noorani are likely to be disappointed today. Till now the only update they have been able to give is that Hamesh Khan has been allowed by the SC to see his family.

On the matter of Ansar Abbasi, he was in “Off The Record” on ARY One ( yesterday evening. Other participants were Sheikh Rasheed and Latif Khosa. Latif Khosa took Ansar Abbasi to task very well causing the discussion on the $60 million to move to Oil for food program allegations, to Surrey Palace to US Senate “case study” on Asif Zardari’s Money Laundering etc. Well done Khosa Sahab. Latif Khosa constantly hit at the “Creativity” of Ansar Abbasi’s investigation.

I feel that after the lack of showdown at the SC, Ansar Abbasi is now going to run for cover and will raise the matter of Hamesh Khan hoping for a statement in which some government functionaries are implicated. Hopefully, he’ll be disappointed again!



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